Pathetic Signs Your Best Friend Doesn't Like You Anymore

Last updated on June 28, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Sometimes, one day, it seems that life just slaps you with the fact that you are no longer with your friend anymore. This can be hard, challenging, and even to someone who is clueless and unprepared, totally shocking.

The signs that your best friend does not like you anymore is not always out in the open. You need to know the signs fast because you might prevent it before it gets worse. So here are the tell tale signs your best friend doesn't like you anymore;


1. Your Best Friend Avoids Seeing You

It’s normal to not meet each other when it is a busy day. But sometimes, you don’t see each other in such a long time. This can mean that your best friend is avoiding you because he/she does not like you anymore. This is the Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You Secretly.

2. You No Longer Know About Their Day

Whenever something happens in your best friend’s life, you are the first one to hear about it. When he/she lose interest in you, he/she won’t even bother telling anything to you and it will hurt.

3. You Stop Texting And Communicating

you stop texting and communicating

Your best friend suddenly stop texting you all the time or tagging you in social medias. It seems that you are no longer an important part of their life once they no longer want to talk to you.

4. Tags Of You In Photos Are Gone

Of course when we are best friend with someone we will have millions of photos with them in social media. But suddenly the tags of you in your best friend’s photos are gone. Your photo can even be gone altogether from their social media!

5. They Hang Out With Other Friends

When your best friend hangs out with other friends without trying to let you into that friend circle, you know that he/she is trying to keep you out of his life. Before you get more hurt, do something to save the friendship.

6. Your Best Friend Stop Being There For You

Suddenly when you are happy, mad, or when you are super sad, your best friend is no longer there for you. Your best friend will look irritated at you even showing any emotion, which is the final sign.

7. He/She Gets Irritated with You Easily

Every little things you do will be replied with a negative action by your so called best friend. Your best friend will either roll their eyes, grunt or be super mad at you. That means your best friend do not like you.

8. Being Passive Aggressive

Your best friend no longer want to fight for this friendship. It is shown through how he/she is not honest with you and always being passive aggressive. this is the powerful signs your best friend doesn't like you anymore. 

9. Your Best Friend Talks About You Behind Your Back

When your best friend talks about you behind your back, that really means that he/she no longer respect you or want to be friends with you.

10. How You Are Is No Longer Their Concern

how you are is no longer their concern

The chatters about how you are or how your day have been will be lost because your best friend no longer cares about you. Therefore they will not have time for the little chatters that means so much to you.

More Ways To Know If Your Best Friend Doesn't Like You Anymore

There are more than one way to know that your best friend don’t want to be friends with you and it is shown in the tiny, sneaky things:

1. Your Best Friend Blocks You

This is a clear sign that your best friend does not want you in their life, and you should find Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

2. Lying Becomes Habitual

Your best friend suddenly lies about everything to you just for the fun which means he/she is tired of you.

3. Hanging Out Is No Longer A Thing

Hanging out with you is not her/his priority and he/she will do anything to get out of this situation.

4. It Feels Awkward Whenever You Are Together

Suddenly that chill and loose vibe is lost and it feels like you are strangers all over again

5. Your Best Friend Doesn’t Listen To You

He/she will daydream or grunt whenever you talk to them. This is also a sign of Signs of Conditional Love.

6. You Don’t Know Anything About Your Best Friend’s Life

Time ticks by and without communication or anything, you are completely behind how your best friend life is going.

7. You Make All The Effort

If you feel like you make all the effort to get closer, it really means that you need to close the chapter. 

Tips On How To Deal With Best Friend Who Doesn't Like You

tips on how to deal with best friend who doesn't like you

A few tips on how to deal with these shocking signs and how to cope with it;

1. Talk With Your Best Friend 

Even if it is hard, demand to sit down with her and ask her to be completely honest with you. Dig deep on what is the problem. Be open minded and work it through. Know the Ways to Get Your Best Friends to Forgive You.

2. Reflect 

Maybe it’s your fault or maybe it’s something else. Reflect on the problem and take out positive lesson from it.

3. Move On 

If you feel like the friendship is getting toxic, you should completely move on and live your best positive life.

4. Find New Friends 

Find new friends but don’t settle with someone bad because you are lonely.

5. Love Your Self 

Through these transition learn to love your self because this is the biggest lesson at the end of the day. Remember the Reasons Why You Should Love Me.

The signs your best friend doesn't like you anymore will come slowly and sneakily. It will break your heart and it will make you blame yourself some times. What you need to do is to stay peaceful and to fight for what you feel needs to be fought for. Let it go if the friendship tires you. Do the best for your self and your best friend!

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