Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility (Must Read!)

by Michelle Devani

Zodiac helps us more than we ever knew. If you haven't sure about it yet, probably you never try the Ways to Make a Pisces Woman Happy or never gaining the benefits from the Signs a Leo Has a Crush on You. But it's alright. Zodiac can do more than that. Not only it can predict your personality, behavior, and luck in love, it also could help you in finding your best friends.

Yet. it may not be true wholly, but it's always worth to try. People were born under certain stars, and their stars would particularly match with others well. Not only in love but also friendship. If you wonder why you are like match made in heaven with your besties, try to check the zodiac signs best friend compatibility below:

  • Aries and Libra

Aries is the type who tend to think outside the box. They just have many things going on their head at the very same time. Arieses are  fun to be friend with, because they are spontaneous, full of emotion and creativity. Also, they have a big ambition that sometime makes them rush things and react a little bit too quickly. They definitely need a Libra to cool them down and always keep them in check.

  • Taurus and Pisces

If you have read All About Taurus Woman Personality, you will know that they are very stubborn. This stubbornness often cause problem to them, especially when they are in the middle of argument with others. But the good thing is, they are very hard worker and persistent. Pisces match them well because they can keep with the Taurus temper and on the quiet side.

  • Gemini and Aquarius

As Geminis are passionate, they have no hesitation to react. They are indeed have a severe mood swings, but they are reliable as friends and bring benefits as well as they know many people. Geminis need someone like Aquarius who can enjoy the little as they do, and most important, Aquarius never mind it when Geminis mood come into a slump.

  • Cancer and Sagittarius

Nobody enjoy being alone better than Cancers. They prefer spend time at home with their closest ones to going out. They valued alone time more than anything because they are introverted by nature. They philosophy oriented Sagittariuses are their best match, as they can spend some time swimming in each's thought without saying a single word.

  • Leo and Capricorn

As the king of the jungle, no doubt Leos are dominant among other signs. They love to be in power and leading their group of friends. Others might see them very selfish, but they are actually clever and reliable. That is why they need a selfless friend like the Capricorn.

  • Virgo and Aries

One of Virgo Woman Traits Characteristic are their irresistible charm and charisma once they start talking. They stand tall for the weaker, and enjoy spending time talking about these things. Which no one do it better than Aries, the most creative people ever existed. Both make a great team.

  • Libra and Leo

Looking at their symbol, Characteristic of Libra Zodiac Signs are their love for balance. They have a very sophisticated taste and appreciating the beauty of anything. There will no better match than Leo, with whom Libras could share the beauty of power and loyalty. 

  • Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpios are mysterious. They have so many things concealed from the world, including their boldness. Rather than being open up, Scorpios tend to keep their life secret, but they have a hidden venom inside. As bold as they are, Scorpios enjoy the company of the reserved, unobtrusive Aquarius who balanced them. Scorpios are not enjoying the company of the similar behavior as them.

  • Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sagittariuses have a clear vision of their dreams and how they would reach for it. They would like to achieve the highest in their career, strong willed and as flexible as the basketball. They bounced quickly off of downfall. A Capricorn would come as a big help for them. Because the Capricorn nature is a careful planner and think about things meticulously.

  • Capricorn and Sagittarius

Capricorns is arguably has a higher level of thinking and make them an intellectual person. They are systematic and tend to maintain the orders really well. But at the same time they are also selfless and taking care of their friends. Sagittarius with a high intensity ways is the best company indeed for Capricorns. 

  • Aquarius and Taurus

As a very reserved person, Aquariuses prefer to stay quiet and low. They are the patient type with very low key temperament. This could be both their strength and weakness, as those those traits could make the very lazy. The best friend for the sign is none other than the Taurus, whom is softhearted and make Aquariuses feel comfortable with.

  • Pisces and Scorpio

Here comes the other mysterious signs. Pisces is a simple with a huge wisdom, whom as friend is very reliable. They will always be there whenever you need them. This caring nature to friends is also their weakness, as many people would take only the advantage from them. They are carefree and calm, and the company of the Scorpios is what they need most.

So those are the zodiac best friend compatibility that will help find the reason of why you tend to have fight with them. But don't let this ruin your friendship, because even though you are not compatible by the zodiac, there are many more things to determine best friend. Keeping the friendship is beyond the zodiac sign because both sides need to compromise each other in order to keep the friendship going. Even the incompatible ones could be best friend!

Michelle Devani
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