20 Ways To Get Your Crush To Breakup With His Girlfriend

Last updated on March 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

So you like this guy. He is cute, adorable, and manly at the same time. Isn't he the whole package of your dream boyfriend. But love is not always smooth. When you have developed a crush on him, turns out he already belong to somebody else.

Uh oh! What you should do? Giving up and walk away? Or keep going no matter what? Everything is fair in love and war, honey. Even though you still want to have him is not a sin. But first, he has to leave his girlfriend before officially going out with you. Here are the list of the useful ways to get your crush to breakup with his girlfriend:


1. Always Look Best

Men fall in love by his eyes first, and then his heart. Even though look is not everything that matters, at least he will be pleased to see you.

2. Be Confidence 

Don't try to look sexy and becoming someone who is not who you are. Brace yourself and be confidence. A confidence woman are appealing for men.

3. The Staring Game

Let him know that there is something going on. Stare at him for a while, then look away in a cute and naughty manner once he caught you. He'll be wondering what you actually up to.

4. Learn The Weak Point Of His Girlfriend

No matter how much he said he love his girl, there must some turned off point that make him not so fond of her. Find these out and make a weapon out of it.

5. Be Friend With His Friends

Not every girlfriend is friendly with his boyfriend's gang. Prove to him that you can blending so well with them and be friend with them.

6. Win His Friend's Heart

win his friend's heart

Try not only to be close with his friends, but also win their favor. Leave a good impression so the news would reach his ear.

7. Do Not Speak Ill About His Girlfriend

Don't make your intention too obvious by spreading bad rumors about his girlfriend. Trying to persuade people to hate her is even worse.

8. Do Not Point Out His Girlfriend's Flaws

Nobody are born perfect. Just like ow many flaws she has, the same thing goes to you. He surely knows her flaws better than you, so don't have to point the out because it means you are revealing your flaws as well.

9. Show You Gratitude

Even for smallest things, never forget to thank him for helping you and emphasize the fact that you are very lucky he was there. It means you appreciate him for ever little things.

10. Throw Him Compliments

Showing appreciation can be done not only by feeling grateful, but also by compliment him. Praise him for his hard work even when he doesn't make it.

11. Show How You Are Different From her

You will catch his attention in no time if he find what's missing from his girlfriend in you. Show him how you are different from her. When he starts to fall for you, she will see the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You.

12. Be Someone He Can Talk To

There are some things that you can't share with your loved ones, and so is he. One of the ways to get your crush to breakup with his girlfriend is by being someone he can talk to. Make him comfortable with you as a friend first and the next is the appearance of the Signs You Friendship is Becoming Something More.

13. Never Compliment Her Girlfriend Like, Ever!

No matter what, both of you are competitors and only one will come out as a winner. Even though you do not speak ill about her, doesn't mean it's okay to compliment her.

14. Let Him Know You Are A Dream Girl

It's time for him to think that your have the Wife Material Signs. Use his girlfriend weakness to steal her heart. Dig in from him about what he doesn't like from his girlfriend and let him know you possess all the quality he wished for.

15. Make Him Adores You

Be confident about who you are and show him that you live your life to the fullest. Wear good clothes, be pretty without excessive make up, and keep shape. Make sure he'll go "Wow!" every time he saw you.

16. Do Not Make Any Contact With His Girlfriend

Being too friendly with his girlfriend brings no good for you. Stay away from her as far as you can and never meet her in person.

17. Never Disappear So Sudden

Since you are trying to steal him from his current girlfriend, disappearing from his radar is not a good Ways to Get Him to Miss You. Else, he'll be distracted back by his girlfriend and you will lose your golden chance.

18. Make Him Needs You

An important thing to do to win his heart is mastering the ways on How to Make a Guy Emotionally Addicted to You. This is why you need to be attached to him and make sure he needs you all the time.

19. Live Your Own Life 

live your own life

Don't stick around him like you are glued to him. Else, live your own life and be busy with it. If you are always seen with him all the time, people will start to labeled you as a "Snatcher" of someone's boyfriend.

20. Make Him Laugh

Make him forget about all his problem and the hardships he's been through by make him laugh. You can steal this tips from the Ways to Make Your Best Friend Feel Better when they are down.

There are a lot of ways to get your crush to break up with his girlfriend. All of them are easy to do, so don't wait for anything and act right now!

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