Disadvantages Of Dating In High School For Young Lovers

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Dating always feels good because it means you have someone you love as a person that will be by your side. This is a great way to boost your happiness. But be careful, it could lead you to a bad outcome in some era of your life.

High school is the time for the balance of adventures and hard work. Sadly, you need to also know that it is not the time for any romantic interest to stand in your way. Here are the logical reasons why you shouldn't date in high school;


1. Slowing You Down In Making New Friends

slowing you down in making friends

There are some disadvantages of dating in high school. Your potential new friends will be filtered by him because he feels threatened by unknown people coming to your life.

2. Distracting You From Studying Hard

All of your effort to be with him will instead distract you from studying hard which is absolutely essential.

3. Making Less Time To Explore Your Passion

The time will be wasted because you won’t have time to be with yourself and explore your passion.

4. Making You Look For Your Significant Other’s Approval

Approval is the thing that makes you less and less confident and you will carry this for the rest of your life.

5. Robbing You From The Chance Of Building Your Opinion

When you are a couple, your opinion will be as one because you want to please them. You will even forget the Why You Need to Express Your Point of View in A Relationship.

6. Making You Forget Who You Really Are As An Individual

The time together will eventually lead you to forget who you are as an individual. Knowledge is important based on the  Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else.

7. You Will Regret Spending Less Time With Your Family

Getting closer to him means being further away from your family which you will regret later in life.

8. Stopping You From Hanging Out With Your Friends

He needs your attention so that means less time to be with your fun and humorous friends.

9. Your Adventures Are Monotonous

If you let in more people to your adventure, your adventures will be more colorful. With your high school sweetheart, it will be the opposite.

10. Not Getting A Clear Sight On What You Want In The Future

not getting a clear sight on what you want in the future

Yet another important reasons why you shouldn't date in high school is this. Your opinion will be so diluted that you don’t know clearly what you want for your future. 

11. Spending Less Time Learning To Be Alone

Learning to be alone is important based on the Reasons Why Single is Better You Have to Know.

12. Your Relationship Will Be Too Emotional

Puberty will lead you to be emotional which can affect the relationship.

13. You Will Be More Likely To End Up Hurting Each Other

Because of the change of who you are in high school, you can hurt each other. That's one of many disadvantages of dating in high school.

14. Spending Your Money On Insignificant Things

Dating will drain your money and will leave you broke. 

15. Losing Sight Of Your Goals And Motivation

Crazy love will take place of your goals and motivation which can damage your future.

16. Less Chance Of Networking

Your chance of networking will be lacking because he wants to choose who stays in your life.

17. You Will Grow Up To Follow Other People

You look for your partner’s approval all the time that you will grow up to follow the lead of other people.

18. Making Fights With Your Friends Arise

Fights will arise because you are so distant from them.

19. Building Tension Between You And Your Parents

Many behaviour will lead your parents to be disappointed in you.

20. Not Exploring Your Choices In How To Live Your Life

You are so tied down to him that you don’t explore your choices.

Thus, you will get many disadvantages of dating in high school, but it depends on you and your lovers tho.

Ways To Know That Your Relationship Is A Mistake

High school might be known as the time for dating but what if all those datings will make you regret your choice. Here are the bad ways to know why your relationship is a mistake;

1. You Don’t Learn To Love Yourself Better

you don't learn to love yourself better

You never have the chance to do the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

2. Gratitude Will Rarely Come To Your Life

Being too focused on monkey love can be a problem.

3. Your Friends Will Feel Unappreciated

You’ll have no time to show your friends the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved.

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4. You Will Not Savor High School While It Lasts

Being consumed by love makes you forget the other aspect of high school.

5. Your Memory Of High School Will Be Tainted By Him

When you look back, you will hat high school because all you think about is him.

6. Someone Else Will Control Your Life

Your partner will be conrolling you.

7. You Will Be More Nervous Handling The Future

Your uncertainty and dependency will lead you to be nervous. 

Tips On What To Do In High School Instead

Now that you know that having a relationship in high school could be dangerous, what else could you do in high school to make this era more colorful? Here are the tips on what to do instead;

1. Build Friendship

build friendship

Friendship is essential for your overall happiness. Be friends with everyone!

2. Learn To Know Yourself Better

Now is the right time to start to know yourself better. This includes your plans for the future, passion, goal, and more.

3. Be Focused On Your Work And Future

Working hard towards your work and future will build a foundation in your life.

4. Have All Kinds Of Adventures

Adventures will fill in your spare time.

5. Don’t Be Too Serious

Being too serious takes the fun out of high school!

When you are in high school, you will truly know how it is the best time of your life. Because of that you also need to understand the reasons why you shouldn’t date in high school. If not, your relationship could ruin your life. Instead of doing that, have fun and let loose to get the most out of high school.

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