How Teens Hang Out and Stay in Touch With Their Closest Friends

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Being teenagers is the best time in life. They make a lot of friends during that phase since they are still trying to identify themselves. Thus, teenagers like to hang out with their peers. Unlike the old time teenagers, teens nowadays have various kind of place to hang out, thanks to the digital era they live in.


How Teens Hang Out and Stay in Touch with Their Closest Friends

It's always interesting to talk about how teens hang out and stay in touch with their closest friends. They are extremely intimate and close with their friends, sharing secrets they don't with others and spend a lot of time together. Teens seem to never get bored with each other's company, which makes it more interesting to find out how they spend time and interact with their peers.

Places for Teens to Hang Out

Teens have unlimited places to hang out and enjoy their time with friends. Here are some of the famous places where most teens like to spend their time.

1. School

Teens are still at school age so that they likely spend most of their time at school. It makes school the most comfortable places to hang out with friend. School corners, cafeteria, basketball fields and the school yard are places at school where they like to gather. They might talking about how to get your crush to notice you at school there.

2. Friend's House

For homebody teens, a friend's house is the best place to hang out. They also might suggest their own house to play at and they take turns within their peers. Hanging out at home give less pleasure and they can interact more privately than at public places. Teens could try many things to do when bored with your best friends at home.

3. Outdoor Activities Spot

outdoor activities spot

The excessive energy of teens make them always want to do something to kill their spare time. Most of teens are into outdoor activities such as playing basketball, surfing at the beach, forming a school band, and many more according to their hobbies. Doing all these activities are more fun with many friends. This is how they make friends and stay in touch with them, due to the similar interest.

4. Coffee Shops

Teens also love to enjoy their time for relaxation and not doing much. For this, they often go to the affordable coffee shops. As they are on Instagram, they may find a newly opened coffee shops in town which draw their attention and makes them want to visit with friends.

5. Movie Theatre

Watching a movie together is one of the most interesting thing to do with friends. From lining up to buy tickets to scream and laughing together inside the theatre, everything seems fun. Anything happen during the hang out makes the best reasons wy your best friend is your soul sister that you'd like to keep forever.

6. Malls


Who doesn't like going to mall? There are many fun things to do there. As for teens, they have many options as to how they would like to hang out with friends. They can watch movie, enjoying arcade games, or eating together and talk.

7. Religious Places

Even though it's not the most popular places to hang out, some teens did spend their time to serve at the religious places. Since teens are very flexible, they can make friends anywhere and anytime and stay in touch in many ways. Religious places such as church or mosque can be a fun place to hang out for them as well.

8. On the Neighborhood

Who said playing in neighborhood has gone old fashioned? If teens happen to live in the same neighborhood, it makes them easier to see each other. There are parents who hardly allowed their teens to hang out far from home. They find all the reasons why your high school best friends are for life during the interactions.

How Teens Stay in Touch with Their Closest Friends

Teens nowadays have so many ways to make new friends and stay in touch with them. In the digital era, the role of internet plays a big part in their interactions with friends. Here are how teens stay in touch with their closest friends.

  • Social Media

Social media is the place where everyone gathers. Teens like to spend most of their times scrolling their Instagram because there are where all of their friends are. They exchange comments, liking each other photos, and DMs each other. They also talk about signs a girl likes you on social media to their closest friends.

  • Text exchanges

Smartphone and cellphones are indeed very helpful for teens to stay in touch with their friends. When they're not on social media, they'd exchange texts with their friend to talk about literally anything. Text exchange is now easier with Whatsapp and other messenger app on phone.

  • Phone calls

Every teens would agree that talking over the phone with friends is fun, especially for girls. In fact, only girls can stay on the line with their friends for hours like they never runs out of topic to talk about. However, this kind of communication makes their friendship stronger.

  • Gaming

This is what most teenage boys love to do. Online gaming is now more than gaming. It enables them to communicate through the phone with friends. Boys tend to get close with friends who share similar interest with them.

Knowing how teens hang out and stay in touch with their closest friends is always interesting since they have a different way of thinking with adult. As they live in the different era, we can't compare how old teens and today's teens hang out. There should be differences and it often extreme given the modern years they grow up in.

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