Cruelest Ways To Break Someone's Heart Gently

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Although love is a beautiful concept that makes you feel wonderful and light, it can also be really hurtful. When you love someone you are really vulnerable to them and if you want, you can use it in your advantage. But how do you really do it?

Breaking someone’s heart should be easy when you already have their trust. This is when their heart is the most unguarded. But if you need to do it gently, there are some tips that you can steal. Here are the cruelest ways to break someone’s heart gently;


1. Say That You Miss Them Then Leave Them

Missing someone is a way to show our vulnerability. This is a good way to catch their heart then leave them hanging.

2. Kiss Them Then Say That It Means Nothing

A passionate kiss must have leave any person wondering what it meant. Use the Ways to Kiss a Friend Accidentally and Get Away with It to truly break their heart.

3. Text Them Romantically Then Leave

An ongoing, romantic text makes people slowly grow fond of you to the point where you can leave them and make their world darker.

4. Hug Them Tightly Then Leave

A hug speaks a thousand words. No explanation for it will absolutely kill them in most cases.

5. Promise Them A Vacant Promise Of A Sweet Future

Both sexes are easily lured by promise that is tailored with sweet words. When they see that it is not a promise you can keep, they break.

6. Call Them Late At Night Romantically Then Never Call Her Again

A call is an intimate and effective cruelest ways to break someone's heart gently,

7. Say That He/She Is Your Best Friend

Once your target knows that they are getting the Signs That She Friendzoned You they will feel really sad.

8. Talk About A Potential Date To Them

The best way to make someone’s heart torn apart is to make them jealous by talking sweetly about a potential date with someone else.

9. Heal Their Wound Then Leave

This one is tricky and needs a long time but it is the most heartbreaking thing because by the time you leave, they are still dependent to you.

10. Be Really Nice To Them For A Long Time Then Leave

be really nice to them for a long time then leave

Kindness is something that will capture a person’s heart and make them cry when it is gone.

11. Hang Out With Them A Lot Then Never Do It Again

Hanging out with them makes them show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly but stopping it will make them crushed.

12. Pretend To Forget All The Good Things That Ever Happens

Not remembering means that you take them for granted which is the worst feeling ever.

13. Don’t Make Them Your First Priority

Always use them as a second choice to make them feel miserable. 

14. Come Back To Them And Leave Them Repeatedly

This on again, off again situation leaves them on edge every time.

15. Make Them And Everyone Else Feel Special

First, make them feel special. Then, do it to everyone else. This is the ultimate heartbreaker.

16. Date Someone Behind Their Back

This is a good Ways on How to Make the Girl You're Jealous of Jealous of You Back.

17. Slowly Give Them Space

Start to disappear from their life gradually to leave them wondering.

18. Don’t Look Happy When Being With Them

They can pick up the reaction you give off and it will make them feel insecure.

19. Avoid Them

Avoiding them is the worse and cruelest ways to break someone's heart gently

20. Lie To Them Subtly

Lying to them is a way to misuse their trust and make them feel hurt.

21. Say That You Can’t Imagine A Future With Them

Show that you don’t have the Signs He's Thinking of A Future With You to leave them howling with sadness.

22. Leave Them Without An Explanation

No explanation ill really bring their mindset to a negative space.

Tips To Make Their Heart Shatter

Once you’ve got someone’s attention and affection it is so easy to grab it and shatter it. Here are the quick but effective tips to make their heart shatter;

1. Say That You Want To Get To Know Them Then Go Away

say that you want to know them then go away

Show that you are attracted then simply leave them.

2. Flirt To Them And Other People

Use the Ways to Flirt with a Girl You Just Met multiple times to other people too.

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3. Say That You Never Wanted Them

This sentence will always break their heart.

4. Don’t Talk To Them Even If They Are Begging For It

It’s easy to hurt them if they are so desperate for you. 

5. Leave Them When They Are On Their Weakest State

When they are in a negative condition, leave them alone.

6. Get Over Them Fast

Show that you don’t find it hard to get over them because they are nothing special.

7. Don’t Show Any Warm Emotion To Them

Don’t show affection, friendliness, or warmth.

8. Be Close To Someone Else

This clearly shows that you have no place for them in your life anymore.

Signs That Their Heart Is Shattering

signs that their heart is shattering

Once you’ve done enough of this mean things you will slowly see the crack in their heart and in their life. This crack will slowly manifest to a hole that they can never fill, shown by these signs;

1. They Are Desperate To Be With You

Because of this they even start doing desperate things to get your attention.

2. They Get Sad And Quiet A Lot

You see that overall, they look sad and quiet because they are still hurting.

3. They Talk About Their Pain Often

You will know that they are in pain because they talk about it to their friends or acquaintances a lot.

4. They Seclude Themselves From The Outside World

Seclusion means that they are really hurting inside.

Love is hard to gain but easy to shatter. Although this is not a noble thing to do, in some cases it comes in handy. With the cruelest ways to break someone's heart gently, you will quickly find your partner broken down and hurting. You can see it with the signs we have provided.

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