What's The Benefits of Doing No Contact Rule After A Breakup?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you haven't heard about the no-contact rule, it is basically a method of not contacting your romantic interest over a period of time. Just strictly no calling, no texting, no liking or commenting on social media.

It is as if you disappear from his/her life completely. No contact rule is an effective method in a relationship.

People apply a no contact rule hoping for various benefits. Before getting deeper into these benefits, let's understand first, in which case no contact rule is applicable.


Cases Where No Contact Rule Can Be Effective After A Breakup

1. You Simply Want Them Gone

When the breakup is so bad and you would never make up again.

2. Amicable Breakup And A Hope For Reconciliation

amicable breakup and a hope for reconciliation

When people break up peacefully, one or two parties might still hope for a reconciliation in the future. Perhaps, the reason for their break up is simply both parties need space or have fallen out love. Things just don't work out. But deep down, you still love him/her.

3. You're The One Dumped

Being the one who's at the receiving end of a break up sucks the most. You're hurt, you feel worthless and broken. It's advisable instead of begging them to get you back, you simply move on and apply no contact rules. This way your dignity will be preserved.

4. Long Distance Relationship

For a long distance relationship, read about no contact in an LDR.

Now, what are the benefits of doing no contact rule after a breakup? These are the reason why no contact rule is beneficial for you.

1. No Contact Rule Gives You Time To Reflects Your Past Relationship

After the break up, you will need some time to reflect on your past relationship.

What was lacking, what was wrong with both of you, and every issue that causing your break up. You can think about it more clearly if you stop contacting your ex for a while.

2. No Contact Rule Gives Your Ex A Chance To Miss You

no contact rule gives your ex a chance to miss you

No contact rule can stimulate attraction that once diminished. Your ex fell out of love, no contact rule will build that love back. If he's not hearing from you, he will wonder and miss you.

In no time, he'll try to contact you again, because his curiosity wins over him. They will show the signs when they miss you during no contact rule.

3. No Contact Rule Frees Your Mind Of The Thought Of Your Ex, So You Can Go On Enjoying Life

Even when you hope to connect again in the future, a reconciliation would not happen in a month or two. It's simply not enough for both parties to reassess their relationship.

So in this in-between time, you should not be at misery because of the breakup. You should not be sad thus you're not enjoying life or meeting people. There's a chance that your ex themselves contacting you when he's with someone new.

No contact rule will ease your mind from the thought of him. It makes everything looks not so bad and you can see more positivity in life. Here's what to do when your ex contacting you again.

4. No Contact Rule Make You Look Not Desperate

After a breakup, especially a one-sided one, it's hard to let things go. You'd ask a lot of why and demand closures. You want to stay together, especially when you feel this breakup is unfair to you.

As a result, you will call your ex, text non-stop, even meet them in person. These behaviors will make you look desperate. And being desperate is an overkill. If you bombard them with any form of contact, your ex would want nothing but get away from you.

Instead, show that you're level headed and calm. Keep a minimal contact which gradually turns it into a no contact. It will make you as if you got it together, even though deep down, you still feel hurt.

5. The Best Way To Move On And Forget

the best way to move on and forget

Let's face it, if you don't want him or her anymore in your life, no contact rule is simply the best way to move on. Was he or she a bad partner or even abusive?

Then there's nothing you should do except to delete them from your life for once and all. By not contacting, you kill every leftover feeling you have to them. It's true that time will heal. Overtime, he or she will be just a distant, faint memory.

6. Give Space

In some case, your ex dump you because they have no clear idea what it's like not having you in their life.

Its possible that they've been taking you for granted. When in fact, you have a crucial role in their life. Help them come into this realization by disappearing, with no contact rule.

7. Level The Balance Of Relationship

Especially if you are the one who's getting dumped, you will feel like their value higher than you. Your ex is the one who initiated the breakup, thus more power on them.

By applying no contact rule, you restore this imbalance of power. The playing field is now level since you also become the one who is no longer available.

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