How to Tell Your Brother when His Girlfriend Is Cheating with Someone Else

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Delivering a bad news to a brother you love is not something that you look forward to. This case can be difficult if it’s about cheating. So you caught your brother’s girlfriend cheating but you don’t want to keep it to yourself. You want your brother to know ASAP but you’re not sure how to do it. The following tips are the things that you should do and pay attention to as you tell your brother when his girlfriend his cheating.

1. Have Evidence

How to tell your brother when his girlfriend is cheating with someone else? You can just go ahead and tell your brother that you saw his girlfriend cheating. The trust you have with your brother could be enough to make him believe you.

However, it’s also better if you have evidence. Something physical, something that he can see with his own eyes. You can even ask him to come along with you and see his girlfriend meet someone else. These are the sneaky ways to catch your girlfriend cheating which you can try.

2. Speak to Him as Soon as Possible

Speak to your brother as soon as possible about the cheating. But why would you want to be the bearer of bad news? Well, if you’re the first one to know about it, there’s no need to keep it to yourself. Other than that, you can be there for him when he doesn’t take it too well. It’s better to know about something like this from someone close rather than a stranger. Look out for the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship that you can tell your brother as well.

3. Don’t Beat around the Bush

Don’t beat around the bush to tell your brother when his girlfriend is cheating. Just go straight to the point. It might be difficult to do so. However, going around the topic will only make him ask questions in his head. You’re only going to make him miserable and frustrated if you don’t just say it straight.

4. Show Sympathy

You don’t know how much your brother’s girlfriend mean to him and you don’t know what they have gone through in the relationship. Don’t express your judgments towards her outspokenly. Keep it to yourself for now. The best thing you can do is to show sympathy to your brother. Something like this can be really devastating. Make sure that he knows you are always there to help him. That's how to tell your brother when his girlfriend is cheating with someone else!

5. Only Give Advice if Necessary

You may be tempted to give advice to your brother. Probably the ways to make a relationship work after cheating. But that’s actually not a very good idea. According to psychology, giving advice can make the other person feel worse. So only give advice to your brother if necessary or when he asks for it. Other than that, keep your ears and heart open to him.

6. Let Him Process It

Processing the information is an important part as you tell your brother when his girlfriend is cheating. Cheating is a heavy and terrible thing. Let your brother some alone time so that he can think about it clearly. Don’t push to do anything or to confront his girlfriend.

Let him do what he wants. Giving him privacy will also help him to rethink about his entire relationship. In the meantime, here's how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook which can help you expose your brother's girlfriend.

7. Don’t Get Upset if He Doesn’t Believe You

Your brother’s first reaction to you might be denial. He could refuse to believe that his girlfriend is cheating. This is normal, after all, he trusts his girlfriend. But you need to remember that you shouldn’t get upset over this. It will take some time for him to believe you. Even if he insists that you’re lying then let him be. Avoid arguing because the truth will eventually come out.

8. Be Supportive

Be supportive of your brother. This doesn’t mean that you have to always be physically there for him. Psychologists say that you can check up on your loved one through texts and phone calls. They might seem simple but still mean a lot. Aside from that, you can also support your brother by helping him do his errands. During this difficult time, errands can look like a huge task. Your brother would be very grateful for your attention.

9. Avoid Getting Too Involved

It’s easy to get carried away, especially if you’re very close with your brother. You might be hurting too. But avoid getting too involved in this matter. It should be resolved between your brother and his girlfriend. When you get too involved, you might make things become more complicated. Here's how to tell when a Libra woman is cheating which could be good information for your brother.

10. Let Him Make His Own Decision

On telling your brother when his girlfriend is cheating, don’t make his decisions for him. You don’t have the right to do that at all. That’s his business. What you can do is to listen to him when he tells you what he’s going to do. A healthy discussion can guide him on the right track. Support whatever decision he is going to make as long as it won’t harm anyone.

What You Shouldn’t Do when His Girlfriend is Cheating

It’s important to note that these are the things you should avoid so you won’t make things become complicated for your brother:

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  1. Confront her all by yourself.
  2. Pretend as if you didn’t know.
  3. Say, “I told you so”.
  4. Tell someone else before you talk to your brother.
  5. Pestering her with phone calls and texts.
  6. Dictating what your brother should or shouldn’t do.
  7. Talk bad or gossip about your brother's girlfriend.

No matter what your brother is going to do after he knows that his girlfriend is cheating, be there for him. That's the most important thing that you have to remember. This is the time when your brother needs you the most. So make sure that he's not alone and that he can always count on you.

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