How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Has A Crush On You

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If you feel that somebody have been giving unusual attention lately and you may wonder whether you had known the person already and that he was an Aquarius man, you may want to read this article to find out. A few introduction to one of other Zodiacs out there, Aquarius is the one with a water symbol and dedicated for a person who was born on January 20 to February 10.

A few introduction to one of other Zodiacs out there, Aquarius is the one with a water symbol and dedicated for a person who was born on January 20 to February 10.

Aquarius man is a shy and unique person who likes to be quiet more than the others. Some may say he is passive but actually he just being deep drowns in his own thought which full of visions, plans, and targets. Some people call Aquarius man a nerd because of his quietness and lack of emotion. He doesn’t like limitations and people who can’t understand his point of views.


How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Has A Crush On You

So if you are still wondering, here are some signs when an Aquarius man has a crush on you.

1. He Is One Of Your Male Close Friends

he is one of your male close friends

Aquarius man almost always have a girlfriend who once was his friend. She could be his classmate, his friend at work, his colleagues, his neighbor or his sister’s friend. Usually, his girlfriend comes from people around him mentioned above so he might have been around awhile near to you.

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2. He Might Have Been Single For A Very Long Time And You Know It

A person who has Aquarius sign tend to be very simple, quiet but very smart. When he loves somebody he is being loyal and not easy to fall in love again to somebody else. So if now he has crush on you, he might have been single for a very long time (and you knew because he is your friend) so appreciate that.

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3. He Is Quiet To Others But Very Open And Chatty With You

One typical and obvious sign of an Aquarius man who has crush on you is when he is being quiet and bored to other people or friends but quite chatty with you. You can observe to find out who he is.

4. He Never Ask You To Have A Date But He Gives Unusual Attention

One of the best sides of an Aquarius man is that he gives freedom to others including his girlfriend and consider a woman as equal to a man. So when an Aquarius man has a crush on you, he would never ever to forbid you to go with other male friends, showing his jealousy, or even asks private things like who are your best male friends are. He seems doesn’t care but he does.

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5. He Tells You His Ideas, Visions And Goals

he tells you his ideas, visions and goals

Because he likes a person who has interesting conversation (which is you) he will also make his conversation as interesting as possible so he may share his ideas about his work or yours, his visions on any theme you discuss together and his goals about his life. He may ask yours too.

6. He Listens Very Well About Almost Anything You Say

You might have to be thankful if there is an Aquarius man has a crush on you because he is a very good listener. He is not into himself so that there is always an opportunity for you to share almost anything with him as long and as often as you want to and he listens because he really wants to help.

7. He Is Easily Bored With Others But Always Getting Excited With You

If you still wonder if there is somebody who has crush on you, look closer. An Aquarius man will likely to be easily bored with people who don’t excite him. But when he likes you, he is always excited whenever he is with you or near you.

8. He Fights For You

Another sign of an Aquarius man who has crush on you is when he fights for you. Although he is not a possessive man (because he doesn’t like limitations too) he would take care if you very well, take risks to save you and always fight for you.

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Now that you knew the signs above about an Aquarius man who has a crush on a girl, you must at least have some clues to find out whether one of your male friends really has feelings for you.

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