21 Best Signs of Gemini Characteristic - Personality Traits

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Geminis are the signs with air as its element, ruled by planet Mercury. They are called the celebrity among all the zodiac signs due to his boa network of friends. However, Geminis got so popular not without reasons. If you look deeper at the signs of Gemini characteristic, you will know what makes them attractive.

1. They Tend to Avoid Conflict

There is no such thing as drama in the life of a Gemini. They choose to walk away to avoid fight and conflict. Rather than getting themselves into trouble, they'd rather pass it off and focus on their future.

2. They Will be Retaliate If Being Cornered

But never think a Gemini is a coward. They will stand up by themselves when you push them to the corner. An angry Gemini is probably the scariest thing you will ever witness in life.

3. An Extremely Loyal Friends and Faithful Lover

To have a Gemini as a friend is a blessing, as they are very loyal. As well as a lover, Gemini is very faithful to their partner. Don't hesitate to put all of your trust to them. Go check out your Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility with Gemini.

4. Their Mind is Always Packed with Ideas

No space in a Gemini's head. They always have millions of ideas, thoughts, and questions. They are curious about everything and naturally passionate to pursue something new.

5. They are a True Independent Person

Nobody can get hold of a Gemini. They are the true definition of independence and they rely only to themselves. They live their life the way they want . Don't waste your time trying to control them.

6. They Crave for Knowledge

Gemini has a caring nature that they observe everything in the surrounding. The crave for new things all the time and just like a detective, they search for everything until the deepest part of it.

7. Geminis are the Best at Flirting

What is the biggest Reasons Why Geminis are Irresistible? It's because they're such a good flirt. Even they don't even realize that they're that good at flirting. No wonder you fall in love easily with a Gemini.

8. They Resolve, Not Complain

Gemini won't give any of their time for a complainer. Instead of making complain, Geminis make an action to straightly resolve the problem. They will surely leave you if you are a constant whiner.

9. They Love Someone Who Stimulate Their Mind

If you are trying the find Ways to Get a Gemini's Attention, be someone who stimulate their mind. Discuss about things they loved, make them laugh and told them about things that trigger their curiosity.

10. They're Not Afraid to be Honest

One signs of Gemini characteristic that we should all have is this: the guts to voice what we think. They have a lot of things going inside their mind and they never hesitate to speak it out, even it's not something good.

11. They are an Encouraging and Supporting Friend

Your life will be very happy if you have at least one Gemini in it. Whenever you have problems, they will solve it even before you say a word about it. They know how to make people feel better as they are also good at giving advice.

12. They are a Weirdo

As random as they are, Geminis can also be unpredictable at some times. That's one of the Reasons Why Geminis are Hard to Understand. It often leaves people dumbfounded, perplexed as they know what the Gemini was trying to say.

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13. They are Good Talkers

Now wonder Geminis are good at flirting. They're articulate and know how to talk smoothly. They can speak well in almost everything with almost everyone. They way they talk make the look very, very smart.

14. They are Easy Going

Geminis live like they never run out of energy. They're very outgoing and restless. After one thing done, they already planned for another. This adventurous nature of a Gemini make your relationship with theme never bored.

15. Geminis are Smart

Big curiosity, crave for knowledge, those two things are enough to define the real Gemini: smart. They're very intelligent that it's said a Gemini soaks up knowledge like a sponge.

16. They are Emotionally Strong

Geminis are able to experience extreme emotions, whether it's good or bad. It shows that their emotions are like a roller coaster, amazing in the heights but could be extreme when it's on the down low.

17. Sometime They are Secretive

Since Geminis are smooth talker, you expect them to be open about themselves. This is wrong however. A Gemini would put up a high wall and avoiding the topic about things they feel too personal.

18. They Love to the Full

Who don't want to date a Gemini? It takes them a while to fall in love, but once they are, they love hard. They give them all in their relationship. This all or nothing type makes the Reasons Why Geminis are the Best Lovers.

19. They are Adventurous

Life will never be the same with a Gemini. You will be stranger to boredom, given the adventurous nature of a Gemini. Whether it's in their career, love, and hobbies, everything turn into an adventure in the hand of a Gemini.

20. Geminis are Sarcastically Humorist

Geminis have a distinctive kind of humor. They are sharp, and their jokes are dry and sarcastic. Not everyone can get the jokes, but for those who can keep up will find them hilariously funny.

21. They're Fast to Adapt

All Geminis have an adaptable personality. It makes them easily make friends here and there. Even though when life throws them hard, they will still able to rise.

After reading all the signs of Gemini characteristic, there is no way you're not falling in love with them. Whether to be kept as a lover or as a friend, it's always worth to have a Gemini in your life.

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