What Should I Do for My Boyfriend's 50th Birthday? Here's The Idea

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When your boyfriend is turning 50, you might not know what to do. After all, 50 is an important age. Some would say it's a golden age. Fifty is an age where most people have gone through practically more than half his/her life. Fifty marks a whole new phase.

As a good and loving partner, there's one ultimate thing on what you should do when he's on his way to 50. It is that "Be supportive and understanding". It's one ultimate advice and here's why:

1. Fifty marks the middle age and it's scary

Some people get excited when turning 50. Some others, don't. Including your boyfriend. A lot of feelings would show up, scared, unsure, afraid of facing old age. He might not tell you anything as a man usually hides their feeling to appear strong.

But when you sense this, come with understanding, hold his hand and accompany him each step toward the new phase of his life.

2. Mid-life crisis

Around this age, people are prone to having a midlife crisis. You may experience a change of habit from your boyfriend. Is he a bit moody than usual? He may plan to buy or has bought already, sports cars or other indulgement.

To deal with this crisis, one thing you should not do is nag him whenever he's doing something you considered annoying. Instead, be understanding and talk to him about your concern in a gentle way.

3. Change in his body

By turning 50, he's not getting any younger. He may have felt certain changes in his body. When doing sport, he noticed he's not as strong as he used to be. He gets easily tired, and health problem starts piling up.

Dealing with this, you can assist him as best as you can regarding health problems. Encourage him to keep exercising, make him healthy food and always remind him to watch what he eats.

How to Celebrate It 

However, his birthday is coming soon. It's time for a celebration! Sad things aside, he deserves an epic party. To celebrate his birthday, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Invite friends and family.

Happiness and celebration are best when shared. That's why it's always a good idea to invite the dearest of his friends and family. As stated earlier, fifty is the golden age. It's more meaningful to have the dearests one around you when you have your birthday.

As people get older, they start to realize what matters more. It isn't wealth, status, or other material achievements. Instead, keeping a good relationship with the loved ones is their newfound goal. So help your boyfriend list on who to invite for his birthday. Although he has you, to begin with, more people is merrier.

2. Celebrating as he likes it

Ask him how he'd like to celebrate his birthday. Maybe he has a certain theme in mind. He might want to celebrate it in a specific location. He may want a quiet celebration at home.

In another case, he may want an elaborate and fun social affair with lots of people invited. His input is valuable because after all, he is the star of the party.

4. Putting in your surprise

You can be creative on this. After asking what he would like to do for his birthday and the party, insert your own surprises. Invite an old friend he has lost touch for years, for example.

Or if you can afford it, invite a musician he's a fan of. Or sing him a song! Whatever the surprise, make sure it is a delightful one.

Read how to surprise your boyfriend if you both are on a long distance relationship.

5. Activities that make him feel young

It's also a good idea to insert fun activities here and there during the celebration.

Activities that make him forget he's turning a year older on his birthday. You can put a karaoke session, fun games, dance session, and any other activities that remind him how to be young, wild, and free.

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6. Down the memory lane activities

Aside from the party, plan for a romantic date just the two of you with a nostalgic theme.  The birthday can also be a perfect time to contemplate and reminisce about the past.

Bring him to a restaurant when you first met, for example. Visiting old playground when he used to play as a kid can also be a good idea.

Or just spend a peaceful evening with the two of you. Looking at photos you both had taken in the past, pictures of childhood, or pictures from traveling. Laugh and refresh the memory of good experiences in the past. As simple as it is, it's a meaningful moment and he will surely appreciate it.

For more tips before the date, read here.

7. Gift and gift

Everyone likes gift. Whether men or women, young or old, kids or adults. Your soon-to-be-50 boyfriend included.  Find out what he likes or what he needs. A gift doesn't have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts.

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