Signs A Married Woman Wants You To Make A Move (23 Signs To Look For)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Let's face it, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher when a woman is attracted to you and also wants you to make a move. While a smile can be generally inviting from the opposite sex, a woman smiling at you could also just be a socially acceptable way of relating with others. As a guy, it's possible to mistake a nice gesture from a lady as a green light when she's just being nice.

Now, imagine you are trying to decipher when a married woman is flirting with you. Trust me, it can be a bit confusing, especially when you are not expecting a married woman to cheat. However, Research shows that around 20% of women in marriages and other committed relationships actively engage in extramarital affairs outside their homes. 

What's more, these statistics are largely under-reported suggesting that more married women engage in flings and other forms of sexual relationship outside their primary relationship. What this means is that more guys out there will find themselves on the attraction radar of married women.

That said, if you are the type of guy that a ring on the finger of the opposite sex doesn’t mean a deal breaker, here are more than a few signs to look out for when a married woman wants you to make a move. 


23 Signs A Married Woman Wants You To Make A Move

1. The stare.

One of the first obvious signs a married woman wants you to make a move is that you’ll catch her playing the staring game. Because many women are not used to making the first move and society sometimes slut shames women who do so, this might be the only green light you'll get from some married women. 

I call it the staring game because you may notice that before you catch her looking at you, she might quickly look away. However, if she's confident enough and wants you to know she's very much interested in you, she won't look away even after you lock eyes with her.

2. She adopts a more receptive body language around you.

Apart from making eye contact, another subtle sign you may notice when a married woman wants you to make a move is receptive or welcoming body language. Like the staring game, a married woman that doesn't want to draw too much attention can use her body language to let you know she's available for the dating game. 

For example, does her facial expression light up when you approach her? Does she quickly fix her hair when you invade her space? Does she adjust her dress and assume a more sexy pose? Is she always in a good mood when you are around? These subtle signs are sometimes louder than words. So, if you are perceptive enough, you'll pick them up very quickly.

3. She seizes little opportunity to initiate a conversation.

Yes, some women are just chatty and like to engage others in a conversation. But on the flip side, initiating conversations may also mean she wants you. The thing is, married women usually like to draw the line or keep things very casual so that they don't attract unnecessary attention to themselves. 

People are consciously or unconsciously watching, so they often do not want people to think something is going on between them and a man that isn't their husband. Therefore, if she doesn't care that much about public eyes and seizes every chance to talk to you, then she's interested in you.

4. She wants to know about your personal life.

Again, some women are just nosy, and only want to know details about others for gossip reasons. However, if the conversation between you and a married woman gets deeper, like wanting to know how you spent your weekend, who you have in your life if you are in love, your favorite food, where you like to hang out, etc., it might be that she's trying to worm her way into your heart by showing concern. 

Asking about women in your life is likely a sign she wants to know about any existing competition. This way she can know how to play her game or back out if she feels it might not be possible winning your heart.

5. You notice she gets uncomfortable when you bring up women you are into.

Unless you are not attentive, this one is a surefire sign to look out for. Even if you have no woman in your life but just want to confirm after noticing unusual stares from a married woman, try to bring up talks about other women. If she's interested in you and is hoping you'll make a move, you'll notice a change in her countenance. If she acts jealous, like she's not cool with knowing she has competition, that's a good sign she's been waiting for you to get close to her.

6. She initiates unnecessary physical contact.

she initiates unnecessary physical contact

As I mentioned earlier, it's natural for a married woman to consciously maintain boundaries between herself and men outside her relationships. This boundary usually includes not making sexual contact with the opposite sex, not going on romantic dates, etc. However, if a married woman frequently makes a move to touch you, especially when it's not necessary, or hug you for more seconds than expected, it's likely she's got the hots for you. 

She may even suggest you touch in a very harmless way e.g., she may ask you to put your arms around her because it's cold or ask for your jacket. You may even notice she's nervous, but not in a scary way. It's all a move to get close so that you can know she's very much interested in you.

 7. She's more receptive to your body language or touch.

If a married woman is interested in you, she'll be more receptive to your body language. Note that she may be more welcoming when no one else is around than when there are tons of people watching. 

For example, if you move closer to her like inches away just to have a conversation, a normal reaction will be to draw back to let you know you are too close. If she wants you, she'll display a positive feeling to show she's okay with you being extra close to her.

 8. She’s excited and laughs at your jokes.

Everyone probably enjoys having a good laugh. But when a married woman always laughs at all your funny and lame jokes, it's likely a sign she's indirectly telling you she finds everything you do and says endearingly. 

You can see this one as yet another subtle way of showing she wants you and hoping that you get the memo without telling you straight up. This way, she can laugh freely with you when others are around or when alone with you without giving too many hints away.

9. She doesn’t mind being alone with you.

Because women are not always known for making the first move, creating an atmosphere that will make you get the hint they want you is usually their thing. A married woman will naturally not want to be caught spending time with a man that's not her husband. So, you should be surprised if she's suggesting meeting up with you alone. 

You may also notice she's always trying to get you into a secluded spot. It's a chance to be alone with you even if it’s just a few minutes or seconds. These are all ways to pass the message that she’s comfortable with you in positions or places where she naturally shouldn’t be.

10. She lets you in on her personal life.

If a married woman likes spilling her guts about almost everything about life, chances are, she wants you. For example, if she tells you about her schedule, when she's going through a tough patch, how bored she is, and how she would love to go out and have fun, dude, from my personal experience, the light may not get greener than that. If you also know juicy details about her life you shouldn't know, she wants you.

11. She wants to hang out with you more.

Naturally, a married woman shouldn't frequently hang out with another man that's not her husband. Therefore, if you notice signs a married woman is spending her free time with you, then she wants you to make the move. Think of it this way. You are her colleague at work. You see her Mondays to Fridays, yet she wants to hang out with you on weekends when her husband is still in the picture. Dude, that's a surefire sign she wants you.

12. She ignores phone calls and she lets you know.

she ignores phone calls and she lets you know

If you notice she ignores phone calls when she’s with you, especially her husband, she’s telling you how important you are. Apart from letting you know you have all her attention, this move also means she doesn’t want you to hear responses that will make you feel she’s out of your reach. 

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For example, if she picks her husband’s call, she might have to say “I love you” at the end, which is common with married couples. However, that’s not a response she wants you to hear, so she prefers not to answer and even make it obvious. Make no mistake, it’s just her way of letting you know you are more important than him.

13. You frequently get compliments from her.

Another subtle way a married woman wants you to make a move is to throw compliments your way. It appears harmless. She can even do it when others are around and listening without looking too obvious that she wants something more. Understand that women like to please the guys they are interested in. So, by passing compliments, she's giving you the green light.

14. She lets you be her hero.

Believe it or not, women understand the "the knight rescuing the damsel in distress" narrative, so they know how to cook it up when they need it. Therefore, if you notice a married woman is always trying to ask for your help even for things she could have done or fixed by herself, it means she wants you in her space to spend time with you. She wants you to get comfortable around her enough for you to get the hint that she wants you.

15. Tells you about the issues in her married life

Once a woman starts to tell you about her own family and that she's unhappy, trust me, she's trying to attract your sympathy and make you know there's room for you. What's more, if she also tells you how she enjoys being around you, she wants you to piece both points together: 1) She's not happy in her marriage. 2) She's happy around you. The first point and the second one only mean one thing together: She wants you to make the move.

16. She doesn’t mind being salacious with you.

One thing a woman that's not into you won't do is get into a sexy conversation with you. If a married woman is having conversations with you that sounds unnecessarily salacious, it means she wants to ignite sexual tension between you both to get you interested. She might not come out and directly talk about sex, however, she can use dirty jokes or describe scenarios or events with an unnecessary high splash of sexual tone.

17. She notices small changes.

If a married woman notices small changes in you, like a new tie, a change in how you style your hair, a new shoe, a new watch, etc. That means she's curious, has been paying extra attention, or has a genuine interest in you. These are small details that a married woman, focused on her life and her family shouldn't notice about other men. It could only mean she's into you and wants you to make a move if she notices such small details.

18. She’s extra nice.

she's extra nice

Now, being nice or kind is a necessary social skill. It's normal when people are nice or genuinely helpful whether they are married or not. However, when a married woman's nice gesture is going beyond holding the door for you to buy you a new shirt, frequently buying you a snack at work, and even calling you on a non-work day or odd hours, chances are she wants you and is expecting you to make a move. She may even go out of her way to attend a sports match with you she doesn't like.

19. She remembers info you can’t even remember you said.

If a married woman regularly remembers things about you that you only casually or unconsciously mentioned, e.g., your brother’s birthday, the name of your lost pet, or your birthday that’s still many months away, trust me she wants you. She’s dying for you to make a move. 

I mean, you are not best friends or anything close to that. Even your best friends know such small details about you because they've been with you for a long time and have probably heard you mention them more than a few times.

20. She jokes or makes an example about you both being together.

Yeah, people can occasionally create hypothetical scenarios to make their listeners have a good understanding of what they are saying. However, if she's married, yet makes jokes about you both being romantically involved or paints a picture of you and her together, she's trying to make the idea settle in your mind. 

Ever heard of the saying "what's in the mind is what flows out of the mouth."? She probably thinks about you both being together too often, that's why she brings it up when she has the chance.

21. She openly hits on you.

If a married woman has given you all the subtle hints and you still don't get the memo, she may come out of her shell and openly hit on you to make you undoubtedly get that she's ready for you. This point is where you'll feel like "Is this woman real or just messing with me?" 

Flirting can range from initiating romantic conversation to touching you in sexually obvious places but make it look like a mistake. Also, she can become extra playful like sitting on your lap or initiating hugs when it's not even about saying hello.

22. She’s teasing you.

This one is another pretty obvious way of flirting without giving too many details. The thing is, when one woman likes you but doesn't know how to tell you, it's common for her to use the teasing approach. The whole aim is to get close to you, make you comfortable around her, and creep under your skin so that you can think about her more often. 

It's also a way of showing affection without being vulnerable. She's married, remember? If you reject her teasing moves, she can easily withdraw to her space without exposing herself and her true intentions.

23. She uses romantically suggestive messages or emojis.

Thanks to mobile phone tech, many words that are not easy to say in person are now communicated through chats and with emojis. If a married woman likes you, you will notice the way she chats, her choice of words, and of course, emojis. 

She may use emojis to express that she wants you like the heart emoji. She may send sad or crying emojis just to catch your attention or to make you worried about her. It's all a move to get you interested enough to shoot your shot.


How do you know if a married woman is seducing you?

Because some married women often draw clear boundaries between them and men they are not involved with, it makes it a bit easier to know when one is seducing you. She may be subtle by staring sexily at you, teasing you, or throwing compliments. She can also be more expressive by touching you and being more sexually inviting in her conversation.

How do you tell if she wants you to make a move?

Before a woman makes a move, you would have noticed many clear signs of flirting before inviting you to a place or spot, where she can have you alone to herself. This way she can express her intentions verbally or through actions by initiating the first kiss.

How do you make a move on a married woman?

For you, it might be best to start small by throwing compliments at her and watching her reaction. A gift or an invitation to hang out will also tell if she's game or not.

What attracts a married woman to another man?

A married woman is like every other woman. A ring on her finger doesn't change her beauty or sexual appeal. When a married woman dresses well, appears confident, works out often, and doesn't allow pressure and changes that come with birthing children to significantly alter her looks and physique, other men will find her attractive.

How do you tell if a woman is attracted to you but hiding it?

First, you may catch her stealing glances at you from afar, especially when you are not close. Other signs include laughing at your jokes to show she's interested in you, throwing compliments your way, or even teasing you. Furthermore, she may try to initiate contact even when it’s not necessary. These are all signs to get close to you, give you a hint, but not be too obvious about it.

In Conclusion

Being attracted to a married woman is not abnormal. A ring on her finger doesn’t make her less than a woman. What you do with the attraction is what matters. Do you want a relationship or just sex? Would you ask her out or wait to be sure she’s on the same page with you? You now have the help you need. I hope you enjoyed the article? Feel free to drop a comment and share it with friends.

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