8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Using You

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

All seems to go well with your girlfriend before you notice something's wrong.

You don't want your relationship to be overthrown or you end up destroying it. Plus, you never overthink about it like a kid.

Yet a pattern is starting to grow and you can't help but give attention to all the signals that are going on.

You really start to feel like you're being exploited, especially financially and with your time.

Your partner seems to be lacking in emotional involvement and the relationship is all the more meaningless.

The only thought in your mind at that moment is to end the relationship with your partner, if it is really not worth it.

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of. That is felt by both women and men; there are bad signs of a man using woman for money and vice versa being proven around, but differently.

Generally, men would physically take advantage of women and women would take advantage of men materially.

All this said, there are signs you need to watch out to know if she's exploiting you, whether it's for your money, business or fun lifestyle.

Below is a list of signs your girlfriend is using you. They will help you decide whether the relationship is worth continuing or not.


1. Always Interested In How Much You Are Earning Than What You Are Doing For A Living

She doesn't care how passionate and ambitious you are in general. She doesn't mind your hobbies and interests.

She doesn't care what you're doing for a living. She mostly asks about how much you're getting, because she wants to know what she can get out of your earnings.

2. Leaves You Out Of Her Life

leaves you out of her life

Did you find that she doesn't tell you so much of her things in her life? See her posting photos of her with friends and family on Facebook but not with you? Do you always have to ask her what she's up to almost the entire time?

Or, you might ever have this question wandering too often in your mind lately: “she is interested in me and does not want me to leave but does not give me attention either?”.

If some of these seem familiar, it may be time to take a look back and see if this is the sort of relationship that you want to have.

By refusing to include you in her life, she literally tells you're not good enough just as she wants you to be physically or financially in touch.

It's good to see you around, but you're not the guy she takes seriously. It sounds cruel but even the reality is ugly. This could go as well to be taken as the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you.

3. Very Demanding When It Comes To Gifts

She only wants the most luxurious and costly ones. She constantly asks you to get her with the most obscene price tags, the fanciest items in the shop.

None of it is fiscally responsible or careful around her. She just needs big things, and we can say this is one of the signs she is using you for attention only.

4. Generally Good With You Because She Thinks She Can Get Something From You

There is always one more reason. There is always a hidden agenda in there. There is always something fishy about her. Around you she is never truly serious.

She is basically unable to be nice to you until she thinks there is anything for her. She's more interested in what you can offer to her than just being sweet to you personally.

5. Gets Upset When You Lose Some Of Your Materialistic Items

Is she getting moody when the car goes flat so the date is off? And it just happens that she's unemployed and broke?

Does she make you feel guilty when your camera breaks and the entire trip is now wrecked?

If so, she is clearly showing one of the few signs your girlfriend is using you. She is just there for the money and not for the emotional support you have to make.

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In a respect, it gives her a sense of self-booster as she cannot buy such things herself and she feels empty inside without them.

6. Only Likes To Go Out

only likes to go out

She learns that you have access to some of the coolest places so everything she wants to do is to hang out.

This isn't a coincidence. You have never heard her mention she intends to stay in but she is cold and moody when you two decide to.

Do you find that she refuses to speak to you while spending time indoors? By comparison, when you're out doing different activities, she's more in a happy mood.

Although keeping in all the time and having the same routine is discouraged, it's necessary to take a few steps back until you begin to notice subtle signs your girlfriend is using you.

7. Makes You Feel Guilty For Asking Things Of Her

Any time you take it on yourself to remind her to do more for your relationship, she will really make you feel bad.

She's going to make it seem like you're greedy and you're expecting too much, although she's asking you in return for more than that.

It could also be the way for her to turn you down for a reason that almost sounds ridiculous but true.

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8. Does Not Introduce You To Her Family And Close Friends

Just like with guys, if she doesn't want to introduce you to her close friends or family, for the moment she's likely just with you.

She enjoys spending time with you but nothing more. If you want something more meaningful and solid, have a talk to her about it.

There are a few things that can be noticed if she laughs it off, but one of the major ones is that she will actually use you as a partner for only a while.

Maybe she can't function without being in a relationship and she needs a boyfriend or she considers you funny but not someone she wants to achieve a life with.

That way, you're not being taken seriously and it's up to you to continue the relationship realizing that you won't be going out later or beginning to look for someone who really likes you.

If you can find any or some of these signs mentioned above on your partner’s, you need to rethink the relationship and perhaps meet someone who loves you as yourself, not just what you've got in store.

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