8 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Your Best Friend (No. 7 Must Read)

Last updated on March 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

People says that one of the best relationship in the world is dating your own best friend. He already know all about you and very fun to hang out with, just imagine how fun your relationship would be with him.

But relationship is not always about happy things. We fight and disappoint each other at times, and if you break up with him your friendship will be over as well. Here are good reasons on why you should not date your best friend.


1. You Could Ruin Your Friendship

What is the most dangerous thing between the friendship of a man and a woman? It is love. Everything will change once you fell for your boyfriend. You have to prepare yourself to lose all those years you spent with him as best friends if things didn't work out.

The role as a best friend and a lover is completely different. You used to be okay if he spent days locked inside his room playing video games without calling you at all. But once you date him, you'll be annoyed by how he seems to love his video games more than you. This can cause a fight you've never had it with him before.

2. You Might Feel Uncomfortable

you might feel uncomfortable

Dating your best friend is indifferent with dating your brother and your sister. After all the jokes and making fun of each other, you suddenly have to act all sweet and lovey dovey. At first it feels uncomfortable, but if you can't make it work, you might feel that way forever. If you used to know the Ways Make Best Friend Feel Better when he's in trouble, you have to find another way as a lover.

Besides, he know all of your deepest secrets and all the dirty history of your past relationship as well. It must feels like you walk around naked in front of your lover all the time.

3. You Can't Be As Open As You Used To

If you date your best friend, it means you find a lover but lost a best friend. That is an undeniable truth. Lover and best friend is two different things, although it's good to have a lover who is like a best friend and vice versa, sometimes you wished he is your best friend.

When a hot guy passed in front of you, you can't told him how cool he is because he is no longer your best friend and it could sparks jealousy. The same thing goes with your darkest secrets. You can't tell him about them anymore.

4. To Whom You'll Look For Advice?

Relationship can sometimes get rough. When bad things happened, you look for him to ask for advice. Because he's a man, you'll be able to see something from your boyfriend's point of view. But if your adviser is the one you date right now, to whom you'll be running to?

5.  You Don't Have To Lose Him

Friendship and relationship is the two things we need in our lives. Sometimes we valued our friendship more because there will be no ex friends. But once your relationship is over, you and him will become exes, and hardly to get back as friends. In fact, the case of exes is still in a good terms is very rare. It's better to have him as best friend so you'll never lose him, rather than dated him and soon become exes.

Things will get worse if he turns out to be cheating and you find it through the Secret Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend.

6. You Might Be Disappointed

you might be disappointed

As your status changes, unconsciously you set a new expectations from him. If he used to be okay with you came out from your front door with messy hair and sleepy smells, he may not tolerate them once you dated. The same thing goes for him. When he's hanging out with his friends, you wished he'd rather spend the time with you while he wants some freedom.

You end up keeping the disappointment inside and it will blow someday. This is a Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

7. Maybe It's Not Worth It

Dating your best friend is not always as good as everyone says. With you knowing all his deepest secrets, his bad side and good side, think about it once again. Is it really worth it to risk the friendship you've had all along just to give it a try and date him? Because once it didn't work, you'll never have him back as best friend.

8. You Will Probably Get Bored

In a relationship, it's good to have a little adventure and learning about each other. It's amazing to find out how good of a person you are and a unique habit you never know existed. You'll be able discover a new place and going on a trip together. But all of those things is nothing new if you date your best friend. His favorite place, his worst habit, and his behavior, you already knew all of it since long ago. This will easily makes you bored because it feels like you are reading the same book but only in a different place.

So those are the good reasons for you to consider why you should never dated you best friend. It's not really worth it to put your friendship on the line. It will be easy to date and break up, but finding a best friend is hard. If you are not really sure that he's the one, it's better for you to suppress the desire you developed for him, because staying as a good friend is more worth it than risk it for something you are not really sure about yourself.

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