What to Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend and She Likes Him Back?

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Love triangle sound like another teen dramas you often watch on TV. You will never know how it hurts until you experience it yourself.  Especially when you're involved with your crush and your best friend. Instead of falling for you, he seems more interested to your best friend. Unable to resist his charm, she ends up falling for him too.

What to Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend and She Likes Him Back?

This put you in an awkward situation being the third wheel between them. Even though you're like "who is the real third wheel in this?", but the fact that they like each other is something you can't deny. Here some tips on what to do when your crush likes your best friend and she likes him back to avoid the third wheel feeling.

1. Stand a Chance

If you don't want to give up him just yet, analyze how deep their feeling for each other is. Go ahead if you feel like you still stand a chance. Him liking your best friend doesn't mean that he hates you. You better learn the Best Pick Up Lines for Your Crush That Will Make Him Smile.

2. Don't be Jealous

This is your best friend we're talking about. The fact that she and your crush like each other doesn't change the memories of laugh and tears you've had together. Jealousy will make you not only vulnerable but make you feel uncomfortable hanging around with her. Don't let her make her Ways to Know If Your Friend is Jealous of You.

3. What Makes Him Like Her?

You must be wondering why he likes your best friend instead of you. Find that good traits in her for you to be better. Is she always has this positive vibes on her? You can learn from whatever she has that draws his attention.

4. No Avoiding

The situation you're in is not anyone fault. It happens just like that, so avoiding either of them sounds ridiculous. Stay close to your crush since you still have your chance, also stay close to her to show the best quality in you. Avoiding them only emphasize their chance to be together.

5. Is He Really Worth It?

There are thousand of Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister, but what about him? Think again if he's really worth it that you fight and break the friendship with your bestie.

6. Talk to Each Other

Don't keep everything inside. Go to her and honestly talk about the whole situation. Find the best solution together is better than risking the friendship on your own. She is the Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy after all.

7. Be Cool About It

How can you stay cool while finding out your crush and best friend like each other isn't the coolest thing at all? But instead of looking sulky, desperate, and vulnerable, isn't playing it cool better? You must show your dignity, not only to them but also to everyone else.

8. Think About the Options

You will likely choose your best friend over your crush, but he should what he's missing. Explore another options you may have and solve this matter coolly. Stop looking at him and enjoy everything you have.

9. Smile!

The best make up any girls could wear. Keep smile despite of everything. You may be hurt inside, but don't let others see it.

10. Tell Him

Could this whole thing happen because he doesn't know your feeling? So doesn't her? Sepak up for yourself then. Go to him and boldly tell about your feeling. But be prepared if he turn you down. At least you have tried.

11. Accept It

Not everything goes according to what you want. This unfortunate thing should make you grow. Maturely accept their feeling, and it even better if you let them together. What a person you are!

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Signs That They Like Each Other

It's such a painfully heartbreaking situation where your crush and your best friend like each other. Before thinking about what to do when your crush likes your best friend and she likes him back, recognize the signs first:

1. They Have Good Convo without You

When you three are all together, it seems that they get along too well. The thid wheel feel is too real to be true since they have a very good conversation without even involving you.

2. Their Body Speaks

Look at their body language when they talk. Just like the Signs Your Boyfriend Likes Your Boyfriend, they tend to face their back at you.

3. They Make Excuse for Physical Contacts

There is no just reasons for your crush and your best friend to touch each other unless they got a feeling. And what's funny is that they always make excuses to do so. Brushing arm while walking or touching each other lightly while laughing.

4. They Have Been Spying Each Other

You can no longer tell whether she cares about you or she is curious about your ex all by herself. She asks just too many questions about him, and she even goes asking his friends. And so does he. Seems like he's more interested in her than you.

5. They Act Differently When You're Around and Not

They're too polite when you're around but when there's only both of them, they become somebody else completely. They somehow look comfortable in each other's company, with zero awkwardness just because your absence.

Well, you can't blame anyone when things turn out to be like this. People sometime are unable to control their feeling, which makes your best friend develop a feeling to your crush. No if you rethink about it, isn't your best friend is worthier that your crush?

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