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Breakup sucks. Everyone who had been through that process will never deny it. Either you are the one being dumped or ended the relationship, the sadness and agony are just the same. It left you in shock when the relationship you dream of turns out doesn't mean to be. Everyone going through a breakup differently and they make it differently as well.

But there are certain things you should always do when you break up with someone and it contained basic steps to help you get through it safely and move one faster. It will not happen overnight. You need to drive all of your focus and energy to find happiness again, become a better person, and get over it for good.

A breakup shouldn't make you traumatic and even no longer trust love. It's why you have to find the right things you should always do when you break up with someone. Take the lesson and let go of all the bad things. Heal your heart until you are ready to start over again.

Here are the tips for you:


1. Be Sad On Your Own Way

Breakup makes you sad and it's only normal. Don't pretend that you're not hurt or the breakup got nothing on you. Even if you're the one who ended the relationship, you will be equally sad as your partner. Sadness probably won't change anything, but it releases all the stress. Choose your own way of sadness: crying a river, screaming, or keeping a journal.

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2. The Blame Is Not On You

Nobody wishes to breakup. In fact, probably you've planned everything but it didn't go well. Chances are, no one is to blame. Sometimes things are not meant to be and you can't force it no matter what. Even when you are guilty, don't blame yourself. Learn the lesson and move on.

3. Have A Closure

have a closure

Get a grip of yourself quickly and move on. To, you have to close this painful chapter of your life. Find your own closure. Everyone has their own so you have to find yours too. Throw all the gifts they gave you, avoid places you used to go, cut off contacts with them, write a journal, or spending time doing what you love. Anything you do, make sure it brings you happiness. 

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4. Cut Off Contact With Them

Well, this is necessary. There is no justification for you to keep in touch with him. It only drowns yourself further in the agony of a breakup, makes you regret more and more things, and make your effort to move on seemed useless. Erase their number, remove them from social media, and avoid anything that may connect you to them.

5. Heal And Move On

You are not moving on if you haven't healed yourself yet. It may sound too saintly but the fastest way to heal yourself after a breakup is to forgive. Forgive what has happened, of what doesn't mean to be, of the failure of your relationship, and all the things that weigh you down. Close the book for good and move on. 

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6. Be With People You Love

A day or two days after a breakup, all you do is lock yourself up in your room, crying and depressed. But don't let it last any longer. Go out and find the people you love. Find remedies in their love and sympathy for you. They know how to bring the smile back to you and distract you from your sadness. You know they'll never let you down, right?

7. Stop Talking About The Breakup

Of course, you don't have to conceal everything and save it for yourself. It's okay to share your breakup story while it still fresh, your friends will sympathize, and listen to it well. But if you keep talking about it after months, you only make people boring. You know it's time to quit. Talking about it over and over again only makes it harder to move on. 

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8. Find Productive Activities

Distraction is the key so that you won't be reminded of the breakup. There are many productive activities you can do such as volunteering, join a community, or simply spending time doing your hobbies. Throw your energy positively, tire yourself out so that you don't remember you've just broken up.

9. Workout

Don't let go of yourself even you are still sad about the breakup. In fact, you have to take care of yourself, even more, to stay healthy. Doing a workout not only helps you to keep in shape. It releases stress hormones from your body and makes you feel happier as well. You can vent your anger and frustration through exercising as well. 

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10. Travel To Places You've Never Been

travel to places you've never been

The reason why you find the breakup really hard is because you keep reminded of your ex everywhere. Staying in the same city, you can't help but walking the same road every day, sighting your favorite food trucks, and many more. Go travel far away, get lost in a place you have never been. Leave all the pain there and come home as a completely new person.

11. Find Happiness Once Again

You are the only one who knows what makes you happy and how you pursue it. Whatever it is, find your happiness again. Life isn't over by a bad breakup. Your future still lies ahead so don't waste time on useless things like regretting a breakup. 

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12. Restart Your Life

The last but not least, restart your life once more. For every ending, there is a new beginning. Be the better you and live your life to the full. Be happy and be optimistic that you still have many better things in store.

If you have your own list of things you should always do when you break up with someone, don't hesitate to take an action. You know yourself better than anyone, so no one could really tell what's right for you. But one sure thing is that you have to move on.

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