My Ex-Boyfriend Hates Me Because I Broke Up With Him, What Should I Do?

Last updated on August 2, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Learning that someone hates you is normal, but what if that person is your ex? It must be really heartbreaking to know that someone you were once really close with suddenly hates you.

Making someone change their feeling from hating you to loving you is not easy but it is possible. It’s all a game of psychology and we’re here to tell you the answers to “my ex-boyfriend hates me because I broke up with him, what should I do?":

  1. Spend Some Time For Introspection

Ask yourself, Why does he hate me? What did we use to fight about in the relationship? What did he find annoying about me?

  1. Search For The Clues In Your Text

Maybe you said something mean in your texts with him instead of How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him So Much Over Text?. This is probably why he hates you.

  1. Search For The Clues In The Letters

Another clue to why he hates you could lie in the letters you send to each other. Is there a hint of anger in writing?

  1. Search For The Clues In The Pictures

Does the picture looks suspicious now that you look at it again? Spend some time looking through it again.

  1. Apologize To Him Sincerely

If you already know why he hates you, say a sincere apology to him for what you’ve done and be specific with what your mistake was.

  1. Give Him Some Space

Remember, there are a lot  benefits of being alone . He probably needs to feel some of it.

  1. Be A Better Person

If you want him to like you, be a better person. Start by building self love with Ways to Love Yourself 

  1. Tell Your Good Intention

State to him clearly that you would like to be friends and you want to revive the bond you guys used to have.

  1. Send Him A Little Gift

A little gift doesn’t hurt, it might even revive the relationship completely. Just make sure that it is a thoughtful gift.

  1. Know His Status And Adjust

You should know if he’s already taken or not. If he is, it’s better not to try this next step.

  1. Flirt A Little

If he is not taken, you can bring back the love by using Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong and Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush

  1. Remember The Good Memories

When talking to him, remind him of the happy memories you had with him. He will look back and want to have that relationship with you again.

  1. Hit Him Up Through Social Media

Send him a funny post and reply to his posts. There’s really a lot you can do through social media to grab his attention.

  1. Hang Out With Him Again

This is a great way to  Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It

  1. Take It Slow

Trusts are build slowly. You need to do lots of right actions to get his trust again.

  1. Get To Know Him All Over Again

Pour your attention towards him. Get to know him again. This is a great way for him to feel the love you have for him.

Signs That He’s Starting To Like You Again

You already did the tips to “my ex boyfriend hates me because I broke up with him, what should I do?”. Now, you will reap the rewarding signs that he’s starting to like you again:

  1. He Accepts Your Apology

The first and most important step he’ll take is he will accept your apology. But, a guy might not do this step at all.Instead, he’ll show the next steps.

  1. Doesn’t Bring Up The Past Anymore

He starts to think that whatever is in the past, stays in the past. This is a good sign that he have moved on from the hurt.

  1. He Starts To Talks To You Again

Because he accepts your apology, he’ll even talk to you again regularly.

  1. He Admits That He Would Want To Be Friends

He states to you clearly that he’d like to be friends with you.

  1. He Makes Some First Moves

A guy that starts to show signs that a man loves you unconditionally will not be afraid to make the first moves.

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Asking yourself “my ex boyfriend hates me because i broke up with him, what should I do?” is the first step towards healing the relationship with him. The next thing you can do is by doing our tips. Then, you’ll see that things will be normal again.

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