Subtle Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting

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In the world of technology, it’s undeniable that smartphone has played a big part in someone’s relationship. So it’s easy to notice the signs your crush likes you through texting. But communicating only via messages is not that good for the relationship as you can’t be sure whether your crush likes you for real or not.

The use of the technology can mislead you and you end up reading the text from your crush in the wrong way. You can’t hear their voice so that you don’t know the text supposed to be sound and meant. But first, let’s take a look to the signs your crush likes you through texting below:


1. It Takes No Time To Reply

You don’t have a waiting time between the text you sent and their reply. It comes in a split second like they don’t want to miss anything. Most people only do this to someone they like. Especially when it takes a while for you to reply for their text, the fact that they respond to it right away must be the Signs You Miss Your Crush so badly that they show.

2. They Give You Lengthy Response

Not just the short time, the length of the response is also important. Are they trying to keep the conversation going? Because if they reply your text only by shirt words, it’s clearly no hope for you.

3. They Ask About Something Personal

The text they sent to you is no longer general but getting more personal. They ask about what you want to do in the future and the goals you want to achieve. It means they really take an interest in you. While reading on your personality, he also start searching all the ways How to Ask Your Crush Out without Embarrassing You.

4. They Text You First In The Morning

they text you first in the morning

When someone is having crush on you through text, it comes faster than your conscience. Even before you wake up, they already sent you the good morning text.

5. They Are The Last Person To Text You At Night

So after the good morning, they make sure to close your day with their goodnight text. You haven’t talk or meet them during the day, but they managed to say goodnight to you somehow.

6. They Send Compliments

One of the signs lies on the things they text about. It could be taking them too much to compliment you in person, so it becomes the reason why they send it through text. They say you’re awesome, cool, funny, and smart in all text they sent you.

7. There Are Too Many Flirty Emojis

As if words won’t describe enough of their feeling, they add some flirty emoji in it. Wink, heart, and kisses is enough to be read as signs your crush likes you through texting.

8. Your Gut Feeling Said So

When someone likes you, you must have been that gut feeling. Probably it’s not entirely wrong because from the way they treat you, it’s impossible that you don’t have a special place in their heart. For once, follow your heart and find out about it yourself.

More Signs They Like You Through Text

more signs they like you through text

Apparently you are not convinced enough and you need more signs to prove that your crush likes you through text. Here we go again:

  1. They initiate the conversation by texting you first.
  2. They never seem run out of topic with you.
  3. You can’t help but feeling that their text is so random.
  4. So do when they text you at very random time, such as midnight or dawn.
  5. They never miss to ask how your day was, and they are like asking everyday.
  6. But it shows that they do care about you.
  7. Sometime they talk about themselves to make you know them more.
  8. They always say stuff like what will they do if they were there with you. It's the Signs of a Shy Girl Crush On You.
  9. They ask for your opinion regarding his little problems.
  10. The first thing they do after wake up is texting you, and they mentioned about it.
  11. They joke a lot and show their humorous side through text.
  12. They make a special pet names for you and never use your real name since then.
  13. They send you all kind of text, including the lyric of the recent song they listened to.
  14. You have an inside joke with then and seem to enjoy it.
  15. They never bombed you with text since they know you will feel annoyed. 
  16. They wait patiently for you to reply their text.
  17. And give the respond seconds after you text them.
  18. They are talkative in their text but so silent when you meet him.
  19. They say that you’re special.
  20. They say they feel comfortable around you.

Why They Feel More Comfortable Texting You

why they feel comfortable texting you

For some people, showing their feeling through text is way easier than saying it in person. You may not understand why, you better find out the reason below:

  1. They are an introvert. You could check out for the Reasons Why You Should Date the Outgoing Introvert.
  2. They get nervous when you’re around.
  3. They tend to blush when they see you.
  4. They afraid that things may be awkward between you two.
  5. They are afraid that you might not like them back.
  6. They have a separated plan for you.
  7. They try to read what kind of person you are.
  8. They just start to like you.
  9. They are just too shy to talk with you in person.
  10. They’re not that serious with you.

So those are all the signs your crush likes you through texts. If you like them back, you better initiate the action first because your crush may be too shy to tell you about their feeling.

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