How to Tell If Your Best Friend Is Sleeping with Your Girlfriend?

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Living in this world, surely we have things that we love and things that we hate. We love to be surrounded by the people we love and love us. Experiencing an accident that made we feel sad, surely we hate it, and we do not want to be in that condition anymore. But, what if something that we love turns out into something that we hate?

This is the topic that I would like to share with you today, which is about how to tell if your best friend is sleeping with your girlfriend. There are a lot of causes regarding this problem such as the occurrence of the  signs your best friend is secretly jealous of you and etc.

Why She Is Cheating On Me?

To know how to tell if your best friend is sleeping with your girlfriend, the first thing that you need to know is the reason behind it. Here are some.

1. You don't know her just like what you think you do

Maybe you think you have tried to create a good communication with her by being so open to her in hope she will do the same thing. But, you may didn't realize about the cause of does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship. No matter how small the lie you made to her, once she realize, she will see you in another point of view. She chose to cheat with your best friend because she thought that he knows her better than you.

2. She never loves you

Secondly, she never loves you. There are some people who love to live in the spotlight where they become the center of attention. People like these won't be able to live alone or feeling lonely because they need other people recognition of themselves.

Your girlfriend can be classified into that group of people. She wants to be with you only to get your attention and wider her social circle. By then, she will not feel all alone anymore.

Signs That She Cheated On Me

1. Always excited about your best friend

You and your girlfriend are two different human beings with different background and preference. Sometimes there are things that you like but she doesn't.

For example, you like playing games with your friends and when she knows you are playing games with your friend, she chooses to go out. One sign that she is attracted to your best friend is that she will be there when he is around even when you do things she doesn't like. 

2. Wants you to be like your best friend

Relationship means we are accepting whoever the person is our partner. We accept them for who they are and never had a concern to change them the way we want. Being in a relationship means accepting and not changing someone into somebody else.

When someone is comparing you with another person, it means that they want to change you into something that they want. To handle this, since you love her, know about what should you do if your girlfriend compares you with her ex or your best friend.

3. Nervous every time you say your best friend's name

As a couple, you and your girlfriend will maintain a good communication. Whether you are trying to keep the good communication going by telling her your problem or how was your day going. Another sign that she cheated is she will look nervous when you say your best friend's name. Someone who feels guilty will look nervous most of the time.

4. Has a busier schedule

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you for sure signs is both your girlfriend and best friend have a busier schedule. Maybe you have a routine that you do with your girlfriend each week, but now she is not able to do it under the reason that she is getting busier. The same thing happened with your best friend too, whether because he is busy because of work or other things.

Those are the information I can give you about how to tell if your best friend is sleeping with your girlfriend. Thank you for the time given to us and may you find other articles on our website, such as reasons why you should not forgive a cheater.

Remember to keep seeing a problem from some point of view to help you not become judgmental. This will help you to shape a better personality and having a better solution to a problem.

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