How To Get BTS To Notice You At A Concert (ARMY Should Know This!)

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I think I keep telling you that love may come to anyone without seeing the difference among the people who are in love. Not to mention, you can also falling in love with your idol without you even realize it, there are some signs you are falling in love with someone that you can read so you can figuring out your feelings to your idol. So, once you figure it out, I will let you know on how to get BTS to notice you at a concert for sure so you will be able to get your idol attention.

Things That You Need To Know

things that you need to know

It will be had to do the things on how to get BTS to notice you at a concert for sure. There are some ways to do it and you can do it for sure if you have the strong willingness to get it. But, before you know what it is and how to do it, you need to know some of this information to let you known on why your idol did not notice you and you will not get hurt and trying to figuring out a ways just like the ways to move on from your ex.

1. A Lot Of People In The Concert

During the concert moreover when it is a big star hold a concert there will be a lot of people coming. If you are not that outstanding enough, it will be hard for your idol to notice you among thousands of people in the concert.

2. Concert Performance At Their Best

As an idol who wants to grow their performance and group branding surely BTS need to make an outstanding and a good quality of music. They just want to make their performance looks great. Most of the time when you are focusing on one thing you tend to kind of ignore other people or other things that you do. The same logic applied to the BTS concert so don't take it personal if they don't notice you in the concert.

3. They Have Limited Energy

Now, let's compare one people energy with a thousand of people energy. Surely this one people will not have the energy to say hi to the other one thousand people one by one, their energy are not the same. So, again, if you are not being noticed by them it means you are less attractive to attract their attention to say hi to you among the thousands of people.

What You Can Do To Get Noticed

what you can do to get noticed

Even though it is hard to get your idol to notice you during the concert but it does not mean that it is not possible to get their attention. So, to help you with this, I have some tips that might be useful and you can actually try it to get your idol attention during the concert. 

1. Scream Out Loud

The first thing that you can do is by screaming out loud. Okay, I know that there will be so many people screaming during the concert, that is why you need to pick a perfect timing before you decided to scream. You need to make sure that you will cream when the other people are in silence. It will be embarrassing for sure but remember your first goal which is to get your idol to notice you.

2. Crying Out Loud

If you already tried to scream out loud but it still did not work, you can try to fake crying out loud. During the press conference or meet and great when you are able to get close to your idols you can try to cry out loud. There are a lot of idols who puts sympathy to their crying fans. And please do try the ways on how to get the man you want with the law of attraction to help you more on how to get your idol attention.

3. Outrageous Outfits

Another try that you can do is by wearing an outrages outfits, you need to do it at your best since you want your idol to notice you. So, if you are wearing an outrages outfit which makes you stand out from the other fans.

This is the end of the information I can give you about how to get BTS to notice you at a concert for sure. Thank you for giving your time to read our article. Please find out more articles on our website such as what would a kpop idol do If they liked one of their fans. I hope you find out all of our articles useful for you.

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