Possible Reasons Why Does My Ex Keep Contacting Me When He Dumped Me

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Dealing with break up is not easy, let alone we're being the one who get dumped. So he said he doesn't want to date you anymore and it took awhile for you to fully accept the reality and move on. But then he suddenly showing up in your life again and contacting you endlessly, shaking your heart once more. It leaves you wonder why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me.

The first thing that come into your mind is questioning his reasons behind the action. Why did he dump you when he still want to keep in touch with you? To the point where you get annoyed (since you need to move on as well) you try to find out How to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You Again After a Bad Break Up. If it doesn't work, here are the possible reasons why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me.


1. He Want To Win You Back

The first reason why my ex contacting me when he dumped me is because he wants to win you back. Seems like somebody regrets dumping you and trying to crawl his way back. How to respond to him depend on whether you want to reconcile or not.

2. His New Relationship Fail

his new relationship fail

He seemed to move on fast seeing that he dated someone else already. After an unforgettably good relationship with you, he found that she was not as good as you. This fail relationship makes him regret dumping you and realize that you are all the way better. It’s a lesson for you not to date another guy before you have the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship.

3. He’s Just Playing With You

If he keep contacting you after he dumped you so bad, it doesn’t always mean he wants to get back you. Maybe he just want to play with your heart, giving you a false hope and wind you up. It could be his player side you never know before.

You have to find out How to Know You’re Dating a Player

4. He Wants You To Think Of Them

He is not sure if he still loves you, maybe he’s not anymore or between both. He wants to test the water and would like to know what do you think about him. He keeps thinking about you over and over and he wants you to thin about him. The more you think about him, the bigger possibility to get back together. Apparently he is trying to.

5. He Just Can't Move On

Not everyone can easily find and do the Ways to Forget Your Ex and most people having a hard time to move on. But hard to move on doesn’t mean he still in love with you. He is still unable to let go of the good relationship he had with you and the good memories keep popping up in his mind. He just can’t contain it and having no other choice but stay in touch with you.

6. He Can't Get Another Lover

he can't get another lover

Being single means lonely and not everyone can cope with loneliness. Fact that he hardly find another girl to date is out of his expectation. He needs something (or someone in this case) to soothe his pain as he tries to move on and forget you. As you have once give him happiness, he feels he can lean on you.

7. It's Only His Habit

There are people who have this annoying habit of contacting his ex out of the blue. Not because he still loves you, wants to get back together or misses you. He only wants to do it.

8. He Is Curious About Your New Bae

Admit it that it’s not only him, but you will also be curious once you heard he has someone new. It doesn’t necessarily mean he still loves you, he just want to know how does you new bae look like and compare himself to your new lover.

9. He Misses You

It’s possible for an ex to miss you. After all those time together, forgetting you in a short period of time seems impossible. And it’s why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me. The Signs Your Ex Misses You and Wants You Back doesn’t mean he still loves you the same and going to treat you better in the future.

10. He Is Reminded of You

He probably walking on the street and your favorite songs is played in one of nearby store. He suddenly reminded of you and the memories you had together. It could also bring the old feeling back.

11. He Wants To Be Friend With You

Being friends with ex is not recommended since it makes you hard to forget him and move on. But there are people who rarely keeping a good terms with their ex and easily befriending them.

12. He Is Looking For Closure

he is looking for closure

Maybe he hasn’t made it clear and give enough explanation about the break up. He is only looking for a closure about the relationship, that you are no longer an item.

13. He Still Has A Hope

He regrets dumping you and wanting to get back without being too obvious. He is making sure that you’re still good with him and he still has a hope of reconciliation.

14. He Only Check On You

Or maybe he keeps contacting you out of the guilt from dumping you. He wants you check that you’re okay after the stormy break up.

15. He Wants To Open An Opportunity

After some time turns out he want to get back together with you. First he is opening the opportunity of getting back by contacting you again.

Now you should no longer wondering why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me. If he shows the signals of wanting you back, remember why he dumped you and think about it over and over again.

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