Secretive Signs Your Partner Is Thinking About Cheating

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You would think that your relationship is running smoothly. But sometimes we hit a rocky road when we didn’t think we are. Those hidden thing can absolutely shatter our relationship.

The hidden obstacle that could make the relationship break is the thought of cheating. When you are in a secure relationship, these kinds of things won’t happen. Be careful. Before the relationship breaks completely, know the signs your partner is thinking about cheating;


1. They Have Photos Of Other Girls/Boys In Their Album

These photos is frequently shown in their album and sometimes there is a photo of them together in an intimate way.

2. Texting Other People Frequently

Texting other people isn’t really a problem, but if your partner or the person on the text shows the Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly, something is going on.

3. Having An Online Dating Account

Tinder is a popular online dating account. Your partner’s existence in it really does not show their loyalty to you.

4. Mentioning That They Are Single

They start to mention that they are single in their status in Facebook or when asked by someone else.

5. Doesn’t Want To Be In Public With You

doesn't want to be in public with you

Being seen in public lowers the chance of them of getting a new cheating partner.

6. Starting To Space Out When You Talk

Not paying attention when you are talking speaks volumes about the level of their attraction towards you.

7. Not Having The Same Physical Intimacy With You

Hand holding, hugging, and other intimate stuff is not done because they don’t feel connected to you.

8. Not Posting Romantic Pictures With You

Posting romantic pictures are never done because they never took pride in being with you.

9. They Are Checking Out Other People

Physically scanning or checking out other people shows that they are open for a new relationship to come to their life.

10. They Are Complimenting Other People Affectionately

When they compliment other people, they are actually hoping that they will show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

11. Letting Other People Flirt To Them

They don’t mind when other people are using the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong because to be honest, they actually like it.

12. Leading On Other People That Like Them

Letting other people show the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say is something that they love because they want to cheat on you.

13. Touching Their Phone Is A Big No

Once you touch their phone, they start to freak out. This is because they are hiding the signs your partner is thinking about cheating in there.

14. They Keep Contact Of Girls/Guys They Are Close With

they keep contact of girls/guys they are close with

Keeping contacts of other girls or guys they are close with is really a sign of the tendency to cheat.

15. They No Longer Want To Talk A Lot To You

Talking to you isn’t something that they love to do anymore. It even makes them yawn.

16. They Don’t Relate To You Often

Relating to you is not done because they don’t feel the Signs A Man is Emotionally Connected to You.

17. Doing Date Nights Are Something That Is Avoided By Them

Date nights are only done by people that are in love and now they don’t feel it.

18. No Longer Giving Romantic Surprises

Showing the Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You is not even done because they don’t feel the burning passion to love you in their heart.

19. Giving Their Attention To Someone Else

Now that their attraction towards you is starting to fade, they start giving it to someone else in a romantic way.

20. Talking About Someone Else Romantically

They start praising other people romantically.

More Ways To Know That The Thought Of Letting The Relationship Break Is Entering Their Mind

You know that there is something wrong in the relationship when the simple act of not being loyal is starting to enter their mind. Here are the evil signs that they are starting to become unloyal;

1. Starting To Vanish

Your partner starts to go away and not spend time with you anymore.

2. They Have A Changing Routine

A change in their routine means a change in their life. This can be a change in their heart too.

3. Giving Lies After Lies About Their Whereabouts

Lies shows the Signs of Conditional Love.

4. They Respond To Texts Slower

This means someone is being prioritized by them but not you.

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5. They Don’t Get Jealous As Much

Your partner doesn’t show the How To Tell If Your Crush Is Jealous Of Another Guy anymore because they don’t want you to be theirs anymore.

6. Starting To Keep Physical Distance From You

Being physically away from you is a relieve to them because they don’t even like you that much anyway.

Tips To Make Them Be Loyal

tips to make them be loyal

Of course you still love your partner. If you want them to continue to be loyal to you, there needs to be an effort on your side. Here are the tips to make them be loyal towards you again;

1. Show Your Love To Them

To truly make them be devoted to you again, you need to show that you love them first. This gives them the confidence to trust the relationship.

2. Be Understanding Towards Them Point Of View

They might have an unheard points of view. When they want to say it, try to understand them.

3. Give Them Some Freedom

Cutting them some slack and giving them their freedom actually reduces the problem in the relationship and it can make your relationship grows stronger.

4. Trust Them

This tips might seem contrary to what you are feeling. But a feeling of trust can actually make them more devoted towards you.

Relationships are never easy and it always have it’s ups and downs. But when the relationship is starting to show the signs your partner is thinking about cheating, the relationship can crash down. When this things happen, you need to use the tips to make things right. Once you’ve done that, things can fall back into place again.

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