How To Talk To Crush On WhatsApp For The First Time?

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When you are making a move on your crush, it is always accompanied by fear and nervousness. Often times, these are the force that stops you from making a move. Luckily you can talk to him easily.

WhatsApp is a modern day instant messaging platform. Through this, you can easily chat with someone. Because of that, you should use it to be closer to your crush. These are the ways on how to talk to crush on WhatsApp for the first time;


1. Know Their Phone Number

The first step to contacting them is knowing their phone number which is crucial to having their contact on Whatsapp.

2. Know Their ID Name On WhatsApp

If you do not have their phone number, what you can do is to know their username or id name.

3. Add Them As Your Friend

Now that you have their contact, all you have to do is to add them as your friend to start your jouney.

4. Know Their Interest

know their interest

Knowing their interest which they hold dear to their heart can be the modal to a lot of conversations.

5.Know Some Details About Them

Details like their house, what they do, their work, and other general thing can be a conversation starter.

6. Add Their Friends On WhatsApp

Although it seems weird, add their friends too. It can help you be close to him in the future.

7. Add Their Family Member On WhatsApp

You should only do this if you know one of the family member. If their family member like you, you will be closer to him faster.

8. Chat Their Friends On WhatsApp

Chat their friends and start to ask about your crush casually. Their friends might even hook you up with them.

9. Chat Their Family On WhatsApp

Being close to their family through chat is actually a Ways to Make Your Mother-in-Law Likes You to help you be closer.

10. Post Something That Will Make Them Curious On Your Status

Things that make them, specifically, curious can be about their interest or facts about them.

11. Make Sure That Your Status Is Not Private

If it is private, all of your effort won’t be worth it because even your crush don’t know what you are trying to do.

12. Use Something Interesting On Your Profile Picture

use something interesting on your profile picture

An interesting picture can make your crush want to approach you and talk to you about it which makes things easier. Enough conversation will make them show Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting.

13. Use ‘Tell A Friend’ On Your Crush

If your crush do not have a whatsapp, use the ‘tell a friend’ feature. This action alone can be a great conversation starter.

14. Accidentally Call Him

It’s easy to accidentally call someone and this is a funny experience that will open the window to a new conversation.

15. Accidentally Text Him

After you do this, say sorry and casually strike up a conversation. It will seem completely natural.

16. Ask Them For A Favor

Ask them to help you out with something. This will make them feel needed because of you.

17. Ask Them A Question

Questions that are general can help build a conversation that might increase the  Signs She is Into Me.

18. Accidentally Make A Group Chat With Them In It

This happens all the time which makes things less suspicious. Once you have done this, conversate with them easily.

19. Ask Them For Their Opinion

When people are asked for their opinion, they can go on and on about it. It is actually a Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved.

20. ‘Drunk Text’ Them On WhatsApp

Drunk text them then say sorry. After that, making a conversation is natural and kind of funny too. 

Ways To Strike A Conversation With Your Crush On WhatsApp

ways to strike a conversation with your crush on whatsapp

WhatsApp is a really convenient app and it makes all sort of chatting way easier. That is why you need to try these ways to strike a conversation with your crush on WhatsApp.

1. Ask Them Questions About Their Status

If they put on any sort of status, ask them about it. They will usually be happy to answer you.

2. Ask Them Questions About Their Profile Picture

Profile pictures are put for a reason. Ask about the meaning behind it as a ploy to make a new conversation.

3. Ask For A Contact From Them

Ask if they have someone’s contact. Usually they will be happy to help, then you can start talking with them.

4. Pretend Test Out The Chat Feature

Pretend that you send a text to them simply as a test. They won’t mind , then you can go on from there.

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5. Accidentally Face Call Them

This will be a funny experience that is the base of a conversation.

6. Pretend To Confirm Their Contact

‘is this really you?’ make sure that it is their contact and start a conversation. 

Signs That They Want To Talk To You Too

signs that they want to talk to you too

With enough effort from your side, you will see that they also want to talk to you based on these signs:

1. They Don’t Ignore Your Text

The first Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say is they don’t ignore your text at all.

2. They Reply Fast

Replying fastly no matter the text means that they prioritize talking to you.

3. They Double Text

Double texts are a sign of eagerness.

4. They Initiate The First Chat

Because they really like you, they are not afraid to make the first move.

In a modern era like this, it is way easier to get over your fear of making a move on your crush and just do it. One of the ways to make that move and still be comfortable behind the screen is with the ways on how to talk to crush on WhatsApp for the first time.

Through these simple ways, you can start a conversation that will last a life time and even make them more interested in you.

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