Cool Ways To Tell Your Best Friend You're Pregnant

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You can never keep any secrets from your best friend. Since she is always with you through every ups and downs, you should share all your happiness to them. It's one of the best Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister. You could also share things that you can never tell anyone. You know what are the Reasons Why Best Friends are Better Than Boyfriend, she understand us better than he did.

As the time passed, you don't realize that you have been friends for so long, and she has the Words to Say at the Best Friend Wedding. And you can't wait to tell them when you're finally expecting. But since she's so special for you, you prepare some special announcement for her. Here are many inspirations as the cool ways to tell your best friend you're pregnant:


1. Bake Them Cake

bake them cake

It's the first unusual ways to tell her that you're pregnant. Buy her a cake (or make her yourself to make it more special). And play with the decoration! Add some unique words such as, "The baby is loading," or "You're going to be an auntie soon!" You can also make fortune cookies for them with a writing inside telling her that, "I'm pregnant."

2. Prank Her And Surprise Her

Playing prank to her seems to be more interesting. Make your best friend panic and worried at first and surprise her for good later. Call her early in the morning, saying that you have a very important thing to tell her, about you and your husband. Increase her worries by saying that you can't tell her over the phone.

Later when you meet her, start the talk with a very sad expression. Later scream in a high tone telling that you're pregnant.

3. Give Her Your Test Pack

Action speak louder than words. It will be the cool ways to tell your best friend you're pregnant by giving them your test pack! No need for more words, she'll get what that means. It will be better if you do that on her birthday. Of course it only works when your initial stage of pregnancy is nearing her birthday. Give it as a gift for her and she'll be more terrified to find it out.

4. Make A Special Couple T-Shirt

Your best friend is actually your second husband. She has always been there since forever so she becomes irreplaceable somehow. You remember that she knows the best Ways to Make Best Friend Feel Better whenever you're down, so you choose the unusual way to tell her that you're pregnant. Make a special couple t-shirt with personalized quotes on it. Write "Soon to be a Mommy" on yours and "Soon to be a Godmommy" on hers.

5. Make A Movie Poster

Well, this is unique and extra ordinary but your best friend will definitely find this amusing. You can create your own movie poster, writing your own fake production company with your baby as the main lead. Not only she will freaked out but can't stop laughing as well.

More Ways To Tell Her You're Pregnant

more ways to tell her you're pregnant

You should make your pregnancy announcement to your best friend as a special moments. However, it doesn't have to be an event like above, but you can do it through simple things as well.

  1. When you're eating together with her, order the menu twice as you usually do. She will be asking whether you're ordering too much and all you have to do is telling her that, "I'm now eating for two."
  2. When she's asking you to grab some coffee, tell her that you can't drink coffee from the time being. Tell her that, "It's not good for the baby's health."
  3. Ask her to accompany you somewhere. Don't tell her in advance where you want to go, and drive her right to the obgyn.
  4. Involve your husband. Let him to be the one who spread the big news.
  5. Or else involve your elder child. Make them to call your best friend and see how he react.

Why Your Pregnancy Is Important For Your Best Friend

You're the one who get pregnant but it's not less important for your best friend. She might be more terrific to hear the news, which make you feel lucky to have someone like her in life. Why does your pregnancy means so much to her? Well, she's really your soulmate for life after all.

  1. Your happiness is also her happiness, so that's the reason why she;s equally happy to hear the news of your pregnancy.
  2. The prospect of becoming an auntie is overwhelming her. She can't wait to babysit your baby whenever you're busy and take your baby for a playdate with hers.
  3. She knows that this is what you want all along, so she knows exactly how you feel as well. As she sincerely loves you, she genuinely feeling happy for you too.
  4. Who doesn't happy to hear the news of a baby coming soon?
  5. She wants to celebrate one of the best moment in your life together with you.

Those are all the cool ways to tell your best friend you're pregnant. Announcing it in casual way seems to be underestimate, so it's okay to just make the announcement unusual and special for your best friend for life. It's okay to break the news to her as early as possible, because beside your husband, you want her to be the one who go through the process together with you.

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