Top 25 Tell-All Signs a Leo Has a Crush on You (So You Know!)

Last updated on February 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We all know that a Leo is the King Zodiac sign; he loves being the center of attention and the center of your world if he has a crush on you, but what ideas does he get in his head if he really likes you? What are the signs a Leo has a crush on you? How can you know the signs a Leo man is interested in a relationship with you? What signs should you look out for?

If you do notice the signs a Leo has a crush on you, what are the best things to say to him? 

Should you make a move, or do you wait for him to make the first move? Really, a Leo man will show you his true colors if you are the object of his affection; he’ll show you his softer side. But how do you know he has feelings for you? 

Today, we will go through the signs a Leo has a crush on you, so you’ll know exactly what signs to look out for when you are around a Leo man. Leo men are full of pride and confidence, but you may see the opposite side of them if they have the hots for a woman!


Top Signs A Leo Has A Crush on You

1. A Leo man will try to make you laugh

Leo men love to see a woman smile, so he’ll probably do his best to capture your attention by making you laugh or smile. He can be very funny, so this is one of those signs to look out for if you think a Leo has a crush on you. He may tell you jokes, show you a funny video on YouTube, or tell you a great story to capture your affection!

2. A Leo man may buy you flowers

A Leo loves giving gifts and showing his affection that way. If he wants a serious relationship with you, look for this sign that he has the hots for you. He definitely has a crush on you if he sends you flowers. Although this is a classic move, a sign a guy has a crush on a girl, it’s still a beautiful sign of adoration! Who doesn’t love getting flowers?

3. A Leo man will ask you questions

Leos like to be the center of the room; they want all eyes on them. They have a great deal of pride and don’t think about other people as much as they should. They tend to be rather selfish actually, so if Leo has started asking a woman questions, you know this is a sign that he’s got a crush on her. A Leo is obviously captivated by this woman!

4. A Leo man may treat you like a princess

While it’s true that a Leo is royalty, he will humble himself before a girl if he’s crushing hard on her. This is one of the best ways to tell if he’s got a crush on you. A Leo will pamper you, adore you, and meet your every need if he’s fallen head over heels for you. Leo men do have huge hearts, so you’ll see his softer side if he’s into you!

5. A Leo man will be very honest with you

Leo men don’t necessarily lie all the time, but they do tend to exaggerate when telling stories. This is a typical sign that a Leo is wanting to be the center of attention! However, if Leo has the hots for a girl, he may be very honest and vulnerable around her. He may share things he’s never told anyone before.

He wants her to know his deepest, darkest secrets. This may be because he trusts her and wants her to know the “real” him. He’s being open and honest about things to see if she feels the same way. If you are into a Leo man, one of the ways you can show this is to listen intently when he talks about serious subjects, the times when he’s vulnerable.

No one likes to be made fun of or scorned for telling the truth. Make your man feel comfortable in telling you the honest-to-goodness truth about himself by listening well. You can do this by having open body language; this means making eye contact, putting away anything distracting, and giving him the floor without interruptions. 

6. A Leo man may be very affectionate

a leo man may very affectionate

A Leo is a big affectionate man. If you have caught the eye of one, you are sure to know that he will touch you any chance he gets. He may try to hold hands with you or give you a kiss on the cheek if you’re lucky! You’ll know he’s smitten if he does little things like that!

7. A Leo man will send you flirty text messages

You know that a Leo wants you all to himself if he sends you flirty text messages. Really, a Leo doesn’t like to show his softer side too much, especially if the two of you aren’t “an item” yet. You could reject him and embarrass him, couldn’t you? Instead, it’s natural for him to pull away and be a little cautious with his heart. 

If you’ve stolen his heart, he will probably really flirt quite a bit with you. Leos can be flirty because they like attention. However, if a guy takes a special interest in you and takes the time to craft special text messages for you, you know he’s ready to make you his girlfriend or at least ask you out on a date. 

8. A Leo man may be vulnerable when he’s around you

As mentioned, Leos aren’t keen on being vulnerable. They love to talk about themselves and share things with their best girl, but they aren’t usually too vulnerable. That means exposure and the possibility of getting hurt. No one wants to risk that! However, a smitten Leo will let his guard down and do his best to impress you if he’s got a crush!

9. A Leo man will act super sweet with you

Leo men are very romantic and fun to be around, but they aren’t always the most attentive and sweet. So, you know that if this guy shows you how sweet he is, he’s got it bad for you! He might buy you roses, offer to hold the door for you, or pull your chair out for you. Leos can be very gallant, a gentleman in disguise. 

10. A Leo man will be interested in what you have to say

Most Leo men love talking, especially if the topic of the conversation is themselves. They want to make everything all about them, so they tend to spend time with people who love them and anything they have to say. They might find people who are good listeners, people who gush over anything that comes out of their mouths. 

However, if a Leo man has the hots for you, there’s no doubt that he’s going to want to do everything in his power to learn more about you. He’ll want to find out your favorite things, your hobbies, your passions, your family, your stories, your history, your background, your career path, your education - anything he can learn about you!

Take this time to talk about yourself, but share only a little bit in each area of your life. Do this even if you are spending a lot of time with a Leo. You want to leave him begging for more later on. Keep him guessing; make him ask plenty of questions to probe information out of you! That will keep him smitten for a long period of time!

11. A Leo man will enjoy making you smile

Who doesn’t love to see someone smile? It’s a great feeling to cheer someone up or improve their mood by doing something special. If this man enjoys your smile, you know he’s got a crush on you. He may get some kind of pleasure in making you happy! After all, you are the object of his eye right now. He wants you to enjoy being around him!

So, how might he try to make you smile? He could say encouraging things to you, anything to make you happy. He might tell a happy story, something that you can’t resist. 

It may be a story where he is the hero, but come on! It’s a Leo we are talking about! They love being the hero of the story!! If he can make you happy, how can you resist him?

12. A Leo man will chase after you

a leo man will chase after you

Of course, if a guy has a crush, he’s going to chase after you to find out if he’s got a shot with you. Do you currently have a boyfriend? He’ll want to know if you are taken or not. He’ll also want to find out if you are interested in dating him. So, look out for this guy chasing you down, flirting with you, and showing you all the signs he’s hot for you!

13. A Leo man may become emotional around you

He may tell you things that he has never told anyone else if he has become emotional around you. This may mean he tells you private, very personal stories, things that bring up emotions in him that he’s never expressed before. Perhaps, he will even cry or tear up when he’s spilling his guts to you. Be sure you are comforting and sweet!

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14. A Leo man will try to impress you

A Leo guy might cook for you, show off his shooting skills, or demonstrate his expert knowledge on a subject if he’s trying to impress you. Guys tend to do things like that when they have it bad for girls. If a guy is trying to impress you, he also might act out, doing things that you consider to be stupid. Be sure you give him a break

He’s only trying to impress you. If you aren’t impressed, just give him a sly smile so that he knows he caught your eye, at least. If he does something really dumb, you might smile and roll your eyes so that he knows you don’t condone his behavior. For example, he could do something dangerous on a motorcycle.

15. A Leo man might say that you inspire him

Leos love to be inspired; they want to find women who can be their muses. They want someone who will challenge them on a daily basis. If he’s said that you inspire him, you may have won his heart. Remember, Leos have big hearts, so be sure you are into him before giving him too much love. You don’t want to lead him on!

16. A Leo man will brag about you to his friends

Have you heard him whispering to his friends? Oh, wait. We’re talking about a Leo! A Leo man is more likely to shout from the rooftops how great you are! Has he done something like that? Does he compliment you a lot? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that you’ve captured his heart. 

17. A Leo man may contact you frequently

If he’s got it bad for you, he’ll probably call or text you on a regular basis. He just wants to know what you are up to. He probably wants to make sure you aren’t hanging out with another guy or something like that, too!

18. A Leo man’s friends may tease him when you’re around

You know how guys can be. They tend to tease the guy who has a crush on the girl. If his buds are giving him a hard time when you are in the same room, he may have told them he’s got a crush on you! 

19. A Leo man may become very quiet

Leo men are not usually quiet or shy, so if he’s acting that way, you know something is up! A quiet Leo is one who is excited to be around the girl he’s got a crush on and wants to be quiet so he can hear what she has to say.

20. A Leo man will listen to you intently

As mentioned, Leos usually are the talkers; they love telling stories and chatting about whatever is on their minds. If you have one wrapped around your little finger, he may just be captivated by whatever you have to say! That’s a clear sign that he’s interested in being more than just a friend with you. 

21. A Leo man may start to follow you on social media

a leo man may start to follow you on social media

So, you barely know this guy, but you have a feeling he might be crushing on you, right? If that’s the case and you get a friend or follow request on social media, he wants to get to know you better. He’s excited to check out all your pictures, posts, and other followers! If you like him also, this is a good thing!

22. A Leo man may get shy around you

Again, Leo men aren’t typically shy or quiet, but if he likes you, he may want to give you the floor. That way, you can talk about whatever you want, and he’ll just quietly get to know more about you to see if you are the perfect match or whatever. 

23. A Leo man will try to spend a lot of time with you

A Leo in love likes to be around the object of his affection. If you are going to the library, even if he’s totally not interested in going there, he may show up so that he can spend more time with you! 

He may be addicted to you and just want to be around you, even if that means he has to go somewhere he’d rather not be!

24. A Leo man will ask you out

While we have covered many signs that Leo has a crush on you, the most obvious sign, of course, is him asking you out on a date. It takes courage and dedication to ask a girl out on a date because there’s always the chance she could say no and completely reject you. No one wants to feel that way!

25. A Leo man may talk to your friends to find out if you’re single

Have your friends told you that he’s been asking around about you? If so, I bet you anything he’s crushing hard on you. He’s trying to find out if you are available to date him!

What You Should Do Now

So, you now know that a Leo has a crush on you. That’s great news! You have a confident hottie, anxious to get to know you better. So, what should you do now? If he’s asked you out, go ahead and say, “Yes!” You might play a little hard to get with him because you want to keep him guessing, be a mystery, and show him that you aren’t boring or easy!

One thing you can do is to flirt back with him. Most of the signs listed above are flirty things that guys do to impress girls. If you’ve noticed him trying to touch you and you’re interested in pursuing things further, go ahead and let him. Of course, don’t allow him to do anything you are uncomfortable with; if he crosses a boundary, let him know that’s unacceptable. 

Another thing you can do if you know he’s got the hots for you and you are also interested in him is to ask him out! I know that may sound crazy and inappropriate, but you can do it. Just casually mention an event that the two of you would enjoy going to, and tell him all about it. Then, find out if he’s available to go with you and wants to. He’ll say yes for sure!

Finally, if you are sure he’s really into you and you like him as well, you can make a move. Call him on the phone and get to talking about your passions or hobbies. Keep the talk light and breezy, at first, at least. You don’t want to get too personal in the beginning, but over time, you can share your secrets with him because you’ll probably fall in love with him!


How do Leos act when they like someone?

This Zodiac sign is the king of all Zodiac signs. When in love, his pride is forgotten because he wants your attention. One sign Leo has a crush on you is in the way he treats you. He’ll make sure you get the attention you need, treating you like a princess.

Where do Leos like to be touched?

Leo men are cuddly, warm, and affectionate. They enjoy giving and receiving affection; it gives them a sense of excitement, so they will exercise their free will and give you a thrill when you are with them. This Zodiac sign loves to touch and be touched when in a relationship.

How does a Leo show affection?

One trick Leo men have up their sleeves is being gallant, powerful, and confident with women. Leo men know they don’t want to end up in the friend zone, so they will buy you gifts or give lots of attention to make sure you fall for them.

What are Leos attracted to?

Leo men love women who are great listeners; they love being in the center of the room, getting all of your attention, and dominating the conversation. You may notice Leo men being attracted to women who ask them questions about themselves, women that let them lead the conversation.

Are Leos flirts?

If Leo has a crush on you, he will be flirty and romantic. They love romance, so you are sure to have a time full of excitement if Leo has a crush on you. Watch for the signs a Leo man has a crush on you, and he’s yours - forever!

To Sum Things Up

What signs a Leo man has a crush on you do you know about? If a Leo has a crush on you, you should notice some of the signs listed in this article. Watch for signs of romance when a Leo man makes a move on you! Please comment, and share!

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