Should You Answer Your Ex-Girlfriend during No Contact If She Reaches Out to You?

Last updated on July 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you been busy working hard on bettering yourself during your no contact period? Yet, when you check your cellphone, you keep receiving some notifications, be it for text messages or calls, from your ex-girlfriend. You are probably clueless about what you should do now.

Should you answer your ex-girlfriend during no contact if she reaches out to you? Do you really have the need to break the no contact rule and give her another chance? Have you all been completely cool with each other this time? Will it be okay to break your silence or is that asking too much?

In the back of your mind, you must be thinking on whether or not there is a right time to make an exception to the no contact rule because obviously, you do not want to make things worse. In this case, there is another setback which you cannot afford. After all, you applied the no contact rule because you believed it would really help you and your ex-girlfriend.

I know it is really hard to escape the temptation to end the no contact period and respond to her texts especially when your ex-girlfriend is constantly reaching out to you.

It can be really difficult to restrain yourself from not replying when she is begging you to notice her. It must be tough on you or anyone out there who is trying to stay true to their pledge to establish the no contact rule. In special case, it can be extremely painful not to call or text her back.

What You Need to Know

You may be on the verge of succeeding to keep your emotions under control. But then you do not know how it happens, out of the blue, your ex-girlfriend starts reaching out to you again.  She wants to keep in touch and it all sounds friendly to you. She sounds nice and is asking you politely to return the favor.

If that is the case, you may want to figure out whether or not your ex-girlfriend still has a feeling for you. What should you do exactly? Before you take some move, consider the things below when deciding whether or not you need to break or stop your no contact rule to reach out to her back.

  1. Your Past Relationship

Before you answer your ex-girlfriend during no contact just because she reached out to you again and said some nice things, you have to take into account how long the two of you were in a relationship.

If you have been together for multiple years, then maybe you should give her some consideration. It is because a long term relationship usually has firm roots and it is possible that the space you gave to each other is long enough for you both to keep your emotions under control.

All those years of experience of being together with her will likely work to your advantage.

  1. Count the No Contact Days

How long it has been since you first managed your no contact period? If your ex-girlfriend is constantly reaching out to you, yet it is still early in the process, then you do not want to break the no contact rule. In most cases, it is better to stay the course. After all, it is only the beginning.

If she reached out to you right when you are nearing the end of your no contact period, then it is probably a good time to break the rule and resume the connection. You do not need to wait until the very last official day of no contact period to reach out to her back if she is right there for the taking.

  1. Reminisce the Breakup

We all know that breakup is always a bad business, say, you and your ex-girlfriend had the mother of all blow-ups and she was really not in the mood to be in forgiving mode in those dreadful days.

But then the no contact rule has started and a good amount of time has gone by. The passionate anger she was radiating in early days has now turned into a compromise. Or she may have stuck her neck out and taken the risk to pepper you with a lot of apologies, begging for another chance.

As good as it sounds, trust me, you would not want to succumb to her change of heart easily. Why? Think about it. If her passions switched quickly from anger and hatred to apologizing and pleading, it means they could easily switch on back. So, you have to be careful about weighing her apologies.

In conclusion, make sure you do not rush to break your no contact rule. Try to take in the big picture and considering all the factors above. Be careful. A lot of times, your mind can talk you into making the wrong decision about breaking the no contact rule for good.

This scenario could also go the other way around such as it is the ex-boyfriend who reached out during no contact.

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