Signs Your Best Friend is Physically and Emotionally Draining You - Beware!

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Having a best friend beside you is like winning the lottery every other day. You know they will always there for you, making you feel reassured by their presence.

Sadly, not all best friends are good for us. In fact, there are friends who drain you emotionally and physically. You might now aware of this since you’re somehow feeling comfortable with them.

Those kind of friends are called vampire friends as they consume both your emotion and energy. You have to notice the signs your best friend is physically and emotionally draining you.

You don’t have to stay with someone who doesn’t even appreciate you and take you only for granted. No friend is perfect, but someone can always be at least a good friend.

1. They Make Themselves a Priority

In a toxic friendship, you won’t be able to find balance. They want you to be always there whenever they need you, but they never do the same for you. Whenever they have a bad day, they spend the whole night calling you, describing every single moment that ruined their mood.

Everyone go through a bad day. Sadly they never pick up the call when it’s your turn. You go through all those downs alone. Also read Signs You Need to Let a Friend Go

2. They Act Like the Most Troubled Person in the World

Honestly, you never see them happy. They always have issue going on. From meeting a wrong person, bad day at work, and family matter, it comes subsequently one after another. However, you loyally listen to them since they’re your best friend.

After some time, you’ll get tires because problems in their life seems to never cease. Really, keeping such friend beside you doesn’t give any positive vibes.

3. They Don’t Listen to You

Good friends give advice to one another. We try our best to solve our best friends’ problem. Well, that’s an exemplary friendship. If it’s nothing close to you and your best friend, then you may consider whether you’ve been keeping a vampire best friend all along. Also read Signs Your Best Friend is Emotionally Draining You

You give your best and offer solutions to their problem. However, they never listen. They keep doing the same thing making you keep repeating the same words until you get tired of it. It’s about time they disappear from your life.

4. They Take Too Long to Reply

Another signs your best friend is physically and emotionally draining you is this one. They take too long time to reply for your text, even in emergency situations. Just like what you’re going through with a bad boyfriend.

They only reply fast whenever they need to tell you something. It’s surely weird as they always have their phone all the time. They can reply as fast as they want. They choose not to.

5. They Bring You Down Altogether with Them

Watch this particular sign: a friend who’s not happy with your success is not a best friend. For someone who has an ill feeling towards you, they want you to go down with them.

In a simple situation, you’re always together with your best friend (or you think they are) when you are jobless and both of your life is hitting the rock bottom. Also read How to Tell Your Ex Best Friends You Hate Them

However, when you are the first one to find job, they seem extremely unhappy about it. They even make a big deal and accusing you of many nonsense things.

6. They Make You Do Everything

There are people who drains you not only emotionally but also physically to the point you don’t understand what do they want. As if everything is not enough, they put you in a hardship as well.

Say that you’re living together with your best friend. House chores should be divided equally but that’s not the case with you. You have to do everything alone form cleaning to dishwashing.

7. You’re the One Who Come After Them

Every time. Seems like you need them more than they do to you. It can happen sometimes but best friend will never make you suffer. But it’s what they do all the time. They want you to come to them. Also read Signs Your Best Friend is Secretly Jealous of You

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You pick them up at her place, drop them down later. When you have arranged meeting, they choose places that convenience to them without considering your convenience. Sounds evil? Well, they are.

8. You’re Not Energized with Them

Have you ever feel so down upon meeting someone, knowing that things won’t go well whenever you’re with that person? A best friend who drains you physically suck up your energy like a vampire. They’re so full of negative vibes that it affects you truly, truly badly.

It usually related a lot with your mental situation. If someone is emotionally drains you, then you’ll be drained physically as well.

9. You Become Lack of Sleep

It’s good staying up all night with your best friends, but it’s not something you can make as a habit. A vampire best friend wouldn’t care whether you sleep enough or not. They always make you pulling on all-nighter when nothing important is up.

They just like to keep you awake, accompanying them who can’t put themselves to sleep. It’s a strong sign that they don’t actually care about you. This will literally drains your physic and left you lethargic in the morning.

So those are all the signs your best friend is physically and emotionally draining you. You should be aware with all of those. You know when you feel comfortable with someone, you won’t mind to do stupid things. Moreover, you never feel those are stupid.

But having a friendship with someone who drains you both physically and mentally do no good for you. On top of that, you make them your best friend. If you see most of those signs in yours, then talk this out. File your complain but don’t sound too accusing. But if they’re not that worthy to be kept by your side, then let go. It hurts but it saves you from eternal damage, mentally and physically.

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