True Reasons Why Taurus Are The Worst To Love

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Knowing who a person really is can sometimes be hard because it takes a long time and a lot of commitment. But knowing a person shouldn’t take that much effort especially now. How can you do that?

The answer is through our horoscope sign. The perfect example is a Taurus. Taurus is seemingly the perfect, sociable, and kind person but they are so much more than that. They have much darker side which can put them as the worst horoscope sign. Here are the real reasons why Taurus are the worst;


1. They Stick To Their Ideals

Being stubborn in keeping their values might be admirable in some parts of life but it is also a destructive thing if they want to keep a relationship.

2. Being Too Clingy Is One Of Their Traits

being too clingy is one of their traits

They can sometimes fall off from their dependent traits and become absolutely clingy to the person in their life. This can make you lose your sense of independence.

3. They Can’t Lead The Relationship

Leading is not their thing which can be a turn off when you are searching for the Husband Material Signs or Wife Material Signs.

4. They Let Themselves Be Trampled

Their trust and dependence can backfire them in a way they never thought possible. These people are easily trampled because of their kindness.

5. They Are Overly Friendly To People

There is a line between being friendly and being creepy and most of the time Taurus falls to the latter category. They can make you uncomfortable since the first encounter.

6. They Are Not Ambitious

Ambition is not a big part of their life. This makes it hard to be with someone who is a go-getter.

7. They Do Not Have The Leader Within Them

Leading is the thing that they can’t do. Their kindness and compassion make them not stand out from the crowd to be a leader.

8. They Can’t Plan

Don’t leave the job to plan to a Taurus. This is why their life is often aimless and blurry.

9. They Aren’t Visionary

Thinking about the future is not their strength. Don’t expect them to show the Signs He's Thinking of A Future With You because they won’t do it.

10. They Are Rarely Present

Their mind often can’t stay at bay so they are often not present in the moment when you are talking or being with them which can be annoying.

11. Often Insensitive To Others

Being insensitive is another one of their downside. Sometimes they can be plain rude to how people are or what they want.

12. They Are Being Too Cocky

Sometimes they can be overly confident about who they are so it can come off as too cocky from other people’s point of view.

13. They Are Way Too Materialistic

they are way too materialistic

Material is something that a Taurus like which means that they can be overly materialistic. This side of them sometimes rule their life.

14. They Will Control Your Life

They may show the sign that they want to be a big part of your life once they get to know you and they can demand a lot of change.

15. They Can get Overly Jealous

Showing the Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship is always the thing they would do once they are close with you and this is one of the reasons why Taurus are the worst 

16. They Are Possessive Over You

Signs of A Possessive Male Friend will be shown by a Taurus in any relationship they feel comfortable in. All of this isn’t wanted by anyone.

17. They Rarely Know Boundaries

Personal boundaries isn’t something that a Taurus knows and respects.

18. Spending Money Is Not Their Thing

Being too frugal can be something that a Taurus do because they value their money so much.

19. They Won’t Budge

When you get into an argument, they don’t want to be the one that loses so they keep their beliefs firm.

20. Criticism Will Not Be Touched By Them

For a Taurus, a criticism is a direct attack to their self worth which they will not respond to.

More Signs That Show How Bad A Taurus Is

Taurus is not that sweet, in fact there are many bad sides to them. If you are still not convinced by their bad sides, here are more signs that show how bad a Taurus really is:

1. They Won’t Share Their Feelings

Sharing their feelings is not what they want which makes them closed off

2. The Past Is Always Chasing Them

They don’t know the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

3. They Won’t Grow

Feeling too comfortable with their current state makes them not grow.

4. They Need A Lot Of Time To Change

Changing can be done but it takes too long.

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5. They Care About Other People’s Opinion Too Much

they care about other people's opinion too much

They base their self worth on other people’s opinion.

6. Hedonistic Is Their Traits

Searching for happiness in the wrong places is done by a Taurus. 

Tips On How To Handle A Taurus

With all this negativity, you might wonder how to really handle a Taurus in real life. Well, here are the real tips on how to handle a taurus’s traits;

1. Be Understanding

Understand who they are and what they do.

2. Be Kind To Them

Kindness always elevate any relationship especially with a Taurus.

3. Tell Them How You Feel

The only way to fix a problem is to identify it. Which is why you should not keep your feelings or thoughts for him inside.

4. Know Your Boundaries

Know your boundaries and if a Taurus break it you should tell them.

Everyone have a bad side and a good side but Taurus manage to be the person that shows you the reasons why Taurus are the worst. With all that negativity, it can clearly overwhelm your life and of course you don’t want someone like that.

Which is why you should also know the tips on how to handle a Taurus. Once you do, your relationship with any Taurus will be smooth and harmonious.

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