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There is one statement that we know it was true: first love never die. If you have experience with your first love, then you might agree with that statement. You probably had a crush or someone you like when you were a kid. From that good childhood memories, you bring it until you are adult and have a flashback when you had first love.

One day you might meet your crush when you were in elementary school, and those memories will take you back to the past. You do not want to miss that moment and want to build that moment reveal at present. But then as the time pass, how to tell your crush that you like him since you were in elementary school? Here are some explanation that you can follow.

  1. Breaking the ice

How to tell your crush you like him in elementary school? If you never met your crush after a long time, there must be a gap between you and your crush. First, he might forget you and remember nothing about you. All you need here is just breaking the ice. You can give him your best smile and say hi to him. Do not be so nervous. You can take a deep breath and starts the conversation with him.

You can start by telling him that you were his friend in elementary school. To make him believe, you can tell his full name, his hobby, his family member or his address. That makes your crush realize that you are truly his school mate in elementary school and you can continue your talk with him. You may also find out about What Does It Mean When You Dream about Your Crush Having A Boyfriend?

  1. Asking about simple things

Start your conversation with light topic or simple things in life. For example you can start with opening talks like how he is doing and how glad you are to meeting him again. You can make a conversation about the weather, his work or activities. You can also make a light joke to entertain him, build a bridge with him again and you can see how he responds your talk.  You may also find out about What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush Being Your Boyfriend?

  1. Reminding the childhood memories

How to tell your crush you like him in elementary school? There is nothing can be more heartwarming than a good memory in a childhood story. Memories cannot be replaced or turned back anymore. You might have some memories that still remain in your heart and mind. There is no expired date to remind it again. You might have at least one memory with him that you know.

Even if the memory was an embarrassing or funny one, you can recall it again with him. That can be the most interesting topic that he wants to hear. Recalling again about the name of friends and their condition, your teacher’s name, the naughty things that you both has done when you were an elementary student. You both might have difference appearance, you can give him any compliments both his appearance in the past or at present. Nobody dislikes compliments, right?  You may also find out about Disadvantages of Dating in High School for Young Lovers

  1. Stalking his social media

Maybe you do not have a detective skills, but you can stalk your crush’s activities through his social media. You can try to exchange his username with yours and see all his posts there. If you do not want to waste your time of scrolling, then you can check his another social media randomly. By knowing his social media, you might know his friends, his daily activities, his hobbies, or his likes and dislikes.

Reading his status, how he reacts through every situation. Seeing his photos can make you know his activities with his friends or family, how close he is with them and how his friends treat him. You also can leave your likes or comment there, so you both can have topic to start the conversation again. Moreover, you cannot judge a book by its cover. If you found something that you dislike from him, do not be hesitate to ask him about it.  You may also find out about What Does It Mean When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram?

  1. Giving him a present

To reminding him about your childhood, you can bring some stuffs that can recall some memories when you were in elementary school. You can try to bring his favorite cartoon characters, his hobbies stuffs, or a kid magazine. He might be glad to have it his child memories though. You can give it to him directly, or you can ask his or your friends to send it to him. Sending him a stuff with a letter in it should be very cute. That's how to tell your crush you like him in elementary school. 

  1. Confessing your feeling

How to tell your crush you like him in elementary school? This stage would play a very important role for you and your crush. You do not be worry to express your feeling to him. It is better to be late than never. You do not want to live a life with regret if you do not tell him about your feeling, do you? Do not be afraid to tell. You should take a risk to confess all of your feeling that you bury since you were elementary school student.

You never know the answer if you do not try. So if you tried, you have 99% chances but if you did not try you only have 1% chance. It is not an embarrassing moment if you confess to him, but it is one great step forward if he has the same feeling like you. If you are not brave enough to express your feeling, you can try expressing it through a card, a letter or by texting.  You may also find out about Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Smile

If you want to know he has the same feeling as you or not, you can take some time for you and him to get close each other. Let him know your personality by himself and through your manners to him and others. You also will know if he likes you or not, by guessing his acts to you. He would be happy if he has time and spend it together with you, and he might have the same feeling like you.

Then congratulation, you are one step forward to build a relationship with him.  Otherwise he might have a girlfriend already, and he cannot like you back. But do not worry, you can still be his friend that you know him since you both were in childhood.

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