What Do You Do When You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It is hard to know that your heart have landed on the heart of a girl that already belongs to someone else. It is here that the dilemma starts. What do you do ?

When people fall in love with someone that already belongs to another guy, they are usually confused on what to do. Should they keep loving her or ignore the feelings altogether. Here are tow probable choices that you can make about what do you do when you like a girl who has a boyfriend ;

Ways On How To Be Her Friend

The first choice is to be her friend. It is a noble thing to do because you won’t be hurting anyone and you will still have her as your friend. Here are ways on how to do it;

  1. Tone Down Your Feelings For Her

What you need to do first is not to be utterly obsessed towards her so it will not get in your way.

  1. Find Another Girl To Obsess About

Find a girl that have the  signs she is a girlfriend material to love forevermore that you found in her long ago.

  1. Be Kind To Her

Being kind won’t hurt you and it will make her want to be friends with you more and more.

  1. Don’t Be Curious About Her Relationship

Being nosey about her relationship will just hurt you in the end.

  1. Get To Know Her More

Once you get to know her more, you will see that she is just a normal person and a perfect friend.

  1. See Her Bad Side More Than Her Good Side

To help you get rid of your crush, you should focus on her bad side more.

  1. Know The Advantages Of Expressing Your Love Through Friendship

If you know that by being her friend you can have a longlasting connection to her and have mutual love, you will start to choose being friends over getting hurt on trying to get her as your lover.

  1. Shoo Away Any Romantic Thoughts

Once you start having feelings for her again, being distant will help tone down the feelings again to help you be friends with her again.

  1. Be Casual About The Friendship

Don’t be obsessive over the friendship because it will make you show the signs that a boy has a crush on you to her again.

  1. Rarely Hang Out Alone With Her

Hanging out alone definitely makes you have feelings for her, so do not do it.

  1. Be Friends With Her Boyfriend Too

To know both of them, you will tone down the urge to destroy their relationship because you already identify them as your friend.

  1. Don’t Be Too Attached To Her

Being too attached to her, even as your friends, will make you feel hurt in the end.


Tips On How To Steal Her From Her Boyfriend

Being friends with her will just make your heart ache because of the unsaid feelings you have for her. That is why this choice might be the best thing for you, which is to steal her from her boyfriend ;

  1. Be Her Friend First

Even though you want to be her lover, be her friend first to slowly make her show the  Signs She is Into Me

  1. Always Be Kind To Her

Kindness is a quality that will slowly make any girl’s heart melt, especially your current crush.

  1. Get To Know More About Her Relationship

To be nosey about her relationship can help you stratigize on what weak point you are going to attack to make things break.

  1. Make Her Trust You

You can do this by fulfilling your words and promises and also being there for her.

  1. Always Listens When She Shares Her Life With You

When she does this, listen intently because it will make her feel better and it will make you know more about her.

  1. Spend Time Alone With Her More

If you hang out with her more, she will slowly grow fond of you and even fall in love with you.

  1. Use The Metaphor Of ‘If I Am Your Boyfriend’

This is the nice way to show the signs he's boyfriend material you got against her boyfriend.

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  1. Give Her Nice Gifts

Gifts are a way to make her know that you appreciate and value her.

  1. Always Compliment Her

Compliments are  Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved

  1. Don’t Be Close To Another Girl

This shows that you are loyal to her and wants to make things work with her.

  1. Do Small Romantic Gestures For Her

Using small romantic gestures is a secretive yet effective way to show that you want her to be your lover.

  1. Always Be There When She Is Emotional

When she is sad, angry, or confused, go to her. this is the time when she is most vulnerable and the time when she will appreciate your presence the most.

Signs That She Wants You Or Does Not Want You

Whatever you do or however things turn out for your connection to her, she will give you a reaction. This reaction will have two sides, whether she wants you or she does not ;

  1. Signs She Does Not Want You

The sign that she does not want you is that she wants you to stop your romantic agenda towards her by either being distant or saying it to you blatantly. She is happier when you stay as her friend by showing the  Signs That She Friendzoned You

  1. Signs She Wants You So Much

Whether you are her friend or not, she will show that she wants you to be her lover by flirting with you and being distant from her boyfriend.

No need to be stuck in the dilemma of what do you do when you like a girl who has a boyfriend. Now you can choose whether to be her friend or her lover. To do that, you need to use the tips above so that you will see the reaction from her.

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