Why Short Girl And Tall Boy Are Cute Couple That Makes People Envy?

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Sometimes people who becomes couple are those who have traits that are different. One's chatty, one's not so talkative. One's always calm and patience, one gets angry easily. One's super tall, and one's just about their partner's chest.

Short girl and tall boy, they seem so distant from each other. But the thing is, they usually end up together, and people find them cute. Why short girl and tall boy are cute couple?

You might be wondering about this, no matter how short or how tall you are, girls. There are several reasons why this couple is the perfect match at times:


1. Guy Loves Being The One Who Protects

Short girls usually seem like they need to be protected. They seem tiny and cute, that guy would tend to come up with their protecting nature. This is what a guy love, being like their girl's hero.

So when a tall boy dates a short girl he will feel good and want to protect his girl with all his might. So does the girl, she will feel loved by his guy.

2. The Cliché Library Scene

the cliché library scene

Ever seen a cute short girl not being able to reach the high shelf? Whether it's a library or supermarket, both happen all the time. Then there goes the tall boy with his long arms reaching out for the things that the girl need. What a sweet scene.

3. Short Girl = Perfect Height For Sweet Kisses

When a tall boy dates a short girl, he can shower his girl with kisses super easily due to her height. Well, of course it's also possible for tall couple, but it looks cuter for couple with height gap.

Boy, this is one of the things you need to know before dating a short girl that will definitely excite you. This can also be one of the cute ways to tell your girlfriend you love her while giving her some affection that will drive her crazy.

4. Girl's Head = Boy's Chin Resting Place

Usually, a short girl's height is just perfect for a boy to rest his arms or chin. He can hug and cuddle her all he want, meddle with her hair and pat her head.

This is exactly what makes a relationship sweet and romantic. This is also one of the reasons why you should date the short girl, you can cuddle all you want with this petite girl. Come on, who doesn't love cuddle?

5. Shows That Differences Doesn't Matter

Couple with gaps, be it age, height, or anything, show and prove that love overcomes everything.

This is why short girl and tall boy are cute couple. The love that they have is proven and pure. This means that the boy doesn't only care about his girl's physical traits but love her no matter how she looks like.

6. Guy's Chest = Girl's Favorite Spot

guy's chest girl's favorite spot

As for a short girl, she can cling onto his guy and rest in his chest all she wants. Oh, just admit that a guy’s chest is the best place where a girl can rest and listen to her guy's heartbeat.

This doesn't feel good just for the girl but also make the guy feel good about himself. Short girls, if you ever wonder what does it mean when my crush says I'm really cute, one of the possible answer is that you're so lovely when you're snuggling into his chest.

These are why short girl and tall boy are cute couple. Look around, is there any short girl and tall boy couple? If there's any, you'll soon change the way you think about them.

They'll appear cuter to you now that you realize how many things can this couple do. Are you one of the short girls? Don't worry, as long as your boy know what not to say to a short girl, you both will be a fantastic couple that people envied. Love overcomes everything, this sayings must be true.

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