Things To Say To Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out

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When we are stressed, our mind is crowded with a lot of noise and we are always anxious. it always feels like we are on edge. Sometimes, when you are weighed down by the thought in your brain, you need to have someone to help sort out your problems for you. Can you be the one.

Having someone to help you means a lot, especially when you are in a rut. Every little thing that you do to help them matters and it might make or break the person you are trying to help. There are some guidance in what you should do to help someone who is stressed. Here are the basic guidelines to help you help someone else and things to say to help someone who is stressed out about life.


1. ‘Can You Tell Me The Problem?’

Do not talk, you should listen. Having someone to listen to your problems will make the person feel better. This is because that person can stop holding the problems that she/he feels within. Talking about it will also make the person understand what is going on within them clearer.

2. ‘Cry If You Need To’

So often, people say ‘don't cry’ to someone who is in the middle of crying. This is actually halting the healing process. So what you need to do is to sit by them when they cry so that they can let go of all the weight that have been held in their chest.

3. ‘Let’s See The Problem As It Is’

When people freak out, they see that the problem is bigger than it actually is. So when they tell you the problem, do not go along the road. Try to make them see that the problem is actually really simple.

4. ‘Do You Need Some Space?’

Give them space if it is what they want. Maybe your presence just makes them suffocated and they simply need a time to think by themselves. Do not take this as an insult and do not take it personally. This is a great things to say to help someone who is stressed.

5. ‘Do You Need Help?’

do you need help

A helping hand is always appreciated in times of messiness. So, ask if they need help in anyway. They will tell you but if they do not want any help, do not force it.

6. ‘Breathe In And Out Slowly’

Breathing can actually control the vibe that you are in. Often times, someone who is in a negative emotion have a rapid and short breathing. So tell them to sit down, close their eyes and breathe really slowly. In time, they will feel more relaxed.

7. ‘You Are Capable, You Are Strong’

A little assurance and a force from the back will go a long way for someone who is out of energy. By saying this, you are letting them realize that they are unstoppable and they have all the things they need to fight this battle. Slowly they will remember all the Why You Should Love Me Now and Forever which boost their confidence.

8. ‘I’m Sorry You’re Going Through That’

People want their feelings to be valid. Simply dismissing their problem will only make them ashamed and hurt. Say your empathy and they will get back up a lot quicker. This is one of the things to say to help someone and things to say to help someone who is stressed out about life.

9. ‘I’ve Got Your Back No Matter What’

Knowing that you have someone that you can lean on will make the anxiety part of being stressed pass a lot quicker. Make sure that that person knows that they’ve got a solid base no matter what happens by saying this. If you do not say this, it might be seen by them as a Signs of Conditional Love.

10. ‘You’re Going To Make It Through This’

This is a greater alternative rather than saying that everything will be okay. By saying this, you are underlining their emotional strength while not blatantly saying that everything will be easy and fun. By doing this, you are being realistic yet still encouraging.

11. Talk About Something Else

Sometimes taking away the person’s focus from the trouble actually can work great. This makes them become further away from the trouble, become more relaxed and make them see the problem in a different view.

12. ‘I Love You’

Reassuring them that you love them, even in this state of negativity is a real mood booster. Hearing this will make them halt for a second and become happy.  This is a great things to say to help someone who is stressed. Reading the Sweet Things You Should Say to Comfort Your Depressed Girlfriend may also help.

13. ‘Handle Today’s Problem With Today’s Strength’

People get easily worked up and stressed by envisioning the pile of work that exist in the day after today. Stressing about the future won’t help. So start handling today’s problem with today’s strength and everything will be easier.

More Things To Say To Help Someone Who Is Stressed

more things to say to someone who is stressed

1. You Are Not Alone 

This will make them feel supported and it will show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

2. How Can I Make You Happy? 

Even when hearing this question, they will feel better.

3. Apologize 

Sometimes things you say might make them more frustrated, apologize either way.

4. Do You Need A Hug? 

Hugs are proven to improve a person’s mood.

5. I Understand Your Feelings 

Validation is key in calming a person down.

Ways To Make Someone Not Stressed

1. Make Them Talk Or Write About The Problem 

This will make the problem clearer and not just piled up in their head.

2. Simplify 

Do not magnify the problem, see it as it is.

3. Problem Solving 

It can be done by writing down a set of plans or consulting someone more capable.

4. Do Something Kind For Them 

Make them tea or bring them blankets. Kindness always goes a long way.

How To Know That Someone Is Back Up On Their Feet From The Stress

how to know that someone is back up on their feet from the stress

Here are more things to say to help someone who is stressed out about life:

1. They Are Productive 

They are back to doing things and moving about.

2. They Are Capable Of Human Interaction 

They do not emit negative vibe when having social interaction.

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3. They Smile A Lot 

Smiling is a great sign of calmness.

4. They Do Not Push People Away 

This means that they are able to share space and be happy.

5. They Do Not Procrastinate 

This means that the spirit to do an action is back.

Reading this is helpful because you will encounter this problem inside you or your friend. Remember, try to be calm and neutral!

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