How To Call Your Boyfriend Daddy For The First Time (25 Tips To Call Your Boyfriend Daddy)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you want to call your boyfriend ‘Daddy’ for the first time?

Are you wondering whether there’s an appropriate time to do this, or maybe an appropriate manner to say it. 

Do you feel like it could be weird if you do it wrong? 

If so, this guide is here to help you. It is packed with useful advice for women who want to call their partner for the first time. 

But, first, here is a story that you’re likely to find incredibly useful. 

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Needless to say, this can have a far bigger impact on men’s feelings than any sweet nickname you give him. How you make him feel is far more important than the words you say. Always remember that.  

Nevertheless, calling a man ‘Daddy’ can often do a lot to make him feel empowered. So, let’s now take a look at the best way to call him ‘Daddy’.


Calling Your Boyfriend 'Daddy'

There are different dynamics to different relationships. If you try to follow a common trend in other relationships that don’t apply to yours, you might regret it. The reason is, what works for your friends who are dating might not work for your relationship. 

For example, if your best friend swears that her boyfriend finds it sexy when she acts like the dominant person in the relationship, don’t assume the same thing would apply to you. If your man is the dominant person, he might prefer you calling him daddy than for him to call you mummy. Phew! Either of these nicknames sounds a bit weird, but it is what it is, right? 

Now, to the misconception that you only call your boyfriend daddy because you have daddy issues, it’s not completely true. Most women with daddy issues subconsciously sometimes, do their best to date men with opposite traits of what their daddies are. When they discover the man is just like their irresponsible daddy, they bail out on the guy. 

Also, no normal woman would want to give Freud’s weird theory full credit by thinking of her daddy while screaming the words “you’re my daddy" to her boyfriend. As such, the nickname ‘daddy’ doesn’t have to be weird if it’s something your boyfriend appreciates

Now that you know that calling your boyfriend daddy doesn’t need to have an inappropriate sexual connotation, how can you call him daddy in a sexy way? This article lists how to call your boyfriend daddy for the first time without grossing each other out.

25 Tips To Call Your Boyfriend Daddy 

1. Who initiated the idea?

The issue of calling a man who isn’t your dad daddy can range from being serious to ridiculous. Therefore, the initiator of the idea will determine how receptive the other person is to the idea. Who brought up the opinion of calling him that? 

Was it you because you like the different meanings in that one word? Was it him because he is dominant in every way that matters? If you initiated it, you might want to be sure your man likes being called daddy before you begin to use the nickname. 

2. Are you comfortable with using the nickname?

Before you begin to call your boyfriend that moniker, you should check yourself. Are okay with using the nickname? Does it trigger unpleasant memories due to your daddy issues? Or are you thrilled by the thought of using such a pleasantly weird name on your boyfriend? 

Guys don’t necessarily like being called daddy, except maybe when they’re in bed with their women. As such, if you’re not comfortable with using the nickname, you’ll only make the whole experience look silly. If you try to call him daddy once and you don’t like it, it’s alright to stop. You can try again when you’re ready, especially if he likes you calling him daddy.

3. Do you live together?

If you are going to call your boyfriend daddy, it will be less difficult doing so if you live together. You get to see either his acceptance or displeasure at the use of the word. Guys who like to be called daddy are usually controlling in a cute way, and need sufficient chances to express that part of themselves. 

If you don’t live with your boyfriend and call him daddy over the phone, it might be hard to gauge his initial reaction to being called daddy for the first time.

4. Try calling him daddy when he does something nice

The word daddy is deep, even for real fathers. A man can be a father by being a sperm donor, but he can only be called daddy when he has a great connection with his child. Guys who are real daddies are seen as heroes by their daughters, especially when they do unexpected nice things. 

When trying out the nickname daddy for the first time, time your usage of the word to just after your boyfriend does something nice for you. When you explain to him the reason for using that term, he’ll understand that you hold him in high esteem.

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5. Test the nickname daddy in a text

If you’re skeptical about how your boyfriend will react to being called daddy, you can choose the coward’s way out for the first try. In place of his name or usual nickname, use the word, daddy. Then, hold on for his reaction. 

If he acts wigged out by the name, you can blame it on your keyboard’s autocorrect feature. If you’re lucky, your boyfriend’s name is Danny or begins with ‘Da'. If he fancies the nickname, you can give him a full context for calling him that. This will let him know why you chose the word ‘daddy’ and not ‘baby.’

6. Call your man daddy while flirting

Another perfect way to slip in the nickname daddy is while both of you are flirting with each other. He is relaxed and unaware of the word you’re about to sneak up on him, so you’ll catch him completely by surprise

You may start with other naughty nicknames, then say “you’re my naughty gummy daddy bear" (or something along that line). The fact that the word appears to slip out won’t make him suspect you’ve had the intention to do so all along. 

He might end up looking shocked, confused, or burst into laughter. What he wouldn’t look like, is weird. After the emotions or laughter slip off his face, he will let you know if he likes the moniker or not.

7. Call him baby daddy meaningfully

call him baby daddy meaningfully

If you want your boyfriend to become your husband, calling him daddy can magnify that idea in his head. If you’ve both been dating for a long time and he already fills so many roles in your life, him being your baby daddy will be a delightful thought. 

Guys think they are in total control of their thoughts and decisions. However, they subconsciously yield to the desires of their women. By calling your boyfriend daddy in a meaningful way, you’re also telling him you’re ready for the next step. Note: don’t try this if your relationship is still at the getting-to-know-each other’s stage.

8. Only call him daddy in a happy mood

Using the moniker, daddy might not work in all situations. In fact, it can trigger or escalate unpleasant moments. For example, don’t use the word when you are mad at your boyfriend. If you throw the word around in anger, it will not retain its sweet meaning when you use it in a happy mood.

Therefore, ensure you don’t use the word as an insult, especially if the context has any connection with your real father’s bad behavior. If you use the moniker in an insulting manner, he might not appreciate you blurting it out during sex.

9. Use the nickname to make him take the dominant role

Another way to make the word daddy meaningful, even though you’re using it for the first time, is to do so just as you’re about to have sex with your boyfriend. If he has been hinting at taking the dominant role, calling him daddy will let him know you’ve ready to try the hot stuff.

Be sure to make him stop what you’re uncomfortable with. Calling him daddy doesn’t mean you should endure sex instead of enjoying it. If his idea of domination involves painful kinks and you don’t think you can take much pain, don’t let the term daddy get into his head. Also, you can use ‘daddy' as your safe word to make him stop at any point. 

10. Whisper the word daddy in his ear during sex

Another way to initiate the use of the word daddy is to say it in your boyfriend’s ear while you’re both doing the nasty. If he likes dirty talk during sex, throw in the moniker for the first time. He will be too hot for you and the sex to worry about why you’d call him daddy in the middle of lovemaking.

Lick his ear, then let out the sexy words that back up your context for calling him daddy. He might want to discuss the issue after sex, but you’ll be able to see how well he likes the term before then.

11. Use the nickname playfully

There is nothing wrong with calling your man daddy, especially if it’s in harmless jest. Both of you probably have other funny nicknames you call each other just to keep your relationship fun. Adding the moniker daddy to your list of fun things you do together might strengthen the bond both of you already share.

To avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretation, ensure your man is cool with the term. Guys aren’t naturally prickly and they can take a good ribbing without any offense. However, some guys with daddy issues can find the term triggering. If he doesn’t like the word, use another.

12. Use it to boost his ego

Most handsome guys know the power of their attraction and are willing to use their face or physique to get what they want. However, what boosts a real man’s ego is not his physical beauty. A man who isn’t all that physically appealing can make up for what he lacks by getting wealthy or being charismatic. 

Men value power and so, being called daddy can be exhilarating. Introduce the term as a representation of your man’s significance in your life and relationship. Rather than just using the word meaninglessly, ensure he knows you’re just boosting the confidence he already has. 

13. Call him daddy to show your vulnerability

As an independent woman, it can be a bit hard for you to relinquish authority or dominion to any man. No matter how much you love and respect your boyfriend, you still try to maintain control over most aspects of your life.

However, men thrive on the heady power that control gives them in relationships. Even an understanding pro-feminist man wants to exert a level of dominance on his woman. As such, using the moniker daddy for your boyfriend is one way to relinquish some control in the relationship. The word makes you vulnerable and at the mercy of his protection, in and out of bed. 

You’re saying you trust him with your body during sex and with other things. That is a big deal for a woman like you. If your man is worthy of such trust, he’ll appreciate the meaning behind the word. 

14. Use the pet name to arouse his hero instincts

use the pet name to arouse his hero instincts

One of the ways to best use the term daddy for your boyfriend is to do so to appeal to his hero instincts. The moment you use the term to indicate a measure of surrender to his love for you, your boyfriend’s hero instincts will kick in.

Guys are naturally protective. As a brother, a man wants to keep his sister from bad boys. As a husband, he wants to protect his family, and provide everything his wife and children need. As a boyfriend, he wants to assure his girlfriend that he’s everything she needs in a man. 

Arousing his hero instincts by calling him daddy will only reinforce his desire for you, especially if he likes the term.

15. Put some heat behind your voice

Using the word daddy isn’t enough, you need to let him hear how important you see him through the nickname. While you want to convey respect and honor through the term, you don’t want it to sound like you see him as a father figure. At least, not until he marries you.

As such, let the heat in your meaning be evident enough, so there’s no mistake who you are to him.

16. Drop the nickname during a steamy phone call

Phone sex gets better the naughtier it becomes. Depending on how far both go during steamy phone sex, you may or may not introduce the word daddy when things get heated. If the phone sex is more a teasing moment than a serious one heading for the climax, you can easily drop the term.

If it’s the latter, you don’t want to spoil the crucial moment by saying something that can deflate his erection

17. Avoid using the nickname when he's unhappy

Just like you shouldn’t use the nickname daddy when you’re upset with him, don’t use it when he’s in a bad mood. What he needs at that moment is either solid advice or cuddling. In either case, he isn’t in the best position to act the daddy role, especially if you’ve never called him that before.

Be supportive with whatever he needs at that point. If it means giving him space to get out of his head, do so. Unless he indicates he wants to channel his bad mood into roleplaying, it is not the best time to call him daddy.

18. Avoid calling your boyfriend daddy in the parents’ presence

There’s a place and time for spicing up your relationship. That opportunity isn’t when your parents or your boyfriend’s parents are around. You cannot just blurt out the term daddy and expect your parents to be cool with it.

Being called daddy or dad in front of either of your parents is unexplainable. No matter the direction you try to turn the meaning, the term will still sound sexual to them. If you don’t want your boyfriend to die of embarrassment, avoid using the term in the presence of his or your parents. 

19. Use the nickname to form a healthy emotional connection

Both of you know what the pet name daddy means to your relationship. The pet names ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ cause emotional and physical reactions in other couples. Why won’t the word daddy make you and your boyfriend feel the same thing?

If you consider the word meaningful, you’ll be able to use the term to build a better emotional connection. 

20. Use the nickname during foreplay

Foreplay is just as important as sex and so, it is a good moment to use the moniker for your boyfriend. Try staying on top while kissing and caressing him. Then call him daddy to see how he reacts. If he likes it, he will immediately flip you over in a show of dominance and increased sexual excitement.

If he doesn’t like it, his expression will tell you. Humorously say sorry so that the moment of intimacy doesn’t dissipate. 

21. Try not to make it sound awkward

try not to make it sound awkward

The fact that you’ll be calling your boyfriend daddy for the first time means you might be nervous about what he will think. You’re worried that he’ll be thinking of your dad or his and freak out. However nervous you get, don’t awkwardly say the word.

When in doubt about how to call your boyfriend daddy, go for the sultry and sexy look. He is sure to get your meaning when you’re not looking like a cute girl in need of guidance from her dad. That will not only be a painful experience, but he’ll always have the wrong thoughts whenever he hears the word.

22. A hangout with friends is not the best place to use the nickname

Just as it will be embarrassing to call your man daddy in front of family, it’s also not ideal for him to hear you do that among his friends. Unlike his parents, his friends will not let him forget such an experience. They will make fun of him for a long time even though you mentioned it just once.

While they might mean it as a good-natured joke, it could lead to unnecessary quarrels. Unless your boyfriend initiates the idea in their presence, don’t do it.

23. Use the word daddy to show your appreciation

Gratitude does a lot for a relationship, especially when it is mutual. You can use your appreciation gesture as a chance to call your man daddy. Do something nice for him in appreciation of all he does in return.

Explain to him that calling him daddy is not to gross him out but to appreciate his roles as mentor, provider, lover, and friend. Of course, these might be the same things your dad does for your mom. However, your use of the nickname is just a sign of respect and love.

24. Wake him up with the nickname ‘daddy’

If your relationship has progressed to the stage where you’re both at home with each other, you can use the nickname daddy with your man. Try kissing him awake with the word daddy, as well as other sweet names that will start his day well.

Don’t use the word until you’re sure of how he feels about you, and how much you’re willing to entrust your whole life to him.

25. Keep using the nickname privately

You don’t want to make other people feel weird or anything. When you start calling your boyfriend daddy in public, people either assume you’re ready to tear each other’s clothes off or something equally public-inappropriate. 

The beauty of this nickname is in how much you can be open with each other in your private space. Your public interaction is an extension of your connection in private. So, use the moniker properly when you’re alone with him.


When should you call your boyfriend daddy?

You may call your boyfriend that moniker when you have a deep level of intimacy, or if his sexual inclination revolves around dominance.

Do guys like it when you call them daddy?

An alpha male doesn’t mind being called daddy because he likes to dominate in and out of bed.

What can I call my boyfriend besides daddy?

There are different sweet or meaningful monikers you can call your boyfriend. Pick one that best explains how you feel about him. Some people use honey, darling, my love, and other pet names.

Can you call your boyfriend baby daddy?

Yes, you may call him that if he is the father of your child, or want him to be. Depending on whether he wants to marry you at some point, he may or may not consider it a sweet nickname.

When did daddy become sexualized?

The term became sexualized around 1681 when prostitutes referred to their pimps as daddies. Modern culture has further propagated that meaning.

In Conclusion

Nicknames are common in relationships because they make couples feel a special connection other people might not understand. Whether or not your man will like the nickname daddy depends on the meaning both of you give the name.

How relatable was this post? Please leave a comment below, and share the post with a friend. 

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