Envious Signs Your Best Friend is Secretly Jealous of You

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Jealousy is something that we’ve all felt. It can either motivate you to do better or destroy you. But for most of the time, jealousy is a feeling that no one is really proud of. That’s why people often hide it.

Signs Your Best Friend is Secretly Jealous of You

The closest people to you could be the most envious, including your best friend. Things can turn sour really fast and you’re left wondering why. These signs will help you figure out how a jealous best friend would act.

1. Isn’t Supportive

You know your best friend is secretly jealous of you when they’re not supportive. It's also one of the Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Ignoring You.

When you present them with a great idea, they scrunch up their face and doubts you. Nothing you do really matters to them, they won’t ever show any support. They just don’t want to believe in you. Deep down, they hope that this will make you lose faith in yourself and fail.

2. Heavily Criticizes You

It’s easy for a jealous friend to criticize you. They pick apart everything that you are and everything that you do. They’ll say this and that even when it’s unnecessary. It’ll come to a point where you begin to lose your self-esteem.

3. Acts Competitive

It’s been proven that people do act more competitive around the people that they are jealous with. Especially girls, so these are some Reasons Why You Should Have a Guy Best Friend in your life.

Their competitive nature may seem a bit much to you but for them it’s nothing. Your best friend will try to stay ahead of you even if it hurts you. Seeing you lose will be a very personal glory for them.

4. Looks Happy after You’ve failed

A genuine best friend will be devastated to see you fail. However, your envious best friend will be ecstatic. Of course, they won’t show that to your face. At first they’ll act sad and concerned. But they won’t really listen to you when you try to talk about it. They’ll even look very happy for the rest of the day.

5. Makes No Effort to Help You

No jealous friend would ever want to help you in times of trouble. In fact, they secretly enjoy watching your life falls apart. When your best friend does help you out, there’s always going to be an underlying motive behind. Either they’ll make your situation even worse or they just want to take a closer look at your misfortunes.

6. Makes You Feel Embarrassed in Front of People

Ever feel as if your best friend is frequently making you feel embarrassed in public? Maybe it’s not something that she’s unaware of. Your best friend might be doing that to you on purpose. It’s their way to discredit you and make you look like a fool to everyone. 

7. Complains about Unfairness

Your best friend is secretly jealous of you when they start to heighten their negative attitude around you. They’ll complain about many things. But the most jarring one is about how life is treating them so unfairly.

According to experts, jealous people tend to emphasize more on the unfairness that they feel. “Why do you get to do this and I don’t?”, “It must have been because you had more money”, and “I would have been in the same position as you if I were given a fair chance” are some of the common things that a jealous best friend would say.

8. Say Mean Things to You

People can say hurtful things from time to time. But an envious best friend would constantly be mean to you. This is one of the cruelest Signs Your Best Friend is Emotionally Draining You. Their words are calculated to cause you pain. When you act like you’re hurt or offended, they’ll laugh it off as a joke. They’ll even tell you to stop being too sensitive.

9. Blames You

Your best friend will always find a way to blame you. As your best friend is secretly jealous of you, they’re always looking forward to see you fail. Even if it’s not your fault, they’ll twist the truth and point their finger at you.

10. Downplay Your Achievements

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It’s a great feeling when you’ve accomplished something. All that work you did was worth it. A best friend would love to acknowledge you for your achievement. But since your best friend is secretly jealous of you, they’ll never do that. They’ll downplay anything that you’ve achieved and act like it’s no big deal. Your best friend may even have the nerve to say that someone did something better than you. 

11. Bring Up Past Mistakes

When your best friend is secretly jealous of you, they’ll bring up your past mistakes. They know exactly what to do to make you feel awful. Your best friend may take it to the next level by saying that you’ve made more mistakes than them. They hope that it gets to you and make you feel like you were always meant to mess up.

12. Points Out Your Flaws 

A best friend is supposed to embrace your flaws with you. But a jealous one will point them all out. They’ll make it very clear that you’re not perfect and you’ll never be good enough for anything or anyone. Those are the Signs Best Friend Doesn't Like You Anymore as well.

13. Sabotages Your Work

There have been some evidence that a jealous best friend has the capability to sabotage your work. When they see an opportunity to ruin you, they’ll seize it. They’re not scared that you’ll find out later. They’ve done their damage already.

14. Gives Out False Information

The more your best friend is secretly jealous of you, the more vicious they become. It’s highly likely that they’ll give out false information about you to people. This can cause some of them to stir up rumours and ruin your reputation. Those are also the Signs that Your Best Friend is a Frenemy.

If these signs ring true to you then it’s time to have a talk with your best friend. You may even need to end the toxic relationship even if it’s painful.

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