What To Say To A Girl When She Says Sorry (11 Effective Responses)

Last updated on February 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what to say to a girl when she apologizes to you?

Perhaps you are anticipating an apology from her in the near future and would like to know the best way to react.

This guide is here to help you, if so…

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Let’s now take a look at some ideas to help you do this.


11 Good Responses To Give When A Girl Says Sorry

In a relationship, does it matter who first says sorry? Should you as a guy follow the common notion that guys should be the first to say sorry no matter who was wrong? 

Society has romanticized the idea of men patronizing their women all in the name of ‘securing peace in the relationship’.

While it is normal and even necessary to be blind to some of your partner’s flaws, it is not healthy to allow her to always get away with her wrongdoings without apologizing. Not only will that kind of behavior hurt the relationship in the long run, but it can also destroy something in her when an outsider has to be the one to inform her that her attitude is not cute.

Being in a relationship means you and your girl need to hold each other responsible for your respective actions. Deep feelings or not, you should be able to call each other out when you make mistakes. Sometimes, this requires courage because there are times you’ll feel you’re right when in reality you’re wrong. 

So, what then should you say in reply to your girlfriend when she acknowledges her wrongs and says sorry for causing issues in the relationship? Some men end up saying the wrong words, thereby shooting themselves in the leg and making the matter worse. 

To avoid making your girl retract her apologies, this article will help you with ways to accept her apology graciously to know the next move for the relationship.

1. Say thank you to her for accepting she was wrong

say thank you to her for accepting she was wrong

So your girl went off the chain and hurt you in words or actions? The big fight has come and gone, now the tension will only melt when she apologizes? When she finally apologizes, should you rub it in her face and make her sweat a bit? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

Yes, you can make her wait a bit before replying if what she did was very bad. You can say you don’t want her thinking she can do it another time and get away with it. No, you don’t need to make her sweat if she appears sincerely remorseful while apologizing. The first step to accepting her apology is by saying thank you to her for not pretending or acting stubbornly like she wasn’t wrong. 

2. Let her know you accept her apology

If your girl accepts that she was the wrong one, that you didn’t deserve the way she acted or treated you, and you’ve appreciated her for being honest enough to say sorry, don’t hesitate to let her know you’ve accepted her apology. 

If she is the kind of girl who finds it hard to say sorry to anyone on a normal day, you should know it’s a big deal for her to have done so with you. Although not all that healthy, some girls also live for the approval of their boyfriends. If your girl is that way, your acceptance of her apologies will go a long way to restore her confidence in the relationship (and your feelings for her also).

3. Use the appropriate words to let her know you’ve forgiven her

Most men struggle with how to reply to their women because both sexes think differently. Choosing the right words when accepting an apology from your girl is important. Say the wrong words while she is apologizing and a new fight can start again. 

Using terms like, ‘What you did was stupid’ or ‘I’m not sure I can easily let that go’, or ‘I don’t understand you sometimes', while she is trying to apologize can reduce her morale and make her feel bad or angry all over again. Accept her apology with words like, ‘I know, it’s alright, or anyone can make a mistake’. This will make her know you understand she is truly sorry.

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4. Get a confirmation that she won’t repeat the mistake

While you must let your girl know you have accepted the apology, you also need to confirm that she would be careful next time; so as not to revert to doing the same thing that caused the fight in the first place.

Whether you already know your girlfriend very well or you’re just getting to know her, you will have some understanding of why she acts the way she does. Your knowledge of who she is will help you extract the promise not to act irrationally next time. 

Of course, words alone might not cut it as we are humans. Also, there will be another mistake some other time. However, a spoken promise will make it perfectly right for you to call her out if she breaks her promise.

5. Help her with ways she can avoid doing the same thing again

Again, as humans, mistakes are inevitable. Even well-thought-out intentions can fall to pieces. To help your girl, and indirectly yourself, stay true to her promise not to hurt you intentionally again. You might have to develop some principles or boundaries to guide both of you.

You could have safe words or code red words to alert each other when lines are being crossed. For example, you could come up with a word that will calm each other down when the atmosphere starts to get hot with tension. 

So, instead of going on with raised voices, just one safe word will be capable of diffusing the tension, thus saving both of you from saying things you can’t take back.

6. If you triggered her negative action, say sorry to her too

if you triggered her negative action say sorry to her too

Sometimes, our actions can make other people react terribly. While their reactions might not equal our actions, the truth remains that we provoked them first. When you were the catalyst for the way your girl acted, it’s only normal that you say sorry too after she apologizes for her behavior.

In this case, when you apologize and encourage her to accept your apology for something she did wrong, you aren’t a pushover because you had a hand in what made her behave rashly.

7. Tell her ‘it’s not a big deal' if her offense wasn’t that huge

Not all situations deserve the same reaction. The cause and magnitude of the fight between you and your girl will determine how you respond to her apology. If her mistake was minute and nearly insignificant, there is no reason why you can’t forgive her in a heartbeat.

There is also no need to adopt silence for a long time when her action requires immediate forgiveness. You need to also consider all the times you’ve acted like a jerk, and she easily forgave you. Love involves ‘give and take’; if that symbiotic process is missing, there is no point in being together. 

8. Tell her, ‘it’s okay, let’s continue our love story'

Empathy is the keyword when forgiveness is in play. Sometimes, someone will hurt you so much you’ll wonder if you can ever forgive them. However, putting yourself in their shoes can make you reconsider because you can be the one on the other side tomorrow. 

For someone you love, it can be both hard and simple to accept their apology and move on. Telling your girl ‘it’s okay, let’s continue with our love story’ will make her laugh, especially if she sees the sincerity and humor in your eyes as you say this. It means you understand it could be you doing the apology, and her on the receiving end.

9. Say “I’ve heard your apology and I’ll think about it"

Saying you’ll think about her apology applies to a grave situation where your girl hurt you. If you’re not sure there’s any coming back from that horrible position she pushed you into, then move on. Imagine a serious situation such as her cheating on you, taking out a loan in your name, or putting your life in danger; these are hurtful scenarios that even after apologizing, she might not be able to make up for her mistakes.

That you accept someone's apology and forgive them doesn’t mean they have to remain in your life. You can forgive people and still move on with your life without them maintaining even friendship with them. Your best decision could be cutting a girl you love from your life; at least until you know for sure if you can continue with her or not. 

10. Hold her hand and pull her into your arms

hold her hands and pull her into your arms

Most girls are touchy-feely people and their predominant love language is touch. Even if she is not a physically affectionate person, holding her hand, and pulling her in for a hug is a wordless way of saying, “I’ve forgiven you, I love you and there’s nothing to worry about anymore".

You can also kiss her, or do other things you know will reassure her that you’re no longer mad at her for whatever she did to hurt you. Your actions will speak louder than any word you could have said, and that is a great way of letting her know words aren’t enough to qualify how much you love her—mistakes or not.

11. With a smirk on your face, say, ‘you are a pain in my butt, you know?’

Injecting fun in a morose atmosphere can sometimes be the best thing you can do for yourself and your woman. Telling her she’s a pain in your but, after saying sorry, will make her smile or even burst into laughter because she’ll recognize that you’re trying to turn a bad situation into a happy one.

Telling her this will also translate your deep feelings; that you accept not only her apology but also her entirety. It means you accept her the way she is just as she loves you the way you are.


What do you reply when someone says sorry?

How do you feel about their apology? Do you think they mean it? How serious was their error, was it so small that you can easily let go, or was it so serious that you desire a period of silence before you can forgive them? The situation determines your response.

What does it mean when a girl says she's sorry?

If her apology is sincere, it means she recognizes her mistake and is sorry for it. However, make her say exactly what she is sorry for, so you’ll know you’re forgiving the right mistake.

How do you accept apologies?

You can accept an apology by simply saying thank you or going the extra mile to extract a promise that they won’t do the same thing again. You’ll be surprised that some people will admit they might hurt you another time.

How do you tell if a girl likes you?

She will easily forgive you when you mess up. Girls hardly tell men what they did wrong, but girls who like you won’t hold a grudge against you for long because they will tell you blankly what you did wrong.

How do you apologize to a girl you hurt?

Apologize immediately you recognize you’ve hurt her. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge that you are wrong, and clearly state what you’re sorry for. 

In Conclusion 

A simple apology can restore a relationship on track. However, refusal to give or accept an apology can be the end of that relationship. Knowing how to reply to apologies is just as important as accepting them, and that’s what this article has achieved.

If you agree that this article was very helpful, please drop a comment and share it with someone else.

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