20 Easy Ways to Get a Boy to Like You in Middle School

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Teenage days is the time when love starts to bloom. Everything is your firsts, which make every moment more heartbeating than they should be. Liking a boy in school provides you extra energy to attend class everyday and make up your mood at school. But liking him alone is not a good thing. Because if you haven't know anything yet, it's better if he likes you back.

As clueless as you might be, a big help is now right on your way. No more flustered moment which increase the awkwardness between you two, here are the most useful ways to get a boy to like you in middle school.

1. Dress Nicely at School - As you are a middle schooler, you must have see him a lot at school. Make sure you dress nicely and properly. If your school doesn't have a uniform, make sure you wear a decent clothes.

2. Never Let a Single Strand of Hair Escape - Who in the world would like to see a girl with messy hair? Check your hair situation often, never let the escape from the place where they should be.

3. Use a Nice Fragrance - Choose a perfume or light smelling cologne suitable for your age. He will stick with you because of your smell. Anyone would love to be with some good smelling girl.

4. Keep Your Hygiene - He pays attention to you a lot, so always mind your cleanliness. When you are eating on the cafeteria and he's around at the time, make sure you don't spill your food on the table, or even worse, on your clothes.

5. Smile When You Walk Past Him - Smiling is a signal means thousand of things. If want him to notice how fond you are to him, give him a simple smile every time you accidentally walked pass by each other. It could be good Ways to Get Your Crush to Breakup with His Girlfriend.

6. Steal a Glance in Class - Once or twice a day, look at him in the middle of the class. Then looked away when he noticed! Gosh, it's a cute thing happened in middle school. And also it is a Signs of a Shy Girl Crush on You.

7. Use a Minimalist Make Up - Not only for young girls, even adults look better with minimal make up. Don't use any heavy make up. He might mistaken you with a clown!

8. Style Up Your Hair - Don't make him bored with your look. Don't be afraid experimenting different hairstyles everyday. Braided for today, ponytail for tomorrow, untied for the next day, and he will be curious to see what kind of hairstyle you might have every other day.

9. Say Hello First - Don't be shy to start a conversation first. If you are too awkward or nervous, say hello to him with intention of making friends. It will make you more comfortable and relaxed.

10. Laugh When He Jokes - Let him know you notice him! Boys love to make jokes and would be very happy if anyone laughing out off it. They think it makes him cool somehow.

11. Try to Get His Number - Pretend to have some extra class or you'd like to ask him some help or anything. Just get his number. This way you can bigger chance and soon he'll realize you send him the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

12. Play Around with Him - Laugh a lot and joke a lot with him. Tease him one at a time, but not to make him ashamed. The presence of light and happy feeling makes him notice you from then on.

13. Touch Him Lightly - Gather your courage and try to touch him lightly. Brush your arms when you walk past each other and slap him lightly on the shoulder when you laugh at his jokes.

14. Make Friends with His Friends - Old tricks work better than you think. Since you are young, it's good to make as many friends as possible. And once you win his friends, you are halfway to win his heart.

15. Do Homework Together - The advantage only students can have, doing the homework together. Pretend to have some difficulty with the task and you request an extra meeting after the class. Things are better if he's the one who asks you first!

16. Join the Club He's in - You have to find out what club he's in. Whether it's drama, English club, or the Math club. You can join them as well to get close to him. But if join some manly club like soccer and basketball, make sure you become his hardest fan.

17. Studying Together - Another useful ways to get a boy to like you in middle school besides homework: studying together. It would advantageous as well for your school, and make sure you did this near the exam. Even though it's a motive it has to be make sense as well.

18. Make Sure He Doesn't Like Anyone - It's not worth to fight over a boy while you are still at school. It affects your relationship with your friends and is not good for your social life later.

19. Ask Him to Eat Together - When the lunch break comes, brace yourself and ask him whether he'd like to eat together with you. It's a good Things to Say to Flirt With Your Crush.

20. Ask for Help - This is How to Make a Guy Crush on You, ask help from his friend or your own friends to set you up together. You can start with a group hangout over the weekend.

Can't get enough of those useful ways to get a boy to like you in middle school? You can try your own tricks if you have one. Don't stress over it too much because love in middle school is something to enjoy. Make sure it doesn't affect you grade as well. School have to absolutely come first.

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