Playful Ways To Kiss A Friend Accidentally And Get Away Looking Cute

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When you are in a friendship, you hope for the friendship to be pure and long lasting. But the one thing that can actually make or break a friendship is if a feeling is involved in it. How do you show your love without making the situation awkward?

If we have all this bubbling feeling inside, what we want to show it with is in the form of a kiss. But it can be complicated when it is done with a friend. Don’t worry, we will provide you the ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away looking cute;


1. Kiss Under A Mistletoe

A mistletoe is a great and festive excuse to make a friend kiss you. Because they are your friend, they will happily oblige.

2. Kiss Before It’s New Years

It’s a tradition that you have to kiss someone when the new year begins. So just say that you have no one to kiss and your friend will be the volunteer.

3. Kiss Them On The Cheek To Say Goodbye

kiss them on the cheek to say goodbye

It’s these simple and cute ways of kissing that you can quickly get away with while leaving a loving feeling on your friend.

4. Kiss Them On The Forehead To Calm Them Down

Whenever they feel anxious, kiss them on the forehead patiently while saying the Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out

5. Kiss Them On The Cheek When You Are Feeling Playful

This cheek should be a simple peck to show that you are feeling playful.

6. Kiss When It Is A Truth Or Dare Game

A trick like this don’t come easily but it is the smoothest ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away looking cute.

7. Kiss When It Is A Spin The Bottle Game

Spin a bottle game is a quick way to make you land a kiss on your friend.

8. Kiss When It Is A Seven Minutes In Heaven Game

This game can safely land you seven private minutes to kiss them and get away with it all because it is a game.

9. Kiss Them When They Bought You A Gift

A gift should be cherished and appreciated. A great and playful Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved is to kiss them on the cheek.

10. Kiss Them When They Did Something Nice

kiss them when they did something nice

Doing something nice and being awarded by a friendly kiss can make them feel happy.

11. Trip And Kiss

Although this is tricky, but the old trip and kiss trick can work to make it looks like everything is accidental.

12. Drunk Kiss Him

You need to stay a little sober to make sure that you kiss them. When they ask you about it, apologize for the way you act when you are drunk.

13. Kiss And Laugh It Off

Kiss your friend and laugh it off with a lame excuse that is quite believable. It might be a little awkward but it won’t last long.

14. Kiss Them When They Are Sad

When they are sad, kiss them on the cheek or on the forehead but not on the lips.

15. Kiss Them When You Are Extremely Happy

Sometimes we simply can’t contain our happiness. When you feel this feelings, kiss them and channel your happiness towards that kiss.

16. Kiss Them Through Text

Use the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong as an alternative of a kiss.

17. Kiss Them When You Are In A Heated Argument

This is a trick that have been long used and is proven to make an argument less heated. 

18. Kiss Them Like ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Movie

A cute cartoony way to kiss him is with the reference of this movie.

19. Kiss Them To Congratulate Them

When they achieve something, kiss them to show how happy you are for them.

Tips To Kiss A Friend

tips to kiss a friend

Kissing a friend is not as easy as kissing a lover. It comes with a few rules that will bind you. Here are the simple rules on the tips to kiss a friend ;

1. Don’t Kiss Them When They Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

If you do, you’ll risk looking like a Signs of a Man Who is a Player

2. Don’t Kiss Them When They Are Grieving

When people are grieving, they don’t want to be confused by a meaningless kiss.

3. Don’t Kiss Them When They Are Asleep

This is a creepy and forbidden way to kiss them.

4. Don’t Kiss Them When They Are In A Hung Over

Never make use of them when they are in their weakest state.

5. Don’t Kiss Them When They Told You No

Kissing them once is okay but if after that they told you no, you need to stop because consent matters. 

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Signs That Something Is Sparked

A simple action can spark a big fire, just like what your kiss can do when you do it cautiously. Here are the signs that a feeling is sparked after the kiss ;

1. They Want To Kiss You Again

Another kiss signifies that there is something more than the friendship.

2. The Flirting Starts

They start to show the Signs She is Into Me by flirting with you.

3. If They Have A Partner, They Start To Be Distant From Them

You know that the feeling is real when your friend starts to be distant from their partner anc way closer to you. They can even break up with their partner.

4. They Get Jealous

Showing the Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship shows the depth of their feelings towards you.

5. They Start To Look At You Differently

they start to look at you differently

Romantic gaze will start to show up.

We all have that exploding feeling inside that usually comes when you like someone. But this gets dimmed down when you are in a friendship with someone. To test the waters, you need to use the ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away looking cute. From there a feeling can spark and things can turn around to the better!

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