How Does A Taurus Man Feel After A Break Up

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Taurus man is equivalent to the stubborn bull. But how does he react to a break up? In case you're wondering the different kinds of emotions that he goes through then keep on reading.


If You’re The One Who Broke Up With A Taurus Man

Here are his most dominant feelings after the break up:

1. Gets Angry

How does a Taurus man feel after a break up? Really angry. In fact, he might even resent you for it. It’s going to take a while for him to feel okay. However, here's What to Do When Your Taurus Man Is Mad at You for No Reasons.

2. Hopes To Get Back Again

The Taurus man will have high hopes of getting back with you again. After his anger resides, he will start to miss you. So don’t be surprised if he makes the extra effort to call or meet you.

3. Feels Really Down

feels really down

This is normal. Everyone goes through this particular feeling, including the Taurus man. He will feel really down about the breakup. It’s going to affect his confidence a lot. This loss of confidence is a part of Taurus Man Weakness in Love after a break up.

4. Feels Doubtful About Moving On

The Taurus man’s lack of confidence after a break up will make him doubtful. If he’s had a lot of failed relationships then he’s going to think that there’s something wrong with him. He won’t be too sure about moving on quickly because he thinks that he will need to fix himself first.

5. Hates You For Breaking Up

Remember the part about a Taurus man getting angry after a break up? That anger can actually turn into hate. He’s going to hate you for ending the relationship. The Taurus man will start picking at your personality and make a list of all the qualities that make you seem ugly to him.

6. Thinks Of His Exes

The break up will make the Taurus man thinks of his exes. His mind will start to wander and he’s going to remember the good ones that got away. If he truly misses one of his exes, he’s going to try to contact them. Perhaps you’ll be that ex.

7. Potentially Stalks You

Unfortunately, a Taurus man might start stalking you after a break up. Why? It’s just a mixture of feelings. Jealousy, suspicions, and hatred all mixed into one. Dating coaches think that an ex who stalks you potentially develop an obsession for you. That means you need to be careful.

If A Taurus Man Was The One Who Decided To Break Up

These are the feelings that a Taurus man will encounter:

1. Feels A Pang Of Guilt

So for this situation, how does a Taurus man feel after a break up with you? Well, he’s going to feel guilty for sure. He does have his soft spot. Breaking up with might have not been as easy as it seemed.

2. Doesn’t Contact You At All

doesn't contact you at all

The Taurus man doesn’t contact you at all after a break up. In case it’s you who did something wrong for the demise of the relationship then this behavior is normal. But other than that, no contact means that he’s just trying to move on. So get to know How to Get A Taurus Man to Stop Ignoring You.

3. Feels Relieved

You might not want to know this but the Taurus man will actually feel relieved after the break up. For whatever reason, the relationship might have been boring, suffocating or wasn’t right for him.

4. Excited To Date Someone New

After breaking up with you, the Taurus man feels really excited to date someone new.

He’s made up his mind. It’s time for him to leave the past behind and look forward to his new dating adventure. This quality is one of the Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Taurus Man.

5. Cherishes The Good Moments

Deep in his thoughts, the Taurus man does cherish the good moments after a break up.

He won’t be able to forget them so easily. Once in a while, the moments bring a smile to his face and make him feel grateful.

6. Feels Like A Free Man

Dating experts would say that a break up will make a Taurus man feel free. It’s almost like a rebirth for him. There’s a sense of endless freedom that makes him happy. It's a good time to learn How to Make A Taurus Man Chase After You .

7. Happy And Optimistic

For the last time, how does a Taurus man feel after a break up? Simply put, happy and optimistic. Once he gets into that zone then he’s going to feel really comfortable at being single.

Watch out, don't think that every Taurus man feels the same way. You still need to take into account that everybody has different personalities so won't always be on the same page.

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