Useful Tips About How Should You Talk to a Friend Who’s Gay

Last updated on July 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you socialize with others, you can’t help but encounter a gay friend. And if you’re straight, being worried that you’ll get carried away is normal. What if he persuade me to follow his path? Is it safe to be friend with him?

Of course, it’s wrong to judge someone only by his sexuality. It doesn’t define anything about him and a gay person will not always persuade you to be like him. So if you meet or you already have a gay friend who you cherish because he’s a good person, don’t let him go just because his choice.

So here we are going to give you useful tips how should you talk to a friend who’s gay. Also read How to Talk to Your Crush If You are a Gay and He's Straight

  1. Stay Friends with Him

Even though most people have been open minded enough to accept gay persons, in several traditional communities gays are still seen as something bad. For your gay friend who is insecure to open up his identity, stay being his friend.

The thing he fears the most beside the rejection from the society is your rejection as a friend. If you really know him personally, you shouldn’t abandon him and treat him just the same.

  1. Support and Cheer Him Up

As he is gay, he must struggle a lot with his condition. To be a good friend of his, you should uplift his spirit and support him to get through everything. Help him to find his identity, help him to discover who he really is.

If he cherishes you as a friend, he will know the boundaries and will not make you one of his crush. Also read Signs of a Guy Being Gay

  1. Understand the Difference

When you talk to a gay, you should use different interaction methods. You don’t have to treat him differently, though. For example, you have to avoid anything sexually. Keep the friendship platonic, where you enjoy doing your hobbies together.

Avoid talking about his love life as much as possible. A gay typically more sensitive than any other guys so only a little affection from you might stir him up.

  1. Don’t Mind the Stereotypes

Another way how should you talk to a friend who’s gay is by forgetting stereotypes about gay and lesbian in general. Even though the way they speak and gesture is different with straight people, it doesn’t define any of his true self.

He might be a really genuine, good person so don’t make a quick judgement solely based on his sexuality. Also read Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship

  1. Be Open Mind

While you are interacting with a gay friend, once again you should put all the judgement aside. Not all gay people are bad, but there are also many of good gay people. It’s the same with straight people.

Know him better and deeper before you decide you still want to be friends with him or not. you never know what you could gain from your gay friends, probably they can give you a better view in life and letting you inside a world you never knew existed before.

  1. Put Aside the Sexual Attraction

To be honest, when you’re with a gay friend and you’re a guy yourself, the first thing you’re afraid of is what if he sexually attracted to me? Well, seems like you have to put it aside because not every gay person would that easily attracted to you.

Him being interested with guys doesn’t mean he gets into you sexually every time he sees you. Also read Signs Your Best Friend is Physically and Emotionally Draining You

  1. Respect His Choice

Sexuality is an extremely private things and you must be careful with this. Instead of curious of why did he become gay, respect his choice instead. Everyone has their own secrets that they don’t want to share with anyone.

Unless he wants to open up with you or start talking about it first, you better not bring it up. If he wants to share it with you, he will do it himself without you having to pull the trigger.

  1. Work on It

Just like any other relationship, friendship also requires effort for it to work. For a gay person who is struggling with life, you should support him and cheer him up. Also read Sweet Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Valentine's Day

Listen to him, spend time with him, hang out and having fun together. It can be hard sometimes, but if he’s worth fighting for, you can be his most supportive friend.

Those are the tips we got on how should you talk to a friend who’s gay. If you have a better ways or ideas, share with others through the comment section below. There must be many people who have the same concern and not knowing what to do.

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