Reasons Why You Should Love Me Now And Forever

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Some people believe in a love at the first sight, while some other like to get to know more about a person before they really fall for that person. Those who believe in a love at the first sight don't need any reasons to catch their feelings. They just fall. With just one look, they know that a person has stolen their heart. For them, anything about that person is perfect. In the other side, people like to get to know more about a person to find the reason why they can fall for that person. They will seek information about that person, learn their habit and probably test them out. That is the way to see if they go any further with that person or not.

Everyone has their own reasons to love someone. What reasons do you think to make you fall for somebody? If you're wondering, these are the reasons why you should love me now and forever.


1. I'm A Good Looking Person

i'm a good looking person

This might sound cheesy, but I have to admit that I'm good looking. It may be from my face or how I dress. When I look in the mirror, I should be thankful for who I am. Although I'm quite skinny and my skin isn't so bright, that doesn't make me look less attractive. Somehow, it becomes my strength that makes me look differently good-looking. Nobody's perfect. But I'm the best version of myself.

I care of what to wear so I won't look hilarious because of the bad mix and match. Some people say that I have such an outstanding fashion style and I do look good in every outfit. I take that as a good thing since I don't really think I have the perfect body shape. Plus, I don't wear branded clothes. So, I'm thankful that I can look good even if I only wear what makes me comfortable and less unconfident.

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2. I Have The Sweetest Smile

The smile is the best makeup every girl can wear. I love makeup but I don't always wear them. Some girls shave and draw their eyebrows to make it look more perfect. But I don't want to change anything in my body. I may not wear too much makeup and my face may not be the clearest, but I guess I look two times more attractive when I smile. I believe that a smile can change a whole world. You may not realize it, but a smile you make can make someone's day and even someone's whole world. It doesn't have to be the most beautiful person to make the sweetest smile. It comes from the heart. I suppose that no one disagrees that a smile can bring love.

I believe that a smile can change a whole world. You may not realize it, but a smile you make can make someone's day and even someone's whole world. It doesn't have to be the most beautiful person to make the sweetest smile. It comes from the heart. I suppose that no one disagrees that a smile can bring love. I'm kind of person who doesn't talk a lot, so I'd rather smile while people talk to me.

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3. I'm Kinda Shy

I don't think to be shy is a good quality that everybody seeks in a person to love. Some people love a confident person. But, I personally think that being a little shy is a good thing that makes someone look more adorable. Being a little shy will make a person be a more careful to say a word and to act. That's what I feel as I'm a kinda shy person. I think a little bit too much before I act and talk. I'm aware what people would think of what I do and say. So, if you think being a little shy is kinda adorable to you, you will catch me blowing your mind.

Being a shy person isn't easy. I get so insecure when I meet people. I'm scared of what they will respond to what I do. The consequence of being shy is that I seem a little bit mysterious to some people since I don't easily open up about what happen in my life. Only some people who care enough will ask me about my life. and believe it or not, I feel so thankful when a person loves to hang out with me and doesn't care how I'm not such a cool and fun person to hang out with.

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4. I Love Traveling

i love traveling

Another reason why you should love me is that I love traveling. Some people do love traveling. They spend a lot of money to go to places where they can escape from the daily routine. They go hiking to the mountain, diving in a marine park, biking through the hills, cruising on a ship, and many others. But, to me, it doesn't always have to be a material thing to make you find the traveling sensations. I love going to places. I can be new places, places with a good view, places that are hard to reach, or places where I can learn new things. The thing that matters is how I can wander around. Wandering around can make me feel free.

I believe this reason why you should me will bring a good thing for you. I'm not a person who easily moan and complain when things get a little bit harder. I take that as a challenge and will do my best to face it. Traveling isn't supposed to find anything easy, but to experience something through the challenging way. This will help us to be braver and stronger.

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5. I Have A Good Taste In Music And Movies

I don't have any special genre music to be my favorite. Sometimes I love rock, sometimes I listen to folks. Some of my favorite singers sing alternative music, but I also enjoy listening to soul and jazz music. There are some punks on my playlist. When I feel like listening indie songs, I look them up. I get bored easily of the same kinds of music, but if I found one song that I like, I will repeat it all day long.

Honestly, I love old movies. The 80s and 90s movies are the best. I personally think that movies at that eras have the better stories, fashion, music, and actors. In my opinion, the stories are less easily predicted. I love how the actresses dress and how the actors act. Anyway, I prefer old movies than nowadays movies.

6. I Love To Listen

As a person who doesn't talk a lot, I listen more. There is this quote from Dalai Lama saying, "When you talk, you only repeating what you know. But when you listen, you learn something new." Listening to someone is the way to get to know more about them. I like to let people tell me about themselves. It feels so great when someone can open up and trust you to listen to something about them. And if they let me tell them about myself, I would feel so appreciated that someone wants to know about me. I don't always start a conversation because like I said earlier in the point no. 2 that I'm kinda shy. I overthink of what people will think about what I say. But when someone cares enough to let me speak up more about things I know, deep inside I feel so honored.

7. I Take Good Pictures

i take good english

I love to capture the good view of places that I go. For me, it's better to take pictures of the scenery than the picture of myself. If people ask me to take pictures of them, I try to take the best picture. Some people admitted that I take nice pictures. I get satisfied to take good pictures than getting my picture taken, that's actually taken by somebody else. So, going out with me will be a great thing since I will take the best picture of us and the scenery.

8. I'm Independent

I don't always ask for help for something that I think I can still do it on my own. I don't want to bother the one I love. If someone really loves me and cares about me, they will help me.

9. I'm Not Selfish

Being a selfish person isn't something I want to be. Putting about my own necessity before someone else's won't make me feel better. If I could do something for someone else's good, I will try it. I feel better when I can do something good for someone else.

10. I Care About Eating Healthy

I believe in 'You are what you eat' and I won't risk my health by eating junk. The effects may not happen now, but sooner or later it will. It doesn't matter to not have such material things as long as I'm healthy. Cause if we're healthy, we'll always be happy.

11. I Love The Idea Of Letting Go

Moments come and go. If it only brings me pain, I'd better let it all go. I don't care what people had gotten me through. I let the past behind. Most of all, I believe that there's always another way as long as there's another day.

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Reasons Why I Am Your Best Lover

reasons why i am your best lover

I've still got many reasons why you should love me:

  1. I can be your favorite sweater in the winter. I'm sure.
  2. I can love you more than she can
  3. I can make you happy
  4. If you need a shoulder, come on
  5. I will tell you how to smile
  6. I can take you wherever you want
  7. We can ride a bike to the moon
  8. I am here if you want to do wild things
  9. I will never let you down
  10. If you ever need a best friend, tho
  11. I am not saying promises
  12. I can scream out your sorrow
  13. We can climb to Himalaya
  14. I know funny jokes to tell
  15. I am not perfect but I will make you feel that way
  16. You can trust me over things
  17. I will kiss you goodnight every night
  18. I can be your wonder woman
  19. I’m gonna listen to your silly thoughts
  20. You don’t have to spend more money for fancy date
  21. I can cook your favorite food
  22. I can tell by your eyes if you have a rough day
  23. You will forget the pain when you’re with me
  24. I know how to boost your mood
  25. You can eat my food
  26. It's great for me to hear your favorite songs
  27. I can tell you my favorite songs that you’re gonna love
  28. I can show you my favorite movies you won’t regret watching it
  29. Your secret is safe with me
  30. I will love it when you look confused about things
  31. I can help you choose the best outfit
  32. When you’re busy for good, I won’t complain
  33. I will wait for you until you finish doing your stuff
  34. If you have to go to chase your dream, I will follow
  35. I won’t disturb you when you need your time
  36. I can understand if you need time to be alone
  37. When you need someone to miss, I'll be that person
  38. I will support you to make your dream come true
  39. You don't worry cause I'll always have your back
  40. I will be your partner in crime
  41. I will listen to your political opinion
  42. I'm cool with your weirdness
  43. I will take care of you when you're sick
  44. I will be the lighthouse when you lost at sea
  45. We can break the rules
  46. I'll make time for you

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You Would Never Regret Dating Me

you would never regret dating me

Sadly, I've got many more reasons why you should love me:

  1. I wanna take you to Coldplay concert
  2. We can eat cakes together
  3. We can walk down the beach in the summer
  4. I will play you guitar anytime you want
  5. We can have a trip by the train
  6. I'm gonna play a song for you when you're feeling used and tired
  7. I'm gonna be the place you call your home
  8. We can learn the tango although we're not good at dancing
  9. I will be your any kind of girl you want
  10. We can share ice cream
  11. We can have matching cute necklaces
  12. You and I can have a honeymoon in Hollywood

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There are still more about me you can’t get over

  1. I have the smile that can light up your world
  2. The way I look at you can make you feel so lucky
  3. You will never forget how our eyes meet
  4. You will love it when I’m mad
  5. Being around me is something you’ll always want
  6. You will think I’m cute when I get a little jealous
  7. You won’t be sad again when you talk to me
  8. There'll be sparks fly when we're together
  9. You'll be addicted to how I laugh at your jokes
  10. You can catch me smiling in my sleep
  11. I have the power to push away your loneliness

There is nothing to worry about because you will always find these reasons to believe in me.

Reasons Why You Should Love Me More And More

  1. We can leave our past behind
  2. We can build our future together
  3. I will be your one and only
  4. We will always find our way back together
  5. I will love you like a love song
  6. You know you can always find me
  7. I will never let you come apart
  8. I will be your candle in the dark
  9. We can be surefire
  10. I will be the magic you haven't seen
  11. I will the best you've ever known
  12. You'll be amazed of how I'm so patient for waiting for you
  13. You will wonder how you can't forget about me
  14. It's worth the fight cause we got love
  15. You and I are a time bomb
  16. I'll catch you when you fall
  17. I can't stop the rain but I can cover you

Things That Will Convince You That I'm Gonna Be Your Last

things that will convince you that i'm gonna be your last
  1. Whatever happens between us, you will always have my love
  2. It's a beautiful thing when we're together
  3. You can see the love in my eyes
  4. Don't matter how long, I will stay in love with you
  5. Even when the time goes by, we'll feel like the first time
  6. I'll do whatever it takes just to be with you
  7. We're gonna make it 'til the end
  8. I don't care what the people say that I shouldn't be in love with you
  9. I'm willing to change to be better for us
  10. Your happiness is mine too
  11. Don't matter how hard life is, we will get it through
  12. You find a freedom when you love me
  13. Nothing can stop the two of us
  14. I put you in my prayers
  15. I look for you in my dreams
  16. Even if in the end of the day you can't be with me, I will never regret of loving you

Those are Reasons why you should love me that can make you believe that I can be your love and you can be my lover. Among those pretty girls all over the world, you will never find somebody quite like me.

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