How to Get Your Crush to Notice You at School and Fall for You

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

School…not only this place gave you opportunity to learn about many formal subjects, this place also gave you a lesson about love. Your early experience about love must’ve been started in this place. You must be have someone that just caught your attention. Yes, he/she is your crush. Ah…there is must be a lot of drama that involving having a crush at school.

But those drama isn’t even matter if you can get your crush to notice you. Here are some tips on how to get your crush to notice you at school.

1. Try to find out about his/her interest

This is a very good start if you want to get notice by him/her. Get to know what he/she likes or interested to then try to show it in front of him/her. For example, if he/she like a specific band then try to wear a t-shirt of that band. Even if you just standing still in front of them you will no doubt get their attention. It’s also not impossible that he/she will make the first move and talk to you.

2. Join the same extracurricular as your crush

This is also another smart move for you to get him/her to notice you. If you join the same extracurricular as him/her you will meet him/her more which mean can make them more used to see you, and this is a very good thing. This probably would make your crush curious about you since he/she sees you a lot.

You can also use this as an excuse to talk to your crush about the extracurricular you both are in. Then it wouldn't be an awkward first conversation since you already had the topic for it. There you go What to Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend and She Likes Him Back?

3. Try to have the same friends

If you can’t face him/her because you can’t help but feel nervous every time you around them, then you can try this one tips. You don’t have to face him/her directly, all you need to do is get to know his/her friends. It would be better if his/her friends are also your friends. Because that way he/she would surely notice you when you also being friend when you both hang out with the same friends.

4. Smile

This is actually very easy to do. But some people sometime forget to wear this on their face. It would be nice if you can smile in front of your crush. You don't have to smile directly to them. You can talk to someone else when your crush is around and smile. But make sure your crush can see your bright smile. That way he/she might finally took a glance at you.

This is a good start to attract their attention. But remember it would be even better to smile at your crush directly. Sometime even a smile can cheer someone up. Try to read this Best Pick Up Lines for Your Crush That Will Make Him Smile or this Cute Things To Say to A Girl Over Text to Make Her Smile

5. Try to excel at something you're good at

A good way to get someone to notice you is to impress them. If you're able to impress them then you will stand out of the crowd which will make you easily noticed, including by your crush. If you're good at singing then try to join a competition or anything in your school that can show your talent.

You have to make sure you give your 100% in any chance you've got to show your talent/what you're good at. If your crush notice you this way then not only you would make a good first impression, but you will also impress him/her. This will make you as an interesting person to your crush.

6. Give praises/appreciation

When he/she accomplish something at school don't forget to congratulate and praise them. If by chance your crush is help you, even in smallest way,  you should thank and appreciate them. But before doing all this you have to remember one thing. You have to do it sincerely.

Don't exaggerating it. You have to remember the limit on doing it. If not he/she will feel uncomfortable and won't notice you in a good way. This is obviously not the thing that you want to happen.

For the last part, I want to remain you something. You have to do all the tips on how to get your crush to notice you at school patiently. Because if not you will annoy him/her for sure. For instance if you already get to the point where you can text them, you have to remember How to Get A Guy to Text You Back without Being Annoying.

Good luck and never give up on your mission to get notice from your crush!

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