31 Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly

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The wise word says “girl is the mysterious person that want to other understand what she wants but she never wants to tell about”. It is too complicated for a boy. That is why a girl is a mysterious person that challenging to be understood in this world. The girl is the ambiguous person. If you love a girl, maybe you can get confused and curious about her feeling with you. No impossible in this world. Although understanding a girl is too hard and too challenging, you can see and evaluate the signs that she might not hide from you.

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1. So Clumsy

In front of the person that she loves, a girl will be so clumsy. She will be clumsy in movement, action and speak.

2. The First Responder

Her interest is on you so she will be your first responder for your telling and joke. She loves to hear and listen to your voices.

3. Will Not Act Obviously

If you try to fight you sometimes, it is not the indicator if she does not love you. She will try to hide from you.

4. The First Person

A girl that consider you are special will tell you everything that she will do. You are the first person that will know about her plans and her conditions. She will always to try to involve you in her life.

5. Often Gets Hurt

often gets hurt

Sometimes, you do not aware if she gets hurt on you. A girl is a person that easier to get hurt even you do not heed her present or her feeling. She will not tell but if you have sensitive feeling enough, you can feel that!

6. Think Over For Your Opinion

Do not say to your girl what you want to say as a joke as you do with your friends (boy)! A girl that loves a boy will think over what her boy says about her. She will take it as serious things, get hurt. She will hide from you from several times and come back to meet you to prove if you are wrong (for your opinion).

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7. Too Many Information

Because you are her interest, she will put her attention on you. She will try to get knowing secretly about your passion, friends, parents, daily activity, like and dislike things, and your girl type.

8. Sends “Wrong” Message

She will always find a way to get contact with you even it is not required. She will try to give you random messages then she will claim if it is a “mistake” that she does not plan.

9. Gets Your Humor

The girl that loves you very much will get your humor easily. She will laugh at your humor so loudly. Moreover, other people around can not understand your humor. But, she will still laugh at your bland humor. She will appreciate and get happy for everything that you do.

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10. Catch Your Eyes

It may be surrounded extreme but it is a fact. A girl that loves you will always try to capture your eyes. She will try to get your attention even when you are busy with your mutual friends. She will try to be alone and sit in the corner to get yours in her lines.

11. Makes Time For You

A smart girl that has an interest in her job will handle everything but she can not handle her heart. She will always try to think about you. That is why in her busy time she will try to make times for you (actually for her heart. She needs to complete her loose heart that you took.

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12. Try To Be Always In Your Line Of Sight

She will always try to keep on your eyes. She loves to be in your line of sight. Your line of sight is her comfort zone.

13. Gets Jealous

Getting jealous is the most sign that can be detected from a girl that loves you. She only wants you to talk much with her. She will be frightened if you loose.

14. Looks At You Differently

Everything that you do, she will look at you. She will watch your movement. This is the love language that too hard to hide from a lover. She will not tell but her sight always looks at you.

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15. Blushes Her Face

blushes her face

If you feel her look at your movement, surprisingly look at her eyes! You will find her blushing face. Her red face is your success. You bashful her and get the sign if she loves you very much. She adores you.

16. Your Talking Topics is On Her Mind

Besides she will be the first responder, she will also remember what you ever speak or talk. Your talking topics will be always on her mind and heart. She will feel every vibe from your speech.

17. Your Lingo Is In Her Heart

Likely, a girl that fell in love with a boy will remember everything that her boy tells, including for her boy “lingo”. She remembers everything not only on her mind but also on her heart. So, she will always remember you from your lingo and give notice it as your peculiar that special for her.

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18. No Bored for Long Time Talking

Being on your line is her comfort zone. It is a reason why she never gets bored for a long time talking with you. She will always get happy and comfort to talk with you. You are her world.

19. Get Too Much Worry For Yours!

She will get too much worry for your condition. If you get cold for several days and she has a busy day, she will still find a free time to be a nurse for you. She will take care of you affectionally. It is so sweet moment that you can notice if she loves you.

20. Always Forgive You

Everything wrong that you do, she will forgive you. She will always try to tolerate for your deed. She will still give you unconditional love.

21. Gets Mad At you

Although she always smiles, gets happy and forgives you but if you try to tease her with a boy, she will be angry. She hates when you talk about another boy because her boy is you. She does not want if you try to matchmake her with your friend.

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22. Avoids Her Friend

Maybe you will get confused why she never introduce you to her friends. The reason is that she is a worry for her position in your heart. She will get safe if no other girl around you except her. She does not her friend (girl) involve in her life. She will avoid her friend to meet you.

23. Grazing Your Hand Accidentally

Maybe it happens accidentally but she loves it. Grazing and brushing your hand are her love body language that sometimes unrealized she does. Love physical contact is the warmness that a girl wants to share with her loved boy.

24. All Supports For You

Not only giving all her time, a girl that loves also gives you all her supports to you. She will be your nice cheerleader that turn on your happy mood.

25. You Are In Her Plans

you are in her plans

If she always tries to find a “couple” time with you, it is a sign if she is in love with you. She will try to involve you in her plans. She wants to spend her single time only with you.

26. Your First birthday Reminder

For several days, you have busy days with many assignments from your office? Then, you forget your birthday? No worries! If she loves you, you have the one that remembers your birthday. Yep, she will be your first birthday reminder that congrats you at midnight. She will make a surprise (at least, sends you a wish for your birthday).

27. Sends You Gift

Yep, besides gives her time for you, a girl that loves you also will give you gifts. She will try to invest her money in buying you a special gift that can touch your deep heart. She wants to make a memorable thing for you.

28. Impresses You Physically

A boy is a visual person. It is a secret that many girls know. Because the reason, a girl that loves you will try to impress you visually. She will impress you by her physical. She will try to wear a nicer dress in front of you. She wants to get your best visual on her. That is her trick to getting your attention.

29. Loves To Share Her Food

Loving is sharing! Yes, it is a nice word that a girl feels when she loves you. She will love to share her food with you. Actually, she does not only want to share food, she also wants to share a taste with you.

30. Your Smell, Fine Fragrant

Maybe you will be not confident if you want to meet other after getting too much sweat but the different fact will you find when you meet a girl that loves you. A girl that loves you will be fine for your natural smell. It is a fine fragrant for her.

31. Childish Act

A girl that acts childish in front of you, it does not mean if she is a drama queen. She only wants to show if she needs you to always beside her. Maybe it is not cute for you but you have to give her tolerance if you also love her.

Indeed, some girls are so shy to tell you that she loves you. Yet, there are many signs girl loves you that you can see through her gestures and acts. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner.

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