Signs Your Boyfriend Only Want Your Body Not Your Love

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Every woman would want her to be respected and loved, by her boyfriend. But the facts are not always true. Some men regard women as an object that only satisfies their desires. Such a man will never respect or think to plan a more serious relationship. Below here are the signs your boyfriends only wants your body.

1. The Topics Of Conversation

The average boyfriend who just wants to want your body likes the topic of your physical conversation. The beauty of your body is the only favorite topic for him. You should read Best Ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend for No Reason

2. Not Talking Too Much

not talking too much

Here's the signs your boyfriend only wants your body, not your love. He and you do not talk too much, except to discuss what is in your body. Now, he will tell a long story only about your beauty looks like.

3. Never Introduced You To Closest Friends Or Family

It's been a long time dating you, but you never once introduced to his closest friends or family? Try digging his personal information further before you get hurt in the future.

4. Lots Of Reasons That He Made

You want to spend dinner together, and you've made plans. However, it is just wishful thinking because it will never work. Why? He makes so many reasons for it. It is no time is given to you unless his order.

5. Can Not Let Go Of You

A boyfriend who just love your body, will not commit to you. However, he does not want to release you either. Then what to do? Should you as a woman let go of it?

6. Do Not Care About You

Whatever happens to you he does not care, whether you are sick or healthy he will not care about you at all. A boyfriend like this you should leave it and go away.

7. Do Not Respect You

Touching you carelessly even he harassed you in public. This shows that he does not respect you at all but it demeans you. That's the clear  signs your boyfriend only wants your body, not your love.

8. There Is No Intention For A Further Future

When you talk about marriage or a child if he pretends not to listen and care for you. It means he has no intention to be serious and go further. You should read  Reasons Why Your Long Time Boyfriend Will Never Marry You

Boyfriend's Imagination About Your Body

boyfriend's imagination about your body

Judging from the signs above, it has been shown that your girlfriend is not a man worthy to be a lover in the future. Now, the question is what is the reason your boyfriend just wants your body? Does your boyfriend like a specific body shape? Below are some of the real reasons what is your boyfriend thinks of your body.

1. Your Adult Figure

The shape of an adult woman is more desirable for many men than a beautiful or cute woman. They think that the figure of an adult woman will be able to protect themselves.

2. Have A Beautiful Face

Beautiful women always make your boyfriend not blink. They can not bear not to see you. Every eye will make your boyfriend fall for your charms. 

3. You Always Wear Sexy Clothes

Clothes that are sexy or slightly open are strong reasons why boyfriend want your body. Especially if you do not wear the underwear, the eyes of your boyfriend will always follow you.

4. Unbearable Temptations

A good body shape and a beautiful face are two things that make a boyfriend always cannot stand with this temptation. Your boyfriend always wants to hug your body.

5. Likes The Curves Of Your Body

Which boyfriend does not like the sexy body curves? The curves of your body not only make them tempted but also want to be owned by them.

6. The Preferred Body Shape

Curvy body shape is a woman's body shape that the average preferred by men. This body shape usually has characteristics of breast and butts are equally large. 

7. Comfortable To Hug

The woman's body will be comfortable to hug. This is what makes your boyfriend want to always hug you without stopping.

8. Curious

When a boyfriend sees a woman that he likes, he is always curious about what part of the body that she has. Curiosity is what invites his instinct to want to have your body.

9. Have A High Fantasy

Starting from a sense of curiosity will eventually arise imagination or high fantasy. The average of a boyfriend who has a high imagination just takes advantage of her boyfriend's body only.

10. Eliminate The Saturation

Some boyfriend sees a woman with a good figure just to get rid of his saturation. This will not be dangerous unless the boyfriend does not do more.

How To Deal With A Boyfriend Who Doesn't Appreciate Us

how to deal with a boyfriend who doesn't appreciate us

When he is dating you, does he always ask you to date in a quiet place? Or has he ever forced you to do things that you do not want to do? Below here are some tips on how to deal with a boyfriend who does not appreciate us.

1. Communicate Well

Calm yourself for a moment and find out what exactly appreciate you, communicate this it well. Everyone has a different sensitivity. It is not everyone like Reasons Why Cancers Are The Best Lovers

2. Just Tell Him Honestly

You have given a gift as an expression of your affection for your anniversary day. But he does not care about the gift that you give. In this case, you should just tell honestly, this is the language of your love that have in order for your boyfriend to happy.

3. Do Not Be Selfish

Your heart intention is wanting to remind him that his behavior is wrong, but you are being selfish. If you want your boyfriend to change his behavior, you just need to remind him with a gentle saying and he will receive advice from you. You should read The Smart Ways to Deal with a Selfish Boyfriend

4. Do Not Force Him To Change

It is feared that if you force him too much to change, your boyfriend will never accept your advice. He will not hesitate to throw dirty words and even hurt you.

5. Do The Same Thing

You are upset because he does not appreciate what you do. If your gently advise does not work for him. Try doing the same thing so your boyfriend can feel what it feels like to be treated like that. 

Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
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6. Do Not Spend Too Much Time With Your Boyfriend

Give the limits between you and your girlfriend. If necessary, look for other activities to distract you. Just spend a little while, so he does not have control over you.

7. Make Him Need You

The final way is to be relaxed. Show, that you do not always depend on him. Just focus on what you want to do and the things that make you happy. Make the most of your time with the people around you.

8. Dump Him 

If you find the  signs your boyfriend only wants your body, not your love, then just dump him

Final words, hopefully, all the signs of your boyfriends only want your body can help you to find out what kind of signs that boyfriend only take advantage of your body and you can avoid this type of man from these tips. Good luck.

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