How To Make A Taurus Man Chase After You And Love You Right

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Taurus men are known for their stubbornness.  Not only are they stubborn, but they are also introverted as well as bold. Moreover, if you are willing to make a Taurus man likes you, you need to put your extra patience because he will need some more time to fall in love with you. In order to make him chase after you, I have some tips to share for you who are in love with a Taurus man.

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Please follow these tips bellow thoroughly if you want to succeed;


1. Understand His Personality

Taurus men are introverts, they do not open up easily. So, if you care about him, at least understand his introvert personality. You may also read about

2. Get Involved In His World

Get to know what he likes and what he doesn’t. Then, you can get involved in his world. For instance, if he likes books, you should also learn to like books.

3. Don’t Be A Drama Queen

Do not be over dramatic. Just be simple and don’t complicate things. He hates a drama queen. Well, everyone does.

4. Don’t Be Too Aggressive

You can tell him that you like him and let him know through your actions. But, one thing you should always know, do not be too overly aggressive to him. Otherwise, he will only run away from you.

5. Stay Calm And Elegant

Stay calm and elegant. Don’t be panicked when you are facing a problem. Showing your calmness and elegance will make you look mature enough to start a serious relationship with him.

6. Don’t Be Too Dominant

A Taurus man will feel uncomfortable if you try to rule him, tell him what to do and don’t do. Let him take control of himself and don’t be a control freak.

7. Be Patient

be patient

If you like a Taurus man, don’t rush him. He needs extra time to get to know you until he can trust and open up with you. So, be patient with him until he can return the feeling.

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Tips To Look Attractive To A Taurus Man

If you want to be extra, then you can use these following tips to look attractive to the Taurus man you are into. These tips below are secret keys to make him definitely notice your existence;

1. Show Your Feminine Side

Most men like a feminine woman, including Taurus men. So, if you want to look attractive to him, you should show your feminine side. You can start to wear makeups, and learn to cook his favorite food. These two things will actually make you look attractive to him.

2. Show Your Sexy Side

Taurus men like sexy women. Being sexy is not necessarily mean wearing a mini skirt and a tank top in front of him. No, not like that. Sexy here means here that you show your inner beauty, for example, your intelligence. Being intelligent for many men are sexy, so does for Taurus man. 

3. Show Your Unique Side

Show your unique side can make you look different and special to him. Do not just follow the trend because it will only make you look the same with common people. Make your own style that suits you the best and always know why you do what you do.

4. Look Beautiful For Him

Make him special by being beautiful for him. Dress elegantly and change your hairstyle that suit your face will definitely make you look beautiful and attractive to him. Let him know that you do it for him. If you never did it before, he will notice that you only do it to attractive in front of him.

5. Wear Nice Perfume

Get him crazy for you by wearing nice perfume. Most men love a sweet fragrance, so you can wear either fruit or flower scent of perfume.

6. Stays True To Who You Are

Don’t be someone else. Keep being you. That will make you look attractive to him.

7. Give Him Your Sincere Compliment

Give him a sincere compliment in an appropriate time and situation.

8. Give Him Some Respect

If you want to look attractive and mature, be respectful to him. Don’t look down on his hobbies and dreams.

9. Be Patient To Him

Taurus men need time to open up, so it will require you to be patient to wait for him to acknowledge his feeling to you.

10. Be Straightforward About Your Feeling Towards Him

Don’t hide your feeling, let him know. Tell him that you have been chasing after him because you like him.

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Signs That A Taurus Man Falls For You

signs that a taurus man falls for you

If you have already done using all your weapons, now it is to time to wait and see the results. Knowing these signs of a Taurus man who falls for you to see if your efforts work;

1. He Shows His Affection

When a Taurus man falls for a girl, he will show it up directly. He won't to hide it from you. He is not hesitant to shower you with his love and affection.

2. He Tries To Protect You

A Taurus man is very protective when he loves a girl. He will show his masculine side that always wants to protect the girl he likes. He won’t let you go home alone, especially at night. He will drive you home to make sure that you are home safely.

3. He Shows His Respects Upon You

Well, this sign is a must, not only given by a Taurus man but all people. However, more specific to a Taurus man, when he is in love with someone special, he will show his big respect to that person. He will value you as a whole, not only your good sides. It is a sign when he truly in love with you. Moreover, he always shows a good attitude towards you. Never want to hurt you with any bad intentions of his.

4. He Becomes Clingy To You

A Taurus man will be quite clingy to someone he has a crush on. So, if he is into you, he will always want to get closer to you and see you all the time. If he can’t see you even just for a day, he will shower you with hundreds of texts and calls. He will miss you a lot that he can’t stand another day to meet you soon.

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5. He Is Always There For You

When you are down and need a shoulder to lay on, he will be there for you. He won’t let you feel alone in your sadness. He will show you his support and try his best to help you out. In short, he will be there for you, either physically as well as mentally. It’s just because he loves you and can’t stand to see you sad.

6. He Says He Likes/Love You

This one is the obvious sign that he truly likes you. It is not easy for a Taurus to say he loves someone. But, when he does, it means he does love you. He means it. So, do not doubt his feeling when he says the word to you. If you do, it will only make him sad.

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Love is something sacred that everyone wishes for in their life. If you happen to have a chance to prove your love to a man, then do it sincerely in order to be with him as long as possible. Doing these tips is ways for you to show a man that you love him. When you have done everything you could, see if he loves you back by knowing the signs.

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