23 Signs to Know if Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

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Break up are always a hard thing to face. This is because the love that you have built is crumbling down. Now you have to put your walls up again against this cruel world. But what if you don’t have to?

Of course we all wonder if the love is still there in an already broken up relationship. Well do not wonder for too long. Do something and see if it is true. So here are the magical signs to know if your ex boyfriend still loves you;

  1. You Are Still In Contact With Him

You both are still communicating with each other even after all this hardship. You still text each other through the day and he even call you to hear your voice. That sounds like the love is not broken up yet.

  1. He Does Not Erase Your Photo

He still love to look at you so he doesn’t erase your photo in his camera or in his social media. To him, you are still a big part of his life

  1. He Still Keeps All Your Stuff

Boyfriend and girlfriend usually have each other’s stuff that reminds themselves of each other. Because your ex still loves you, he does not throw away that stuff in anger. In fact, he still keeps it because he wants the love to arrive again.

  1. He Is Still Kind Too You

Your ex does not hate you or scream at you because of all the mistakes that leads your relationship to crumble. He is still kind to you because he wants to show you the  Signs That Someone is In Love With You

  1. Your Number One Supporter Is Him

When a person love you, they will be your biggest supporter in your life. Your ex does the same thing by always being there for you in your life. You even start to get the sense that he have the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate

  1. He Maintains Good Relationship With The People In Your Life

He does not break off the relationship with your family and friends because deep inside he still love you very much.

  1. He Does Not Do Any Revenge

The Ways to Get Revenge on Someone is not in his mind. Why? Because he would not want to hurt someone who he loves deeply.

  1. He Is Still Single

Dating or even thinking about someone else is not in his thought. In his head, you and him still have a big potential that you might end up together again. And being with someone else will break that chance. 

  1. Jealousy Is Still His Trait

Even though you are not together, your boyfriend shows the Signs That He is Jealous of You with Another Guywhen you are near a guy that does not even hold any relevance to your life. This isn’t be the trait of someone who does not love you right?

  1. He Promise A Change

In the name of building a relationship with you, he promise a change of his behavior that damaged his relationship. This is a crucial signs to know if your ex boyfriend still loves you

  1. He Is Willing To Wait

You come and go but a loving ex boyfriend who wants to get back together will not be bothered. He will wait for you until you are back into his arms.

  1. Forgiveness Is Done By Him

He let go of past mistakes and fight that badly injure the relationship and he does it sincerely. An ex boyfriend who is still madly in love with you will do this

  1. He Wants To Start Over

He admits that he wants to start a new relationship with only you

More Signs If Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

It’s okay to feel unsure if the feeling of your ex boyfriend is real. So here are some more tips on seeing if the signs are genuine;

  1. Sacrifices Are Being Made By Him –Your ex still sacrifice his time and a part of his life for you
  2. He Give You Gifts –He knows that gifts are a way to make you happy
  3. He Remembers Sweet Details About You –He does not try the Ways to Move On From Your Ex which is forgetting about you
  4. He Does Not Look Back In Anger –He does not blame you are be negative around you. How could he when he still love you?
  5. He Accepts You – your ex still show the Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally even though you have been through some rough episodes
  6. He Still Want A Future With You –after all this trials, he still can’t imagine another future with anyone else and thinks that you have the Wife Material Signs

Ways to Get Back with Your Ex Boyfriend

The signs are clear on whether or not the love is still in the air. Now, it’s time to make a move. Here are the ways to get back with your ex boyfriend;

  1. Be Sure Of Your Feeling –Be sure of your love towards him to avoid hurting him
  2. Erase The Horrible Past –Forgive and forget the past to start fresh
  3. Talk It Through –Talk about making a new and improved relationship with him
  4. Demand Change –Demand change in the relationship so it does not end like it used to

Old lovers rarely come together and everyone knows it. But it wouldn’t hurt if you check out the signs to know if your ex boyfriend still loves you. If he shows all the signs, you need to get back with each other real quick. Then, start leading a new romantic relationship with him.