15 Undeniable Signs When Guys Fall In Love With You

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Love is a feeling that is unpredictable. The right moment of love can never be guessed. Time, place and the person that will make us fall in love are never figured before. It is the beauty of love. So, for us that is loved by a guy, is not easy to be aware of the his feeling. That's the vivid signs when a guy fall in love with us that we want to know.

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1. Never Stop Eye-Contact

Eye contact is the first sign if you meet a guy who's interested to love you. He never want to let you without giving you an eye contact intensively even when he feels shy to look at you, but the feelings of his heart is never hidden. If you also feel the love with him, you can give him your smile and eye contact.

2. You Are The Main Focus

Everything about you when sad, worry, gloomy, bored or happy, a guy who loves you knows your feeling. He will give his attention on you. You are the center of his focus because you are an interesting person.

3. Loves To Be Closer, Closer And Closer

loves to be closer, closer and closer

The best experience that perceived by a lover is to be close with a girl that he love. So, he always tries to find a way to be closer, closer, and closer. He tries to know your daily activities, find the similar interest with you, and try to stay around you, always around you.

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4. Tries To Contact You

The power of love gives him the courage to contact you. He tries to get your contact through your friend or your Facebook. Stalking is a common action that he shows for you. After getting your contact, he tries to contact you directly to ask something (even not really important) as the reason to start the chat time.

5. The Hero Type, First Rescuer!

Because he always try to stay around you, he knows about your condition at the first time and try to help you. You are a safe person because he'll try to solve your problem.

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6. Willing To Spend Their Time Most For You

You are precious for his happiness. It is the reason why he's willing to spend most of his time for you. No futile time if he kills the time with you. He'll try to monopolize your Friday and Saturday night to make a date with you.

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7. Brings You To His Friend

A friend is the people around our life that influence our life. It is the reason why he brings you to his friend. He wants his friend knows about you.

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8. Share And Tell Their Story

share and tell their story

If you are the right girl that loves him, he shares and tells about his story, family, friends, hobbies, and activities. The story that he told is a sign that you are a believable and important person in his life. He'll never hide something from you.

9. Invite You To Their House To Meet His Family

Love is the deep feeling that can make us as a family. That is why, if he loves you, he invites you to meet his family. House is usually the best place for meeting moment. He introduce you to his family because you are the part of his life like a member of a family.

10. You Are A Priority, Their World

In his busy day, he never forget to contacts you, send a message to know about your daily news. Work is important for him and so are you. The first priority is everything about you, you are his world.

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11. Immerse In Your Life, Meet Your Family

Love is the apportion feeling, it is the reason why he wants to immerse in your life, meet your family. The meeting of a family is the one way to know you more and be a part of your part. he wants to be considered as part of you, like a family.

12. Your Happiness Is His Happiness

There is always a cure for the grief and love is the answer to it. The feeling of love can be a cure for the grief, you are better to feel the grief and not to let him to feel the grief. The happiness of him is the one of your happiness in life. He always try to make you happy and avoid the things that make you unhappy. An effort to make you always happy that you can see from his treats.

13. Missing Your Presence

You are the part of his daily life, so your presence is very important for him. He will miss you and try to find time to meet you after no see you for several days.

14. Your Inputs Are Valuable Things

The easiest way to give an input for someone is with love way. With love, the guy is easier to listen to the opinions, suggestions, and advice. He loves to consider your opinions, suggestions, and advice are valuable things.

15. Giving More, Taking Less

giving more taking less

Love is about the giving, not the taking. If he loves you, he'll try to give you more impressionable moments and gift than asking from you. He will put away the phone and not try to play with.

16. Little A Bit Jealous Even With Your Friends

The jealous feeling is the sign if he's afraid to lose you. You are very important and valuable in his life. He will show a little a bit jealous if you have a chummy friend in university, working place or etc. He also gets little a bit jealous even with your friend.

17. Has Good Memory About The Moments

Remembering at every moment that valuable in life as love journey story is the one important for several couples. But, if you have a good memory and he has a good memory about the moments in your stories, it is a sign if he is in love with you.

18. Talks About The Future With You

The reason of him to talk the future with you is because of you. He consider you as his future, sure to spend long live with you. Spending the long life with a lovely person is a dreaming eagerness.

19. Commitment

The commitment is the final of accepting for the relation that you have. If you feel you find the right person you can continue the commitment to the engagement.

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"Be happy if you have found the right person to loved but decide to break up soon if you think the person you have loved is not the right person. Love is a feeling of being connected and sharing, not feeling pity and just wanting to help and sympathize."

How To Handle Your Love Feeling

Here's how to stop the feelings of love that you already feel for him if you find him is not the right person in your life later.

1. Tell Your Friends

tell your friends

Meet and tell your friend about your relationships. It is the way to recover your energy and your feeling from the painfulness of your fail in a relationship. It is also the way to avoid your friend ask about him(or your relationship.

2. Avoid Your Attention From His Things

If you always remember about him when you see his gifts, you can donate them to a charitable organization.

3. Do Your Hobbies

If you do not have much time to do your hobbies since you are busy to work or too much focus on him from now you can do your hobbies and try the new hobbies to develop your skills and your knowledge. Do your hobbies or try the new hobbies can divert your attention in a positive way. Positive way comes the positive feeling for you.

4. Take The Holiday Time, Far From Your City

You can try to get the long holiday time as the way to forget him. Take the holiday place far from your city and refresh your mind from the painfulness (broken heart feeling).

There is no fail in life, only learning on a journey to live. It is the message that you can hold in every situation of your life. There is no most difficult, only easiness that no find yet. Never give up for your fall story in love because your fail is if you are still in wrong relationships.

5. Find New People, Away From Your Circle

Meet the new people is the one of happiness that always give better huge experience in life. That is why find the new people, out from your community is a good idea for your better mood or feeling. The good mood or feeling invites the goodness coming in life. Good vibes invite the good destiny.

6. Be Aware Of The Next Relationship

be aware of the next relationship

For the future, if you do not want to get the painfulness because of the love story, you have to not to let your guard down and dominate your feeling. You have to give more your attention about the character of the person that you dreamed of your life. It is not easy but it is not impossible to find.

There is no true or false formula in love, even though there are many Signs when Guys Fall in Love. The true feeling is the direction to know about the feeling of fall in love. In case you ever heard, always spread love in every corner.

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