How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Dump His New Girlfriend

Last updated on April 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Move on is not easy. If you find yourself here, you are the living proof of how hard moving on from your ex boyfriend could be. You just realized that you made a rush decision breaking up with him and now you wish you still together. While you are having a hard time to get over him, turns out he already find a new bae. Much to your surprise, isn't he move on too fast.

Since you can't move on from him yet, it is unfair that he has a new girlfriend. So that you start to find ways how to make your ex boyfriend dump his new girlfriend. Whether you want to get back with him or simply want revenge, these tips may help you:

1. Plan a Strategy

Before making a move, it's important for you to plan a perfect strategy. Thoroughly plan all the means and possibility. Don't act out of rush unless you want your plan to fail right away. It's important to stay calm and build your strength little by little. You want him to realize that you are way better than his girlfriend, so that you better not showing any wicked thing to him. See also How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret Breaking Up With You And Want You Back

2. Set a No Contact Rule

If you think that the best way to make him break up right away with his new girlfriend is by intensely communicating with him then you're wrong. It only makes things worse and get him annoyed. Instead, you have to cut all the contacts with him. No contacts will not make you away from him or losing your chance. During the no contacts period, hide yourself perfectly from him. If it's necessary, take a break from the social media.

3. Think If He Really Worth It

Only you know what's your real intention in making your ex boyfriend dump his new girlfriend. Whatever it is, rethink again if he's really deserve it. If you want to take revenge, think about how you broke up? Did he hurt you? Did he that bad of a person that deserve it?

If you want to get back together with him, does he really worth it? You need to set you motives clear before you put into an action. See also What to Text Your Ex Boyfriend When You Miss Him and Want to Reconnect

4. Keep His Social Media

Once you break up, the first thing you do must be erasing him from your life. But it's not always wise to do that. When you have deleted his number, you better keep his social media if you still want to know what he's up to. You don't have to like his post or anything. Just leave it there.

5. Make Him Miss You

Is it possible for your ex boyfriend to miss you when he has date a new person? Of course it is. It's a good start to test the water. Remind him of you by updating your social media after a long time break. He'll notice it and if he likes your post or send you DM after that, he has probably been missing you. See also What to Do When My Ex Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me but I Want Him Back

6. Initiate a Contact with Him

If he reach you first, respond it positively. But if he hasn't show any signs of initiating a contact, then you go first. To make things less suspicious, you start by telling him sorry and that you don't want to leave any bad things behind. Tell him you want to resolve things maturely.

7. Leave His Relationship Alone

During those first contact after a long time with him, avoid talking about his new relationship. You can congratulate him and stop right there. Don't ever ask about how long they've been dating, how is his relationship, or what he likes from his girlfriend. You only makes things obvious if you can't stay out of it. See also Why Does My Ex Keep Contacting Me When He Dumped Me

8. Show Him How Happy You are

Even if your ex boyfriend has moved on from you, it's still hurt to see that you're happy. Nobody knows whether he still likes you or not. It's important for you to let him know that you're very happy at the moment. Post it to your social media so that he watch it himself. He may think how can you be happy without him.

9. Don't Backstab His Girlfriend

Rather than play fast, it's better to play safe. It's what you should do. Just because you run out of patient trying to break him up with his new girlfriend, you choose to take a shortcut and backstabbing his girlfriend. It's too risky and once your ex boyfriend find this out, it only makes his relationship stronger and break up seems impossible. Instead, you appear as a wicked witch in front of his eyes. See also How to Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend after He Dumped You

10. Improve Your Appearance

You better focus on yourself. During the no contact time, improve your appearance. Men are visual being. They are easily attracted to something beautiful. Make yourself prettier by working out to shape your body, get a fresh haircut, and put on some make up. Do a little strong makeover unless he won't notice it.

11. Don't Make It Too Obvious

Once again, don't make things too obvious. No need to beg him to break up with his girlfriend on talking ill about her all the time when you don't know her well. Instead of succeeding, it only makes him running away from you, closing your chance right away.

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12. Spread News Through His Friends

Make sure you have changed for the better. Not only by appearance but also by attitude. Show him that you are more mature than you used to be, becoming someone that he wished back then. But let the news spread through his friends. It will make him curious and want to see you in person.

There are many other ways how to make your ex boyfriend dump his new girlfriend. But it's important for you to do it rightly. Don't create a scenario where you bashed your ex boyfriend or his new girlfriend. You have to be wise and remember that karma does exist. Ruining others' relationship do you no good.

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