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18 Invisible Signs She is Using You for Attention

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Everybody wants to be paid attention to sometimes, no matter how some people may deny it. But you feel that her attention-seeking is completely intense and desperate that she’s using you to gain attention. You’re not sure if she really likes you or not. She’s already not showing the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy. What are the sure signs she is using you for attention?


The following are ten signs she is using you for attention:

  1. She becomes too comfortable too fast

You know she loves attention so much to the point that she’ll use you if she becomes too comfortable too fast. Here’s the truth: she wants attention and she wants it right away. When you first met her, you might’ve appealed as someone she wanted attention from. She’ll act as if she’d known you for years, in the hopes of gaining intimacy.

  1. She doesn’t reply to your texts, but tags you on social media

A girl who regularly uses people for attention is definitely one to have a self-imposed ever-present persona on social media. It takes her ages to reply to your texts and pick up your calls, yet her Facebook status is frequently updated and she just posted a photo on Instagram. Not just that, she actually tags you on those posts so others can see just how ‘social’ and ‘cool’ she is to be hanging out with you.

  1. She’s always on her phone

She can’t be too far away from her phone for too long. Every second, she’s always updating her status, commenting on her friends’ pages, liking your friends’ photos, texting people. It makes her look like an up-and-coming busy businesswoman. The truth is, she wants to be in everyone else’s attention at all times.

  1. She takes lots of selfies with you

At first you think it’s for personal reasons. Maybe she wants to cherish that dinner with you and be able to reminisce that day out to Disneyland one day. But then you realize the excessive amount of time she snaps a picture of the two of you in just one meeting.

  1. She’s immature

As kids, we all had wanted and reveled in receiving attention. But as we mature, we move past this phase as we become more confident in ourselves, no longer requiring other people’s validation. If her behaviors resemble that of young children, most of the times she enjoy being the center of attention.

  1. She tries to make other people jealous

It’s normal for girls to flaunt their guys to the world, but the way she continuously tries to make other people jealous is excessive. She makes you embrace her and kiss her in front of her friends, not out of affection, but to make them feel bad about themselves.

  1. She’s self-centered

She’s only interested in what she can benefit from being with you, not in what she can give you. Sure, she may seem sweet and sincere at first, but slowly you’ll start to see through the façade and realize what she’s really like as a person.

  1. She expects your life to revolve around hers

You know she’s only using you for attention if she thinks your life, and everyone else’s, has to revolve around hers. She always makes the plans and expects you to change your schedule to fit hers and she calls you in the middle of the night even though you’ve got an early shift tomorrow. 

  1. She has a lofty sense of self-importance

On a similar note, she thinks she’s the most important person for you. She tells you about the reasons why you should love me. Of course, this might be true if you really love her and would devote your life for her. But the fact that she shows the signs she is using you for attention is a heart-wrenching fact. She believes that you must feel sad when she is and celebrate when she’s happy…

  1. She fishes you for compliments

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. She’ll put on a revealing dress and tells you how fat she looks in it, or drenches herself in makeup and whines about how ugly she feels. The bottom line is she tries to get you to praise her all the time in order to make her feel better about herself.

More signs she is using you for attention:

  1. She mopes around and tries to get you to ask her if everything’s alright. If you don’t tend to her cries, she probably won’t stop and keep bugging you all day. This is also part of the Differences Between Dating A Girl or A Woman.
  2. She flaunts her problems so that you, and everyone else around her, can hear just how bad she’s got it in in life. Also, she’s especially fond of wearing her problems on her sleeve and complaining to you.
  3. She ignores you when she feels like it. Whenever you need her the most, she’s nowhere to be found, which is contrary to the conventions of how to make him fall in love. However, the moment she needs something from you, she’s suddenly not MIA anymore.
  4. She lies about how much you love her. Although it may be true that you love her, she embellishes the extremity to which you do. She tells everyone how you’ll miss her after one day of not seeing each other or how you can’t go a few hours without checking on her. Talk about white lies…
  5. She acts nice to everyone. Not that she’s a kind soul in the core, you know better, but because she wants people to think how kind-hearted she is. 

Tips on what to do if she is using you for attention:

  1. Talk to her about the problem – it’s easy to say, but harder to do. Be careful not to be abrupt in your approach, but rather talk about it at a casual lunch. Tell her what you feel she’s doing –using you for attention and that you’re not okay with it.
  2. Set the line and reaffirm the status of your relationship – set the boundaries. Make it clear what you are to her and what she is to you. Whether you’re a couple or just friends, or something else entirely.
  3. Walk out from her life – and for final measures, if you deem it best for the two of you not keep in touch at all, end it. Don’t be afraid to hurt her feelings, though do be gentle. After all, she’s the one who has been using you for her own good.

You can be certain she’s no good if she doesn’t show the signs she is into me. But of course, these are not the only signs she is using you for attention. And not every one of these signs is indicative of her true intents. The only real way to know for sure is to talk to her yourself!

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