What Does It Mean When My Crush Says I'm Really Cute?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Our main goal with a crush is to get them smitten so that they will be attracted to us. Then, what will happen if your crush shows attraction towards you by complimenting you?

One of the sweetest compliment is being called ‘cute’. But, you need to decipher the real meaning to know whether or not it means a good thing to your relationship with your crush.

We are here to decode and answer what does it mean when my crush says I'm really cute?

  1. You Put On A Cute Outfit

Maybe the meaning of cute lies in the good outfit you have on when you met your crush. Remember what you wear exactly and try to wear something similar to that next time.

  1. Your Haircut Is Super Good

Got a new, fresh haircut? People usually compliment how a fresh haircut can greatly shape the face. Don’t be swept away just yet, your crush is just stating the fact.

  1. You Have A Positive Personality

You’ll know that your crush thinks that you have a positive personality when your crush says that you’re cute after you show your happiness or just speak your thoughts. This is a signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

  1. You Are Petite

When someone is small, other people like to say that you are cute because people perceive you as this small bundle of joy and innocence.

  1. Your Crush Appreciates Your Romantic Gestures

Have you been doing the Ways on How to Get Your Crush to Notice You? If your crush appreciates it, they will blush and call you cute as a compliment.

  1. You Are Considerate And Gentle

If you are genuinely a kind, considerate, and gentle person, your crush will say that you are cute with a glimmer in their eyes which means that they adore you so much.

  1. You Can Make Your Crush Laugh

Whenever you make your crush laugh with a silly joke or a cute act, they might say that you are cute to state that they like how you can make them happy.

  1. You Have Been Flirting Really Well With Your Crush

What does it mean when my crush says I'm really cute? Well, if you have been flirting with your crush, the word ‘cute’ might be a response to all your flirtation.

  1. You Show Your True Romantic Feeling Towards Your Crush

Whenever you say your adoration towards your crush or use  Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong, the word is meant as a note of gratitude towards your kindness.

  1. Your Crush Loves Your Smile

Does your crush says you’re cute after you smile or you laugh? That means that your crush loves seeing you happy.

  1. You Said Something Cute In Text

After using How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You Over Text , your crush might quickly reply with a simple “you’re so cute” which is definitely a good sign!

  1. Your Crush Notice How You Care For Them

Simple gestures to show that you care will not go unnoticed. Your crush will say thank you by complimenting you, saying that you are cute.

How To React To Being Called Cute

Now that you know what your crush really means, you need to respond. Save yourself from looking awkward by using these ways on how to react to being called cute:

  1. Smile To Your Crush

A great  Watch These Physical Signs A Woman Likes You, is by smiling.This lets them know that you accept the compliment and loves what your crush did.

  1. Ask Your Crush To Say It Again

If you didn’t catch it the first time, why not ask your crush to say it again? This is also to make sure that your crush did not just slip on their word and actually means what they are saying.

  1. Text Your Crush Something Cute

If your crush says that you are cute via text,reply something just as sweet to make the awkward silence go away.

  1. Hold Your Crush’s Hands

This is a non verbal way to say thank you and to show love.

  1. Express Gratitude

Another trick you can try is to say the Things to Say to Your Girl Crush . Your crush will really appreciate the compliment and will want to be closer to you!

Now, do you know what does it mean when my crush says I'm really cute? Pay close attention to the signs that we’ve shown and compare it to when your crush says you’re cute. You’ll know what to do and when the relationship is going if you follow the steps. Good luck!

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