26 Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone #No.15 That’s So True!

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Hi, Guys. We come back again. Still in the theme of love, now we will discuss about Signs that You Are Falling In Love.” Sometimes we still curious about your feelings itself. Sometimes we ask ourselves, “You’re not in love, right?” So, you’re in searching about this topic, right? You want to make everything to sure to make everything clear while you still unbelieve about your feel.

If you are think you think not in love, hey guys what age do you lived in? Unless you think you are a perfect-single-human. Unless you think you want to forget about ‘not important thing’ about he/she? Unless you want to focus about your career? Unless you afraid you’re falling with the wrong person? Unless you still curious about this whole world? Hey man, this world is so simple. Unless you have a bad experience? Unless you have a very shameful with him/her?

Unless you think a little about him/her? Unless you think this is the wrong time to fall in love with him/her? Unless you think there is still a chance in next time for me? How do you know? Unless you think there will be a better girl/guy for me? Are you a fortune teller or a supernatural human? Let’s give you a time to re-thinking about your truly feelings. Are you sure? Are you not regret about it?

Love is a grace from God. Are you sure want to throw it away? Always people in this world seek about happiness. But what if you think happiness is only your career and not have partner to spend your happiness? Are you that called happiness? Or may be you was been cheated on or you was humiliated so badly and try to get revenge from that girl/guys? Hey friends, you are to worth to doing that. Let someone else do it or the time judge him/her, and not you. Okay. After you really thinking about it, if you read this till the end so your answer you want to make sure your feeling. And if you are read this till this line and want thrown it away, it’s okay.

So, let’s we little talk about the basics first. What is a Love? Love is a feeling that gives you sensation. It’s sensation may be weird, strange, beautiful, happy, curious. So are you feel about it’s sensation? Hmm. If yes, let’s we talk to the next step: Signs You Are Falling In Love. If no, Are you sure?

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1. You Always Open Your Phone in every (At Least) 5 – 20 Seconds

Why this can be a sign of love? Because there is a chance you miss him or her so much. That makes you always wait him or her to call or at least give you a message. It can be more serious, if you are open up your phone with smile of no reasons. Yes. That is love. That is the sensation. You will check out your phone almost all the time if he/she replies you or not. Then, you will have a ‘not-fine-feeling’ when he/she just reads your text but not replying it or if they take a long time to reply it.

2. Most of Your Breath Reminds You of Him

It means if you see in the mirror, you wanted to see her or him face. When you come to the shop, you think the person in front of you is him or her. If you are going in elevator, in every floor you wanted him or her to come in. If you are walk to go home, you think that he or she waiting you in front of your place. Although you have a little experience with him or her, he or she always come to your minds. More serious again if you think about him or her and you smile and talks with nobody. I’m sure that is love.

3. You Always Try to Get a Time with Him/Her Without Thinking about Risk

You will go ‘crazy’ like you have a big prize and reschedule all your activity, so you can go have more time with him or her. You will do everything to spend more time with him and you do it with all of your concern without long term of the risk. You just only happy to do everything to spend a little more time with him. Also, you may pass some classes, lie to your friends, and just make them your first priority.

4. You Always Talking about Him or Her with or without Concern

Yep. This one is always happen to someone who fall in love. Surely, this is love. You go along with your friends, but sometimes you say her or his name doing something like that, doing that thing, in the middle of talks in front of your friends.

5. You Re-read His or Her Old Text Messages

You have all the message from him or her. And in alone or not, while you not doing anything, you re-read his or her message. To memorize all the beautiful memories with him or her and absolutely with the smirking smiles. No doubt about it. This is love. If until this you say “yes” deep in your heart, so this is it, the love, and you falling in it.

6. Always Have a Super Power for Them 

Usually you have a little activities. But with him or her, whenever you tired off after hard activities, you always gain super power and you can go anywhere anytime with him or her. If he or she ask you to go out, while you tired after work, you still power left to go with him or her. If he or she come to your place, while you tired off and want to go sleep early, you will open up your door and meet him or her.

7. The Time with Him or Her is More Important Than Anything

You will think and do it like this: If you have chance to freeze time, you will choose the time you with him or her, not choose with the others. Or if you have to chose go with your family or best friends forever or with him or her, you will choose a time with him or her.

And you are not thinking that waste your time, but you think it is the best time that God give to you. Although you go with him just only to the store in front of your home, not in somewhere romantics or vacation.

8. You Want to Know Everything About Her or Him

It means, you always think “what he or she is doing right now?”. After that, you will want to know about what she or he daily activities, or what game that he or she play, what kind of allergy that he or she have, etc. Think about it, just like you have a coupon card and you want to collect all the stamp in blanks or like you try to solve a puzzle and it’s almost finish. Yeah. That’s it sign of love.

9. Time with Him or Her is Always Not Enough

Yup, if you are in love this must be one of your danger sign. Maybe this rather similar with No. 7, but the focus is the time it is. Every time when you are with her or him, you always wish the time will go slowly. Or you always think to freeze the time. Because time you spend with her or him always not enough, you always want more, more and more again.

10. You Always Smiling When You Hear Her or His Name 

Yup. With this condition, your anger will always blown up when you hear her or him name. No matter what, you can always smirking although it’s a little smile.

11. You Will Defend All Negative about Him or Her

Maybe, if you’re a man this happens sometimes. Everything all your friends talk negatives about him or her, you will defend it and not want to believe it. Because sometimes, our friends will much try to know all the information about him or her. Your friends basically try to ‘wake’ you up. But, believe me, you will try not to believe all your friends thinking about him or her especially the negative thinking.

But if it’s the ‘good’ news talking from your friends, you will smirking and give a little smile.

12. Everything You Talk to Him or Her Is Always Fun

Whatever you talk to him or her, or he or she talks to you, you just feel pleasant with it. No matter what topic is, you just feel exciting and fun about it. Maybe some awkward talking that you don’t know, but you try to ask about it, you not feel shame. It’s just like you and him or her in other dimension to talk. Seriously, this is one of signal of love.

13. You Forget Everything about Your Ex

After you broke up with anger or not, you still your memories left behind with your ex. Maybe a good one or a bad one. Sometimes, after broke up, you will think a little about your ex or you have hatred deep within your heart about him. Maybe you try to forget all bad memories with her or him, and remember all good things. Deep in your heart sometimes miss your ex.

But by he or she, the person whom make you fall in love, in your days, you totally forget everything about your ex. You will stop what he or she doing right now, a terrible mistake from your ex, all daily activities about him or her, all the hatred that you have, whenever it’s in deep your heart, will blown away, etc. Because you are now focus with the new one whom get all your focus.

14. You Talks Everything to Him or She

Because you feel comfortable and pleasant with him or her, you can talk everything. Although it’s a boring talks. And if it’s a little joke, the two of you will laugh at all or at least give a big smile. If it’s a serious talking, you know that he or she will support you to go through. That is the reason why you can talk everything to him or she.

15. You Have a Happy Untold Feelings

Before he or she come to your life, you can happy normally. Just like: you hear some good jokes, you will laugh; you get praised about your work that have done from your boss, you feel happy about it; you help somebody that really need helps, you proud of it; you play the game that you like, you happy with it; you get the thing that always you dreamed about, you will be very happy in instant.

But after he or she came to your life, you always smile and happy with everything. Especially you go with him or her, you will give big smile and have more happier than usual . It’s just like you have all the light source in this universe with your daily activities, you will feel some bright deep inside from you. That’s the untold happy feelings which not sure came from.

16. You Don’t Care About Anything 

If you are in love, all the good opposite sex will passed out. If you are a man, you will passed Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopes, Song Hye-Kyo, Park Shin Hye, Khloe Kadarshian, Scarlett Johannson, your queen in campus or work, your queen in your near house, and others.

If you are a girl, you will pased Brad Pitt, Lee Min Ho, Hugh Jackmann, Leonardo Dicapprio, Choi Siwon, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horanm, Shane Fillan, your king idols in campus or works, your king idols in near your house, and others. They will be passed out. Because of you think that he or she is enough for you.

17. You Are Not Focus in Crucial Place

It’s mean you can’t focus about your teacher teach you, you can’t focus about the teamwork that ask you something, you instantly says “yes” in a lunch time with your friends, you almost passed by your home when after works or school, and many others. Because your focus still remain in him or her, you walk without your minds while you show a happy face. You minds is go to the other place. It’s just like you go to walk while you are still in dream where the dream only you and him or her.

Although you are very busy with meet deadline or meeting with important people, you still have a chance to open up your phone and check the last message that you wrote while waiting him or her to respond you. Although you in really hard work, you still have a chance to open up your last message while hope that he or she writes back.

18. You Memorize All the First Time You Met

Every gender that in love, will show this situations. You will remember his or her clothes, his or her shoes, his or her jackets, the place that you go, if you go on dinner you always remember the food that you and him or her order, you always remember the topics and every words while talking. Yup, every detail you always remember it all. Because you only focus with him or her.

19. You Smile for No Reasons  

So lovers, that’s all of sign in love from me. Hmm. Are you there to read all about this? If yes, are these sign reminds of you? If not, remember if you still denied about it, I don’t know what will happens. Because maybe he or she is the right person only for you. Don’t let a chance away from you. If you still denied, so there is a problem inside you. If yes, so you are in love with someone. Congratulations, my friends. Finally you accept it.

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20. You Start Curious About Them 

You are being a little more curious about their stuff. Like, you want to know where he is now, what they are doing, with whom, and bla bla bla. You want to know every single things about them.

21. God, You Are Shaking!

Yes, you are shaking when you are around the one you love. You get nervous when he or she sits next to you. You forget what you want to talk, you can’t think, and you just there looking silly. If that happens, yes, you are in love. Maybe it’s a true love after a very long time.

22. You Want to Always Get Closer 

If you love someone, you want to always get close, and closer and closer to them. You want them to always stay next to you. Mentally and physically, you want them around.

23. You Smile Again For No Reasons 

Hey, are you smiling when her/his face comes up to your mind? Yes, you are smiling like a silly cute kid. You start remembering the days you spent together, the time when they smile, they laugh, they talk, and everything. Anything about it becomes so beautiful.

24. You Fit Them Into A Sweet Song

Then, whatever romantic love song plays on the radio, you think about them. You even dedicate Taylor Swift’s Love Story song to them and wish they knew that they belong to you. More songs from Bruno Mars maybe of Selena Gomez, yes, you think of him or her as you sing along.

25. One Name Comes Up As You Read This

There are many signs that you are falling in love. Yet, the biggest sign is, if you think about them when you read this article, that means you really in love with him/her. Then, you want to get them to be your lover. Then, you may share this article to the person and find out if they love you too. You got a great big crush on them.

26. You Want to Propose Them After This 

After reading this signs you are falling in love, you just want to be with them even more. You, hope so, plan to propose them after this. That is a good idea. If you love someone, you must let them know.

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A little Tips About Fall In Love For You

And I will give you a little tips:

1. Prepare your feelings.

You may happy with all you have. But give a place to hurt feelings. Because we live in this real world which sometimes happen a bad things to us. So if the bad things happen to you or he or she, you prepare for all the bad news. Maybe the high possibility bad news is you disappointed with him or her. Because he or she maybe makes a mistake. Don’t give up and thrown him or her away. Every problems can be discussed first.

2. Be ready for heartbreak.

You don’t know the time that he or she will thrown you away. You don’t know the time he or she will give up on you. So prepared a place for it.

3. Makes a deep relationship the two of you.

While you prepare for it, makes a deep relationship with him or her, the person you are in love, as deep as you can reach. So it can rise up percentage of your partner in life.

4. If break up happens.

If you have to break up, just go it with peace each others. Don’t give any more hatred in deep your heart.

Remember a doubtful feel maybe need but the important is trust and honest in your relationship. Because with trust and honest with each other, you can feel many more comfortable in it and all the risk of your relationship will decrease slowly. You have to comprehend each others. Maybe he or she is the right person for your spouse until you go to the place which every man have to be.

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